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RedMassGroup blog says we won 17 of 27 delegates in Massachusetts


Good post, but there are some pretty scathing comments about us 'Paul-bots' and they are watching this blog like hawks!

Jefferson Nix isn't too happy:
"Jim Jones had a small grassroots army too...Good for Paul that he has about 1 million zealots. Bad for the rest of us in the general election if he is a force at the convention. The enthusiasm is great, but if you think a platform of heroine being legalized is a great idea, we're looking at 4 more years of Obama. Why do you think so many DEMOCRATS want to see Paul succeed?"

He/she also put up 'Sample Paul Blog post from yesterday about delegates from MA' straight from the DailyPaul and he/she believes we will, "... bring the whole party down, not up!"


edfactor has this to say: "So Rob is saying the "winning" coalition for the MassGOP is: social conservatives, the Tea Party, and now... the Ron Paul people. I'm sure Chairman Walsh is thrilled that our party has yet another tribe that turns off lots of voters... I respect the Paul people just as I respect the Tea Party. I like lots of their ideas. But they are not loyal to the Republican party. (CORRECT Mr Factor - we are loyal to our Constitution and Founding Principles!) They are loyal to their leader. Here's a test to give them: when my favorite guy dropped out, I said to myself, oh, well, I will have to get behind Romney now. Fine. I will readily admit that the success of the Republican party is far more important than my loyalty to Jon Huntsman. Find me one Ron Paul devotee MassGOP delegate who will say these words: "The success of the Republican Party is more important than Ron Paul" and mean it. You won't find one."

CORRECT again, Mr Factor!!

Mr Factor (must be an O'Reilly fan) closed by saying, "That's why they are not really Republicans. They are a colonizing force, not party builders."

Mr Factor - we are taking back the Republican Party from the neocons and RINOs who have highjacked it. Pity you don't approve! Read my lips: L I B E R T Y!!!

Thank goodness there are level-headed people also writing on that forum.

But I think I prefer the 17 delegate number over the 16 delegate number, don't you?