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The facts about delegates in California

California is a Winner-Take-All *per* congressional district and a closed presidential primary or should i say an open primary for everything on every level of voting *except* when it comes to the presidency.

California has 172 delegates on the line, 53 congressional districts, each district gets 3 delegates (3x53=159), 10 at-large delegates going to the overall winner of the state, and 3 delegates (technically unbound) go to top Republican members; the National Committeeman, the National Committeewoman, and the chairman of the California's Republican Party.

Win a District and get those 3 delegates period. Delegates are picked by the campaign of the district winner, RP himself could pick them personally i suppose if he wanted. No county convention, no state convention, only the RNC (no practice *sad face*). Who the delegates are bound to for 2 rounds of votes at the RNC is purely based on popular vote of each district.

Source: http://www.thegreenpapers.com/P12/CA-R

Listen up RP supporters who are Independents and Democrats(or anything that's not republican), register to vote as Republican by *MAY 21st* (we say 14th in case of mistakes or corruption) and vote for RP on June 5th. IF YOU DON'T you are hurting the revolution.

All we have to do is win the Republican nomination. If we succeed in that then winning the presidency will be easy as the most effective tool, even though it is a lie, the MSM has against RP is there claim of RP being unelectable. Win the nomination and the Presidency will follow shortly with, i predict, a 70% landslide at minimum. RP already won the presidency by Nov. last year... That's why *they* had to steal it.

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Wear Your Ron Paul Gear, Everywhere

Okay, make a good impression, of course. Maybe some places wouldn't be appropriate.

But seriously, I wore my Ron Paul hat to Costco Saturday, and had a nice chat with a politically savvy Republican who asked me what I was going to do now that Ron Paul is out of the race.......YIKES!

I said he needed to check the DP for the latest news, because Ron Paul was doing much better than reported and still very much in the race. The problem is the duty/habit voters (who always vote) will vote Romney if they think he's the only option that's not Obama with a chance to win.

We need to get people out - I predict very low voter turnout, but the open primary may or may not impact that one way or the other. People in CA are about to find out (in November) that they voted to disenfranchise themselves (unless our court case to overturn Prop 14 goes our way in the next couple of months).

Google ads aimed at "CA Peace-loving Democrats" might work well to get them to switch, now that they don't have to be registered D for any of the other races.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

This was the second

thread I ever started on DP:


It didn't really rock to the top of the charts, but seems like a no-brainer for
California and Texas...

Consider this - in 2008, the second highest percentage that RP got in a
California Congressional District was in CD 31, in LA. It includes Hollywood and
IIRC, a whack of East LA. It is heavily Hispanic and the 7.8% that Dr. Paul got there
was from just *800 votes*. That means just over 100 votes is probably going
to constitute 1% of the primary vote in that district. Whereas in some heavily
Republican districts 1% of the primary vote might equal 600 votes.

So, if you've got to try and convince 600 people in Orange County or a 100
in East LA to achieve the same result, which sounds like the most productive use
of resources?? If you go with East LA, you're going to get further with Spanish
language materials, I'm thinking...

Heck, his stuff sounds even better in Spanish..


Don't Overthink It

Most of the Spanish-speaking people in CA are bilingual or have bilingual family members. Emphasize civil rights, due process, small government, good economy, ending the wars (many hispanics in the military), and that should do the job.

Did you see the video on here from Spain? If we can stage a Ron Paul rally in Spain, I think we have CA covered.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

to the heart

this is what poster angelamae said about this subject in the other
thread I linked to:

"There are a number of Hispanics in my household they all know English but really prefer Spanish. If you want to speak to the heart you really have to go for the native language. Go for the family/church language not the work/school one."

Which sounds about right to me.

I'm doing everything I can

including $600 of my own money this week to get the word out about Ron Paul to Republican voters in my county.

Everyone just needs to give 100% effort. Come up with a strategy in your meetup group and execute.

Tu ne cede malis.

Candidates for Liberty Webpage:

2016 Liberty Candidate Thread:


from page 10 on you can see how Ron Pau land Mitt Romney did in 2008 in the different districts.
This may help us in how what we do in these countys.

In Romney strongholds we might inform the people about the real romney and how is similar to obama.

comparison sheets made for California free to print:

In Paul strongholds we might motivate our supporters to vote.
(but it certainly makes sense to do both things in every county, tough it may help to concentrate and strengthen the efforts)

Being *Selective* is the best

use of resources, IMHO.

I did some analysis of the 2008 numbers a while back, it's
in this thread:


If nothing else, please check the comments for detailed advice
from John P. Slevin about working such districts with a grassroots

I suggest that the most likely districts for Paul are those which have
relatively few Republicans and those CD's where he did well in '08.
I found 19 Congressional Districts where Dr. Paul got 5.5% of the vote
or higher and/or where 1% of the total vote equals less that 300 votes.

All of these CD's are Democrat controlled and mostly liberal. But it takes
less than half the number of actual votes in those districts to achieve the
same percentage results as in heavily Republican CD's (where 1% of the
vote might equal 600-800 votes).

Districts meeting one or both of the criteria were
CD's 1,6,8,9,13,14,15,17,20,28,31,32,33,34,37,38,43,
47 and 53
(based on the 2008 districts, but CD's 14,15 and 17 have been
affected by redistricting)

If you are in a heavily Republican CD, I would suggest taking a cold, hard
look at your prospects and consider whether there is low hanging fruit
somewhere else around where your efforts might have a better chance at
producing a win.

☛GOP Strategist: Ron Paul Has

☛GOP Strategist: Ron Paul Has A Strongest Base ~ He Can Beat Romney & Obama VIDEO

Listen up

people in California..I went canvassing door to door in Northern Cali yesterday, and most people are still clueless about needing to register republican to vote for Ron Paul.. We gotta get off the computer and go talk to our neighbors if we're going to make it work out here in Cali.. Please please please get off your butts and hit the pavement..Disregard this message if you already are : ) Also if anyone on here is living in the Redding Ca. area, please sign up with our meetup group, we are doing a sign wave this week and need more support.

How to really get them registered Republican:

I don't know how voter registration works in CA, but I can tell you what I had a lot of success doing in MD:

Print out a bunch of voter registration forms. Take them door to door. Take them everywhere you go. Fold some up and keep them in your pocket. When you find someone who is pro liberty, but not registered Republican, have them fill the form out on the spot. Then offer to take it in for them. Once you have ten forms filled out, stop by your election board and drop them off. Make it so the voters who support Liberty have to do zero work to get registered.

Also keep track of their names and numbers so you can remind them when and where to vote on election day.

Freedom Wins!

GREAT idea!

Go by my daughters house, in Penngrove, would you?

"The only thing we die with is our own personal integrity!" LRH
Vail, CO
Freedom and Liberty for Eagle County, Colorado. www.flecc.org