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Campaign materials

I have the following materials that I will gladly ship (at my expense) to a state where there is yet to have been a primary and where they will be utilized most effectively by activist groups:

- thousands of slim jims
- thousands of super brochures
- hundreds of balloons & sticks to tie inflated balloons onto
- < 100 For Liberty DVDs
- < 20 yard signs

The materials are in two locations and I'm not certain about the inventory at the other location beyond what I have detailed here.

For Liberty,


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Indiana could use these materials if they haven't already been spoken for! Our primary is May 8.

I'm Free In Jesus Christ

We could always use them here

We could always use them here in California. Problem is how fast you can get it here. Ron Paul will be coming to UC Davis on Thursday. It would be nice to have the materials here before then so they can be distributed to whatever organizers need them, since several congressional district leaders will be in Davis Thursday.

Campaign materials

Wish you weren't so far away as I would love to get it to you before the upcoming events. Unfortunately, the cost to transport this heavy material to CA from GA in time for the events, would be enormous. At this point, it looks like some will go to TX and if you folks want some for general distribution in CA, give me detailed address information.