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Americans Elect Update: Ron Paul Needs More Votes!

Do you want to be sure that Ron Paul will be on the ballot in November? You can help draft him to head the ticket of Americans Elect (AE), which offers an online process to nominate a president and vice president. AE already has ballot status in 26 states, and its leaders plan to have it in all 50 states by the fall. They will hold their Internet primary in May, and their Internet convention in June. To help place Ron Paul on their primary ballot, you must take action by Tuesday, May 8.

More than 8,500 Paul supporters already have signed up as AE
“delegates,” which means they can vote for him in the online primary and convention. That’s twice as many supporters as counted for the second candidate in line, former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer. But each candidate needs at least 10,000 delegates to qualify for the primary. Another requirement: A candidate needs at least 1,000 delegates from each of 10 states in order to show broad-based support. The ten states with the most Paul supporters signed up so far are: California, Florida, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. But each has fewer than 1,000 Paul delegates at present.

It shouldn’t be that difficult to push each of these states to well over 1,000 Paul delegates. People who are, or plan to be, RP delegates to Republican conventions shouldn’t sign up with Americans Elect. But they can urge family, friends, and colleagues to do so. Any U.S. registered voter--whether independent or a party member--can become an Americans Elect delegate and vote in the AE primary and convention. Here’s the way to do it:

1) Go to www.americanselect.org.

2) Select “Sign Up” and follow the steps there. You’ll have to decide on a password and provide information they need to verify that you’re a
registered voter in your state.

3) Be sure to click your support for Ron Paul in the appropriate place!

4) Write down and keep handy your password so you'll have it to vote in the primary and convention.

5) It’s a good idea to request their e-mail updates so you’ll be alerted when it’s time to vote for RP in the primary and convention. (Note: It’s a bit confusing, but they refer to each stage of their primary as a “caucus.”)

Since no candidate has the required minimum yet, it looks as though the primary won’t start until May 15. A candidate needs at least 10,000 supporters--with the required 10-state spread--by May 8 in order to qualify for the May 15 vote.

Let’s go for it! Let’s overwhelm AE by May 8th!

* * * * *

Here are some answers for those who have objections to Americans Elect and/or the independent/third-party route:

“Americans Elect leaders and advisers are too tied to the establishment.”

Well, sure. But how about the Republican Party and its deep ties to Wall Street and the Military-Industrial Complex? That hasn’t stopped Dr. Paul from speaking truth to power within the GOP. The AE folks are independent enough to want a November alternative to Tweedledum and Tweedledee. And they’re taking the risk that their process may produce a ticket they don’t entirely agree with. In fact, they seem to expect that, since they want a “balanced” ticket. This includes the possibility of one Republican and one Democrat, or one independent and either a Democrat or a Republican--but not the possibility of two people from the same political party.

“Aha, but they get to decide if the ticket is ‘balanced’ enough!”

That applies only in certain cases--for example, if one member of the ticket is an independent. If the ticket is composed of one Republican and one Democrat, it automatically will be deemed to be balanced. If Dr. Paul decides to go the AE route, he can choose a Democratic running mate who agrees with him on the key issues. Americans Elect would not run the campaign; the candidates would be responsible for running it and raising the money for it. (Americans Elect leaders see AE as a nominating process rather than a national political party. But an AE press aide told me that “in most states we have qualified as a minor party.” She said that “it was more efficient to petition for ballot access that way..."

“We should consider an independent or third-party run only at the end of the GOP convention--depending on how the convention turns out.”

According to a Federal Election Commission chart, filing deadlines for independent presidential candidates will have passed in most states by the time the GOP convention ends on Aug. 30. The FEC chart does not have complete information on filing deadlines for third-party candidates, but I believe the same is true of them. It would make no sense to launch a late campaign that’s guaranteed to lose.

“Going independent would mean turning our back on everything we’ve
accomplished in the Republican Party so far.”

Not necessarily. It would depend on how the November election turns out. Dr. Paul could give Romney a real run for his money among younger voters and conservatives--and do the same with Obama among independents and Democrats. The 2012 election may be our last chance for many years to win the profound changes in policy that our country needs. If this year’s choice is one between Obama and Romney, we can expect more wars and possibly an economic meltdown. We can also expect continued attacks on our civil liberties, and those attacks will make serious political efforts harder to mount in the future. We will miss our old Bill of Rights when it’s gone. Not to mention the rest of our Constitution...

“Dr. Paul can’t win as an independent because he would be excluded from the presidential debates.”

