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CONFUSED Aussie Paulite Needs Help Understanding This Mess! Plz Help!

G'DAY, My name is Brian and I love Ron Paul.

I have been observing the GOP nomination from Iowa to now and I might tell you that I'm very very FRUSTRATED!! why? because I still have no idea where RP actually stands. Yesterday I'd given up hope..today I'm seeing many articles saying Ronnie has won Louisiana, Minesota, Iowa, probably Washington, Misouri, Maine and maybe Alaska, aswel as solid delegate gains in many other states!!! so am I to understand that all those "beauty contests" that were held in the months prior that were split between Romney and Santorum are now going over to Paul? I understand the difference between the popular vote and the caucuses but They're already saying Romney has it in the bag even here in the socialist nanny state of OZ and when I run the math I'd say he most certainly does not have it in the bag. If Ronnie can get a big winner take all contest like texas or california aswel as good showings in the 15 or so states left then my numbers would suggest a very real possibility of a brokered convention. As to what happens then I have no idea and I don't even want to know I'm already confused enough as it is. what am I asking again? Oh yeh help me understand A realistic scenario in which Ron Paul stops Glove Mormon from getting his required 1,144 dellagaroonies. Wikipedia would have be believe right now that Santorums wins have all gone to Glove? aka Mitt (cuz a Mitt is a glove or sorts :D) WikiFoxnewspedia also portends that Ronnie's only won Minesota! lies!!! Dear Wikipedia and Fox News, STOP PRETENDING THAT RONNIE AIN'T A TOTAL B-ITCH'IN ROCKSTAR FROM MARS!!! I can't edit wikipedia cuz it's locked ): so yeah anyway sombody please tell me what the F*#k is going on. P.s Please don't stuff this up America I know Ronnie is a 627 thousand year old stammering weirdo but he is also a very handsom wizard and shaman and I wan't him to be your next prez. Peace, Aussie.

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and the mainstream media are corrupt, politically. Watch the Ben Swann videos and don't listen to the MSM. There are moneyed and powerful people who want to maintain a stranglehold on us but need our cooperation and ignorance to do so. Dr Paul is educating millions.
As Harriet Tubman said (on slavery) "I could have freed a million more had they but known they were slaves".

Jeeeeze Ozie!

We are confused too! But just GO with it. The good Dr and his people have a PLAN!!!!
Instead of trying to figure out "how it works", have faith, and spread the message of Dr Paul in your own country.
This Revolution doesn't shouldn't belong to JUST the USA, it needs to be world-wide.


Very true, It's just I'm very obsessive about tables, charts and stats and the process is so protracted it's very frustrating for a person like me haha but point taken! was more in fun though to be honest. ;)


hilarious! you Aussies crack me up! You've got an exquisite way with words Brian and yes! Ron Paul is a TOTAL B-I-T-C-H'IN ROCK STAR FROM MARS!
As for your question/s, I have no idea ): I'm as confused as you are.

I'm going to register to vote republican for the first time in my life in California and vote for Ron Paul so stay tuned and look out for June the 5th!!!! xoxoxoxo


Go get em gurl!

Really? I'm suspicious...why do YOU need so many

details...actual numbers? You don't even live here, let alone can vote. C'mon people... loose lips sink ships. Nothing personal, aussie-guy....just trying to watch out for my Prez.

whaaaa ):

First thing is First Pal! Your President whoever that happens to be at any given time doesn't get to be called leader of the free world and indeed have so much influence on global events and simultaneously be impervious to the opinions of other people in the world. Secondly you silly little paranoid twat! what "prez" of yours are you referring to? the current one? or one of the two potential republican ones? if it is Obama you're referring to, I like the Man I just think Paul's influence on the world would be better and I like him better simple as that I don't have to explain myself to you mate. as to my request for information which has received more bone head remarks like yours than sound ones, I simple enjoy politics and want to understand why Paul is being drowned out and why Wikipedia and many other information giving sites are not reporting the facts as they seem to be at the moment and that is that Paul is doing very well and still has a chance at causing a brokered convention even though yes Id concede it was a slim one. Anything else mate?

9 hour member who wants us to spill the beans...

just saying.....

2 hour member here!

What are you some kind of secret society? meh!

um yeah?

yes ya tosser I singed up today at work as clearly the information contained in my satirical rant would suggest. The crescendo of my frustration was today! as all of a sudden I saw articles saying Paul has won Iowa Louisiana Minnesota etc etc just shut up fella you've been hang out to dry get a life If you have nothing to say of value then shut up. And spill the beans? like what you have some kind of daily Paul top secret information about Ron Paul that no one else on Earth would have? ya fool get a life. My motives are genuine yours are paranoid and arrogant.

Um mate

Um mate....

You're embarrassing us Australians.

Play nice even if they're not going to embrace you openly on the first introduction.

Righto Mr.

You know it was all fun and interesting until what's his face had to go all conspiracy on my ass. and you say "they're not going to embrace me" well actually buddy if you read the posts they were playing nice and providing interesting feed back prior to the last post and your pointless 2 cent insecure statement. Furthermore, whilst I'm Aussie and live in Oz I'm also an American citizen and was born in America and return their regularly so I have a genuine personal interest but as I said Righto Mr.

