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“Thank you for wearing that.”

“Thank you for wearing that.”

As a married man with two children, the days of me putting great thought into what I am going to wear for the day have long left me. However, this past weekend I did take great pride in wearing my Ron Paul t-shirt. Now I have worn the shirt before to family outings, public places and even on vacation in Boston when my wife and I walked the Freedom Trail. But this past weekend was special.

I have the great honor of being a part of a committee that hosts an event every year where students all across the state of Ohio can come and compete in various events. All totaled, about 1,500 students and countless parents, volunteers and pastors – yes pastors – attend the event. See, this is a religious event full of the most devout evangelical Christians that you can find. And since the majority of my time is spent running around and conversing with students, I saw it as an opportunity to help educate the next generation – should they ask of course.

However, much to my surprise, I was stopped by more parents and pastors than I can remember. Some simply said thanks and some briefly chanted “President Paul”. But a great deal of them stopped with legitimate questions. One man in particular, a pastor of a fairly large church, stopped me to discuss two “issues” that he takes with Dr. Paul. His first was his desire to legalize marijuana. After a brief discussion where I explained the costs of the War on Drugs along with the ease at which I was able to purchase pot in high and the difficultly with purchasing alcohol (I wasn’t always a Christian), he quickly relented on this issue. I could tell that this was only a side point for him, and that his greatest hang up with The Good Doctor was coming next.

Then he said it. Those two words I had expected almost as soon as our conversation started. Foreign Policy.

I remained quiet and allowed him to explain himself. He had clearly heard it all before; everything from the civilian casualties in Iraq to the sovereignty and Constitutional issues with Pakistan and Libya. I let him speak for almost 5 minutes uninterrupted, and then he offered his closing line:

“Can you honestly say that after 911 we should have done nothing?”

I smiled as he finished, because he had set my response up perfectly. It gave me the opportunity to quote one of my favorite lines from We Who Dared to Say No to War:

“… and I cannot be persuaded, contrarily, that force is the answer to force, that hate is the antidote for hate, and that war will save the world from war. ‘For all they that take the sword,’ said a very wise man two thousand years ago, ‘shall perish with the sword,’ and according to my exegesis, ‘all’ means ‘all.’”

Once I finished the quote we both remained silent for a few moments and then I asked him, “Do you pastor, not believe in turning the other cheek?”

Again silence.

“Perhaps we should sit down together and study the scriptures where Christ promotes any violence or vengeance towards a fellow human being. I just need you to tell me what pages those scriptures can be found on.”

He simply smiled, and with watery eyes said, “Thank you for wearing that. Perhaps what we have once written off as ‘crazy’ is in reality the greatest example of humility ever displayed in modern politics.”

We shook hands and went our separate ways – him with a new found perspective to dwell on and me with a great deal of encouragement.

We are winning the battle for Liberty folks!! Let us give up our lives, our pride, our money, our time and our emotions in favor of this great message. Let us thank Ron Paul for curing the apathy of a generation and starting a fire that we will feed for generations to come. Let us teach our sons and daughters, our brother and sisters, and our fathers and mothers that Liberty above all else is vital. Let us remind Christians that God did not give men free will simply so that they can vote it away. Let us stay the course… united… inspired… and determined!!

Liberty or Death!

Josh Pocock

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Wow, that is powerful. Thank you for sharing. Very, very encouraging.

Very Inspiring

I live in Ohio and would love to attend the event you described Josh. What is the name of it, and where and when is it held?

When & Where

Sorry, it is typically in Columbus in April. National festival is in August and they move it around the country. This year it is right in Louisville, so depending on what part of Ohio you live in, it is very close. I am pretty sure you can register and attend the national event for only $10 or so. The students are absolutely inspiring! So talented!!

Fine Arts Festival

It is an event held by the Assemblies of God. Students compete at the district level, and then nationally.

Here is a link to the national website: http://faf.ag.org/

Brought tears to my eyes

and hope to my heart... Thank you


Force and Coercion have no place in a free society

And that is the problem. Most "conservative" christians and other religious believers don't really want a free society. They want people to be like them, and adopt the same principles. It's ironic because the core of Christianity is Christ, who is most resembled in Ron Paul's beliefs.

Jesus Christ Libertarian

An article I read some time ago that I believe you would enjoy based on your comment.