Actually, if he polled at least 15 percent in several major polls, he would be part of the debates. If he were not polling that high initially, there would be ways to use political jujitsu to his advantage. For example: After each debate, run paid TV ads on the theme of “Why Things Will Get Worse with Either One.” Or “Why We Need Major Course Corrections--and Why Obama and Romney Won’t Make Them.” There could also be a huge Ron Paul rally the day after each debate, where our guy would give a stump speech--commenting on the Obama-Romney answers to key questions and then giving his own.

An independent campaign would offer many chances for creative signs, advertising, and rallies--and maximum use of the Internet. I would hope for more positive, pro-Paul ads than we have seen so far this year. For example: An ad showing Paul supporters from all walks of life who explain why they support him. Ads with brief excerpts from some of the best Paul media interviews, explaining his positions on the top issues. Ads with excerpts from some of his stump speeches--providing both substance on issues and the evidence of huge crowds.

Shifting gears for an independent campaign could be liberating and energizing for everyone--including our valiant candidate.

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Yes, and the GOP is owned by

Yes, and the GOP is owned by Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs and iis "highly secretive." So what? There are risks to any strategy. In each case, the strategy is a gamble and, in the case of AE, it is only a gamble for one of several possible backup strategies...nothing more.

Just a second ago, you said he

told us to go for it concerning the AE. Unless you're going to take some general statement that his people were free to do what they wanted to mean he somehow endorsed AE. lol

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

I NEVER said that he endorses

I NEVER said that he endorses AE. Please limit your arguments to things I actually said, not things you imagined I said.

Look below.

"Again, Ron Paul HAS NOT discouraged us from signing up with AE. In fact, he has CLEARLY STATED that his supporters are free to participate in THIS EFFORT. When he agrees with you (by all indications he doesn't), I'll shun them."

You're implying it.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Implying? Well....at least

Implying? Well....at least you've "amended" your original comment. BTW, I am not implying anything of the sort. Ron hasn't told us not to do it. When he does, I'll run away from it. If you have information to the contrary, please let us all know.

He hasn't told us not to follow Jim Jones either

but most of us have enough sense not to drink the Koolaid.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

No, and he hasn't told me not

No, and he hasn't told me not to comb my hair in the morning. Let's get real. This is a key issue which is central to the future of Ron Paul's presidential campaign. If he had a strong opinion about it, he'd let us all know.

"This is a key issue which is central to the future of

This is a key issue which is central to the future of Ron Paul's presidential campaign."

It's funny that you can make that statement and then this next one..

"If he had a strong opinion about it, he'd let us all know."

And not get the irony in them before you actually do the posting. He's dealing with the "key issue" by running GOP AND he HAS called for THAT.

So yeah let's get real about that and one other thing... Someone NOT telling you to NOT do something isn't an invite or implied suggestion to do it. That was my whole point in that previous comment.. You seem to imply that Dr.Paul wants and says a lot which isn't true. You're doing nothing but manipulating a situation towards something you want to see happen and it's dishonest and best, downright detrimentally subversive at worst.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

If the best you can do is

If the best you can do is falsely claim that I "implied" something....well let's leave it at that.

Well at least you didn't deny the truth.


Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Did you even read the part

Did you even read the part where I said "falsely?"

Yeah but I ignored that part because you were lying about it.

:) It's called sarcasm. You're not to quick on the uptake.

You can say what you want.. I know what I read. All the arguing and wiggling won't change what you said..

Implication is a cowards manipulation trick. AE will be done soon so I'm not worried but it's hilarious how loyal you are too your masters bidding.

The people here know what's up. You're not fooling anyone with "AE is critical" bullshit. It's nothing more than another two party trick to divide our forces and you're either buying into it or intentionally helping it knowingly.

The more you post, the more everyone here sees your intentions.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

So you think I'm lying coward

So you think I'm lying coward eh? No wonder some RP supporters have a bad reputation! Fortunately, Ron himself provides us all a wonderful model of a true gentleman.

I don't beat around the bush. Like that about me or not

you'll always know exactly where I stand on any issue and I don't whitewash things with PC coloring.

And he's about the only Gentleman I've seen in a long time.. Usually people hide behind their calls for civility when what's really just beneath the surface are malignant souls with ill intent.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

I tried to register at AE

but couldn't get the system to accept my registration.

Obviously, winning the Republican nomination is
Plan A. But the AE option beats anything I've heard
put forward for a Plan B...

Nothing I've seen in the comments here is convincing
me that there is any significant downside for RP by
also having the option of being the AE nominee.

Plan B... same as A, C, Defg...

It's up to Ron Paul what he wants to do.

