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The Voluntary State

So, I was thinking that there had to be a way to have a voluntary government without the use of taxation, or force. When you think about it, taxation is the actual cause of all corruption in government, because when the government has the power to forcefully take money from people, people start trying to get some of that money.

Well we have churches that run entirely on donations, even political parties run on donations. So it is entirely possible for a small form of government to be run on donations. This is how I figure it could work:

People donate to their local county government in order to help pay for the costs of maintaining civil courts, police, fire dept, ect. This will actually encourage people to get more involved in their local government, since they will actually care what they are donating their money to. Local police will also treat residents better because they will actually voluntarily pay their salary, rather than it being stolen from them. Their will be a suggested donation of 10%, but just like tithing, completely voluntary.

State governments will require each county to pay an annual membership dues. Counties will receive a number of state congressmen proportional to their population, but will also have to pay higher dues. A failure to meet these annual membership fee will result in the counties representatives from not being able to vote until their dues are paid. Other than that, no penalties will be levied.

Same goes on the Federal level. In order to have representation on the national level, each state must pay an annual membership fee to the federal government. Failure to do so will result in that particular state's representatives not being able to vote until their dues are paid.

This will be an incentive for government to be lean and efficient and REALLY make them answerable to the people because we can choose to stop funding them AT ANYTIME we are displeased with what we are getting.

Please let me know what you think about this.

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A tithe is a voluntary tax.

A tithe is a voluntary tax. Taxes are ok as long as there is a way for them to be avoidable, in my opinion. For example, a tax on cigarettes is voluntary because you can opt out. Any hypothetical nation would have to be brought forth with a strict prohibition on taxation of any form of individual income or corporate profits. Also, an outright ban on deficit spending must be put in place as well.

Finally, any tax monies passed on to a federal government must be collected by the states themselves and not paid directly by any individual or business. That way, states can arrange compacts to withhold any taxes from the federal government if the federal government disrespects states' rights. That way, if a state is unwilling to secede, they can starve out the federal government.