I found it rather weak.

After hearing compelling arguments that Jesus is a true socialist, a true anarchist and a true capitalist, I would avoid bringing personalities in to justify ideas. Such tactic is handy when somebody runs out of ideas or reason.

When someone has devoted

When someone has devoted their entire existence to follow one specific personality, bringing that personality into the conversation is not only worthwhile, but quite effective.

junk yard

the other day ago i was at the local junk yard and i just happen so to wear one of my ron paul shirts. while i was buying my items that i pulled from some cars, the owner of the junk yard after i bought from him told me this.( i really like you shirt) i replied we need more people to learn about him, may 8th!, we all need to vote.

may 8th is when mu state gets to vote!!!!

go nc

ron paul t shirt's 4 life

rand paul 2016-2024

Christian for Ron Paul here

Christian for Ron Paul here and I thank you Josh!

Just wanted to say I'm glad to hear your story.
I have been very happy to see other Christians for RP at other websites and am encouraged.
One thought though, I have been saddened by some of the posts on DP that have been very antagonistic towards Christians.
Please remember everyone, the Liberty message appeals to EVERYONE, and not everyone who claims to be Christian is actually sincere and/or sensible to the true Christian ethos.
Be encouraged, RP knows no limits!
Thanks again Josh!!!


As for the legalization argument, I always tell people that although there are good arguments for legalizing drugs, removing federal drug laws WILL NOT legalize drugs. If Dr. Paul became president, it would simply move drug enforcement from the federal level to the state level, where it is Constitutionally. Ever wonder why alcohol prohibition required a Constitutional amendment?

In any case, drugs would still he prohibited. Not even California would legalize marijuana when it was on the ballot.

Drugs are not in the Constitution, so this is a power reserved to the states.

Anyway, this argument works for me. If people think that the federal government has this power then they also have to assume that they have the power to have Obamacare. You can't pick and choose. You are either for the Constitution or against it.

Great answer! And the one I

Great answer! And the one I personally use. Even Ron Paul's foreign policy is not "his" FP, but what is simply found in the Constitution! It's much harder for a republican to say they don't like the Constitution, point out that that is exactly what they are doing!

Good Quote

Good Quote Josh I will have to embed that one in my mind. I do not go anywhere without some type of Ron Paul signature, button, shirt, sweatshirt or whatever. If you see me you see RON Paul. Anyway, when I am stopped by someone who wants to ask questions (which is often) that question always comes up, Foreign Policy. My reply is "are you happy with the Foreign Policy we now have"? That always stops them cold. Their face goes blank. Usually, about 95%, say "good point. Maybe it is time for a change". Then I hand them a button or a Super Brochure or both and I always get a warm smile and a thank you.

Joined the Liberty Movement in Anchorage, Alaska, 1977. Ron Paul supporter since 1983.
In Liberty from the Pacific Northwest.

I need to wear my Ron Paul

I need to wear my Ron Paul button more often.

Just FYI, the quote is originally from Milton S. Mayer. He wrote a piece for the Saturday Evening Post on October 7th, 1939 called "I Think I'll Sit This One Out.". It was in opposition of WWII.


Perfect comment for the person you were speaking with..


You just made a grown Ninja cry. That was beautiful man. Simply beautiful.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

But you see, this is a novel about a murder mystery

Who is John Galt is a line plagerized by Ayn Rand from another book once well known in free market circles, The Driver, where it is who is Henry M Galt.

Ayn Rand is a well known anti-Christian, and if you really understood that she plagerized the very first (and frequent) line for her book, and what The Driver means from the title of the book it was stolen from, you'd understand that it was meant as a nasty farce.

You'd be able to discrern why Alan Greenspan, another of Rand's inner circle, who claimed to be for gold, was also simultaneously the man responsible for the biggest paper bubble fraud in history, or why after causing that crash, Greenspan could say "American's are lazy". Americans? I thought Alan Greenspan was an America.

But you see, this is a novel about a murder mystery. Where the mystery is not who is doing the murdering, but who is the victim. Most mystery novels are about finding the murderer. Maybe we should start with that - who is murdering. Check your premises, and you can start with the novel itself.