Don't bother honey...

I can see you're a very passionate person but don't react so strongly to the naysayers and joy killers and don't waste your time on these people just ignore them honey. (:


You're correct. I can't help but bite when morons speak.


So not having a civil discussion is a sign that you aren't a moron?


I knew you wouldn't be able to resist lol I promise you Lilly this is the last time I'll waste my time on this bozo lol. I don't think there is much I need to say to you Mr. Others have shown what they think of your comments and posts. I'll let you have the last word whatever nonsense that shall be. caio.

Yep we have the most airbrushed press in the world.

At least the Yanks have a lot of independent Radio not to mention the greatest blog in the free world (The Daily Paul of course).

I am just waiting for a Libertarian in Australia to give my support too (and I would rally and raise as much cash as I could for them).

If we can get someone half as honest and intelligent as the Doctor I will have no need to log on here everyday for my dose of freedom and liberty.

Ron Paul has taken over my life!

Another in Melbourne.

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."


Indeed, We do have some potentials Malcolm Turnbull is a very balanced man who is both a republican 'in the actual sense of the word' and a libertarian it's just a pity he has nothing to work with.
I wouldn't agree with every single thing he does same as I do not agree with every single policy Ron Paul puts forward just simply because it came from Ron Paul especially when it comes to a lot of his beliefs on social issues but that's just it I can disagree with what hes says and have confidence in him because he believes in liberty first and so therefore he doesn't care what I do in my bedroom or with my money as long as it's sensible within the bounds of basic law or in other words COMMON SENSE!
We do have these people in Australia we just haven't given them enough support for them to have any real influence.
Its up to us to get behind a Ron Paul like person, I've identified Malcolm Turnbull as a possibility you may have a better suggestion.


I would have said Turnbull = Romney..

Hmm Hmmm...

Maybe I'm biased I know the man personally and he is a very good person and I've had some experiences of his true feelings outside the liberal party mandate. Having said that you may have a better example some nutter said Barnaby Joyce before...we can't get much bigger contrast so we have some good middle ground to work with (:


For our resident outlier, we ended up with Bob Brown. And well... look where that got us.

The closest we have at the moment would have to be Barnaby Joyce.


Saying Babbling what his name is the closest we have just because he speak out for speaking sake doesn't make him our closest libertarian choice? Just because a person is controversial and takes every opportunity to say something about anything just to be different doesn't make him or her anything like a balanced and good libertarian based leader, it just makes them a dic.k!.
Barnacles Joke would be far far down the bottom of the list he is a very foolish inarticulate smug individual with nothing of value to say about anything. I'm sickened that his name is even mentioned in this thread. eeeeek if you think this please go away and let the adults talk.

Hi mate, Melbourne based

Hi mate, Melbourne based here. We used to have a Ron paul meetup in 2007. Every time you watch/hear an Aussie press story on US pres elections, tweet the reporter and the program and ask why the didn't mention RP (they never do) @lisamillar did the first story for late line. She mentioned everyone Cept Paul. She mentioned Bachman, Perry, Huntsman et al. When I asked her why no mention her response was, we're only mentioning the ones that have a chance. I don't think this is a conspiracy, it just that they take their lead from the US media. If they aren't mentioning him they don't think they should. We need to pressure them to tell the real story.

Jim Stewart

Ron Paul is a dissident and a royal threat to her b!^ches crown.

The queen decides what is news down under.


heh ... even at the cat he doesn't get mentioned

You'd think so, but like everywhere else, the guys who write it up don't mention Ron.

Go figure.


and Late Line of all..go figure indeed usually you can expect better quality reporting from ABC and SBS..and amazing is it not to think that now so many months after the report you've mentioned that its PAUL the last man standing and not because he doesn't know when to let go but instead because out of all the other candidates he's the only one with a claim...just look at how all santorums wins were meaningless in the end as the delegates were never going to be his..I wonder if this is part of the reason "other than money" that he dropped out when he was Man number 2! did his campaign peeps say to him "look ricky ya won all these beauty pagents right mate but some time in late April early may they're all gonna go elsewhere buddy time to call it quits before you look like more of a d.i.c.k rick! haha food for thought.

Ah well that's 'their' ABC

Of course there is no mention of Ron Paul there. ABC is statist central.


Is this true? I'm sorry I find it so hard to believe from an Aussie reporter? what program or paper did she report for? what use is there do you think for any form of Aussie media to report on Dr. Paul and then how and in what way would it affect in any positive capacity his chances to be elected as the US president?


Hey, fellow Aussie here from Sydney - notice how the ABC totally ignores Ron Paul?

Our country is becoming a nanny state, fueled by taxes and the same problems that are happening in the US.

www.la.org.au Is a great site I've been introduced to if you like to stay informed.

One major difference

between us and you guys down under, when they come for our fire arms, win or lose, there will be a massive blood bath.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.