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Washington State GOP changing the state convention rules?

An email just came out from the party 30 minutes ago. The body of the email is copied below. I'm not sure if this is how delegate voting was going to take place anyway and the timing of voting over the four day convention simply changed, or whether they are going to chop up the state delegates into their Congressional Districts so as to preserve a few Romney majorities and take delegates from Paul. I suspect it's the latter. The moving targets just go on and on. If so, they are such POS. Anybody have a different interpretation or better insights?

"There have been some changes in the order of our convention program and I wanted to make sure you knew about them. On Friday morning we will convene the convention, approve the rules, elect a permanent chair and have our opening program. After lunch, we will convene in our ten Congressional District (CD) Caucuses to elect three National Convention delegates and three National Convention alternates from each CD. This will take all afternoon. After this full day, we will show the movie “Obama” from Citizens United and celebrate at Hospitality Suites.

Saturday morning we will reconvene to discuss our State Platform. After discussion and passage of our platform and resolutions, we will elect ten National Convention at-large delegates and ten National Convention at-large alternates and then adjourn.

If you have any questions- about any part of the convention, please ask us. We want to make your convention experience great."

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This is regular.

It's how we do it in Maine also, except that we have our 15 at-large delegates selected on day one, and our 6 district convention (we have only two districts) delegates chosen on day two.

They may be hoping that putting the districts first, and (undoubtedly) getting a few Romney delegates elected there, may inspire Romney people to hang around for the at-large fight.

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Isn't that the way it happened last time?

They wouldn't allow me into my congressional district convention for selecting national delegates because I was an alternate (and the establishment can't read their own buttons apparently to know if I was eligible to vote or not). I thought it was GOP trend to divide everyone up, no?

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Caught in the middle?
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Yes, this is how it happened last year

Last year we were divided into CDs and then we voted our delegates and alternates to the national convention from there. That's how we ended up winning Clark County last time.

Elect a new chair...

Then make a motion to count the majority... If they want to change the rules to benefit them, then beat them and change the rules to benefit us.

We are pulling for you Washington!!!

Motion to count the majority for..?

Doesn't there have to be an issue in order to count that?

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!