Alan Greenspan on lazy American youth

Ayn Rand on the Arabs

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

reedr3v's picture

First, your post is out of place following an inspired

OP. Second, you give no source for your absurd claim of plagiarism by Rand. She made numerous errors -- as most great writers have throughout history, but discussing a totally unrelated issue in this thread is not appropriate.

I assume you are commenting

I assume you are commenting on the "Who is John Galt?" ad that pops up under articles sometimes? Rest assured that it has nothing to do wi my post.

Bravo Josh!

If Dr. Paul does not win the presidency, at least you won't have to say you stood by and did nothing for the cause of liberty and morality.

It sounds like you changed some minds at the grassroots level.

I just hope it's not too late for a win in November because we are fighting on all sides.

We are in a 360 degree war for liberty - surrounded on all sides by all idealogies - both liberal and (so-called) conservative.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Just thanks Josh!

...for clearing my tear ducts. 'Twas a good read!


I think this was a very

I think this was a very appropriately targeted reply.

Others may disagree and what should be portrayed but one size won't fit all. Good work.

Sorry, don't like hearing it that way.

I congratulate you for "touching" this person's soul. However, if someone breaks into my home and hurts my family, I won't be turning any cheeks here. Don't simplify this too much because it makes us look weak on defense. We need to look strong on defense and our biggest point, I thought, is that the military is spread too thin and we engage in undeclared wars which causes blowback. We will go broke with our current policy and that will leave us weak. Our idea is to have a strong military. This turn the other cheek stuff doesn't convince anyone I know, especially anyone who is afraid that AL QUEDA is under their bed.

Fair enough. For me, as a

Fair enough.

For me, as a former neocon who supported Bush at the start of it all, it was about a cultural shift. From one that supported anything our military did because that is what a good Republican does, to one that actually started to follow the teachings of Christ. I understand your points, and it would be extremely difficult to turn the other cheek if someone attacked my family. However, it was teaching on peace that converted me over and I believe it is the same for many other Christians. Ron Paul will never be as pro military as the rest of the establishment, so he is always going to look week in comparison. So rather than convince this pastor that RP would have went after Osame, I felt I had a better chance of convincing him that peace is the better option.

I'm not a Christian, BUT....

I don't deny Jesus; I think of him more as a brother who sets an example than as some kind of master or "savior." I believe our Creator gave each and every one of us the power and resources to save our own selves, and Jesus tried to teach us how to do so.

Anyhoo, I agree and support everything he said (I especially like the Beatitudes), and when I read this in your post:
“Perhaps we should sit down together and study the scriptures where Christ promotes any violence or vengeance towards a fellow human being. I just need you to tell me what pages those scriptures can be found on.”
I almost wept.

(FWIW, if you strapped me down and threatened to waterboard me if I didn't cop to _some_ religion, I'd probably say Neodruid - I believe I was sent here to assist in rescuing the Mother of Everything from the clutches of the God of Power, AKA Satan.)

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Ron Paul never said we should do Nothing

AMC1953 said it before but i'd say it again. Ron Paul voted for the authority to go after Bin Laden IMMEDIATELY after 9/11. They way he wanted to do it was to use the letter of marque which the US used against pirates in the old days instead of occupation and nation building. The reasoning for this is because just like pirates, terrorists are individuals that committed crimes and should be brought to justice, not a country with a govt that is an enemy. But of course the "never let a crisis goto waste" crowd used it as an excuse for a modern "crusade" (bush's own words) into the middle east. And even after killing OBL, the troops are still there wondering what they are risking their lives for. World war II lasted 5 years, the war in afghanistan is now 10 years and counting.

So don't ever let anyone say Ron Paul is the do nothing guy. Ron Paul is the "Do the right thing" guy.

Also ROn Paul talks a lot about the Christian "Just War" theory and is totally committed to the defense of the United States, that's why he is asking why are troops patrolling the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan but not enough patrols on the US's own borders.

Very well said sir. Another

Very well said sir. Another conversation I had I did mention that RP is not anti-war, just anti-intervention. Here I chose the scripture route because he is a very influential pastor. But I am thankful that you and others have reminded us all that RP is not just a naive man, but a smart man who understands the value of life at every level.

Thank you

And I in turn am thankful to you for taking the time and courage to spread the message. I wear my Ron Paul shirt often in Hong Kong but so far no one has stopped me to ask about it! :)