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$50,000,000 Each in Federal Money for RNC & DNC Police State Security

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Come on girls, get real. the Brits are setting up surface-to-air missles on rooftops in London for the Olympics. It's a bad world out there and you better take serious steps to protect yourself.

Ron Paul 2012; Rand Paul 2016

So the only thing dumber than an American is a Brit.

Comparing two brands of morons hardly classifies as an argument for something.

More than likely the precautions are to protect from the Repo Man when the creditors come to call for our non-payment of debt.

Free includes debt-free!

I wonder how much the Libertarian or Green Parties got

Though I would hope the LP wouldn't accept.

What would the founders say!


Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. ~Thomas Paine

So the federal government

takes our money and gives it to a city for a private club to meet? But when this private club is corrupt in their own process/election we can do nothing because they are a private club? I know, I know...I must get back to work now...this is a big tab.

If they are funded by the government

Then they are not really political parties, are they? They are really branches of the government posing as political parties.

It's a dictatorship.

If they are bringing in

If they are bringing in police from nearby cities, they they will have drones. There are already several cities in FL that own drones and actively use them already.



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who puts up this money?

why dont the politicians corporate sponsors pay for the conventions? we all know they're bought and paid for!

The Democratic National Convention, brought to you by Goldman Sachs!
The Republican National Convention, brought to you by Goldman Sachs!

It's like a big joke- how did we get to the point where a partisan function is taxpayer funded? Let the GOP buy their own LRAD, with a big red elephant on the armored vehicle.

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

Goldman lends the free money they get from the Fed at interest

Goldman et al lends the free currency they get from the Fed at interest to the Congress.

Why donate the funds when you can profit from the mongoloid idiots in Congress.

Free includes debt-free!

Are they expecting people to

Are they expecting people to try to spoil their Romneyfest ?

There will be no RomneyFest.

If they didn't already believe that they would not tried so hard to push their loser on us. Or found a field a losers that would make their designated loser look good.

Ron Paul or Bust!

Free includes debt-free!

ytc's picture

A timely informative video to re-post! Thank you.

Rania Khalek is knowledgeable and writes well: she can become a great broadcast analyst with a little more training in how to talk (without rolling eyes or giggling ;-) and present herself on screen. She is a valuable asset for our liberty movement. So good to see these intelligent young activists stepping up.

be a "good citizen"

. . . pay your taxes. The money is being used to:

indoctrinate your children through federalized "education" to accept the new globalism
poison you and your children with brain-fogging fluoride and bromide
enslave you through various draconian "security" measures for your "protection"
kill your children and the children of various other countries through unlawful wars
build a prison planet with the Reaper Drones flying above and the FEMA camps below
pave the road to serfdom through destructive economic policy and cronyism
fund worldwide globalist hegemony using our soldiers as "dumb stupid animals"
fund genocide through vaccines to "save the planet"

The Federal Government has already declared war on the American People. Until we face that depressing reality We The People will continue the slide into tyranny. I submit that the fifty States of the Union need to recognize this war and declare war on the Federal government and ALL THAT IMPLIES.

And If

And if CISPA passes the government will be able to watch you online. which is very close to watching you in your own home. Welcome to 1984!

Are politicians worried about the blowback they've caused?

Foreign and domestic?

And we get stuck holding the bill again.

Time to dump men whose vile tyrannies cost us so much.

Free includes debt-free!


How do I get a ticket to the RNC? I gotta be their to see Dr Paul pull off the best upset of all time!!!
Anybody know??
I'm sure it's next to impossible to get a ticket!
But let me know!

Yay Ron Paul!!!!
Freeeeeeedom calls!!

Be a Page

If you are older High School or Colege and you are a young blond girl you can be a page at the Republican Convention.

Back when Obama and I were going to Punahou in Hawaii all the cute blond girls would fly in a private jet to the republican convention in the summer.

In Tampa

That money could be used to pay Romney supporters not to show up. Problem solved.


Talk about reverse psychology!