I'm not saying AE is BS,

But I don't know nothing.

Consider the source, consider the idea.

American's Elect could be an instrument to get Obama re-elected.

If Ron Paul joined, would they really spend the money required to get his message out to the people?

They could just do the bare minimum, and the message of liberty would be squashed.

And, from all accounts, American Elect, is bought and paid for by Soros.

Soros, Obama's socialist backer.

He's got more money in his left pocket, than we can raise in a single year.

Response to SirFelix

Americans Elect offers a nominating process--not a campaign structure. The presidential/vice-presidential ticket winning the AE nomination will run their own campaign and also raise the money to do so.

But no one should underestimate the incredible value of ballot placement in all 50 states. It is very difficult, and extremely expensive, to achieve this. Americans Elect is spending a lot of time and many millions of dollars to do it.

I have seen no evidence that George Soros is funding Americans Elect. If you have some, I hope you will provide it.

Mary Meehan

How are you getting the ballot access?

My problem with AE is they are not transparent. They are spending millions to buy ballot access which is very expensive. Who's millions? I worked for Ralph Nader for three elections to help him get ballot access. It was BRUTAL. Professional petition workers refused to work because the Democrats and Republicans worked together to HURT people, false arrests, vandalism, ripping ballots, compalining about petitioners... I would stand at a place not saying a word, just holding up a Ralph Nader bumper sticker and a clip board for peole who were interested to sign the petition... I was spit on, verbally abused, accused of assault and battery of a person I'll never know. the police coming and asking me to leave... I saw others beat up, car tires cut. I don't see on AE web page their petition, I have not seen a petition worker with an AE petition for me to sign.. so how is it AE is getting ballot access? Stealth. Everything about AE is Stealth.

Furthermore, as I pointed out below.. I go to AE and Ron Paul is featured, but when I go to other sites, he's not even #4. So what is the TRUTH? AE is not into truth.

Are YOU a Republican? Are YOU on a Republican Cental Committee? Are you a delegate? If you are NOT, you are NOT doing what Ron Paul asked you to do. You are not with us, who are working hard to get Ron paul nominated in the GOP, WHICH HE CHOSE. Ron Paul did not chose AE or ask for the nomination. Ron Paul is working to Restire America, AE is working to change it. AE and RP are not compatible.

Response to The Granger

Some donors to AE have acknowledged that they're donors. Others have not--and probably for a variety of reasons, such as: Concern about straining or ending friendships with people who are supporting Obama or Romney (some people take their politics so seriously that this can happen); fear of financial or political retaliation; concern about being placed on solicitation lists for other causes and being bombarded with requests for years.

You're right about petitioning for ballot access; it's hard work, and it can be brutal. It probably is somewhat easier for the AE petitioners, though, because they're asking people to sign for the idea of a third ticket--rather than for a specific candidate.

AE acknowledges that it has paid petition workers. That's fine: It's providing jobs to people who badly need them in this terrible economy.

AE probably doesn't show a petition on its website because there's a separate petition form for each state. State election laws can be extremely picky; you have to be sure to do it exactly the way they say in order to withstand any challenge.

AE publicly files signatures with the appropriate election official in each state and gains official certification that it has won ballot placement in that state. If you doubt their claims in any state, I'd suggest that you check with the Secretary of State's office there.

You asked about my party status. Although an independent, I switched registration to Republican in 2008--and again this year--so I could vote for Ron Paul in my state's primary.

Actually, Ron Paul hasn't asked me to do anything. I'm doing what I think best for his cause.

Mary Meehan

Response to Mary Meehan

One reason I appreciate Ron paul so much is his TRANSPARENCY. Doners to AE should be TRANSPARENT. I don't respect any reason they have, coveting bad relationships, or crony friends.. that does not represent me, Ron Paul or anyone I know supporting Ron Paul. Bottom line, I have a big problem with AEs doners lack of transparency.

As a Ralph Nader petitioner, I asked, "Does An Independent candidate have the RIGHT to be on the ballot?" Seems this is where AE is HOOKING the majority who say, "YES", and then we play "political lottery", as AE has NO specific candidate, only they retain the RIGHT to select who THEY, not those who signed the petition or participated, deem THE candidate. Again, a lack of transparency, and truth.

Paid petitioners are poorly paid, and desperate, usually looking for a better job because being a petitioner is not what I would call a job that supports a family or sustains a student loan. AE paid $1.25 a signature.. GOP pays min $2.00.

Ralph Nader was able to offer petitions for all the states BUT Oklahoma.. I believe AE does not because they don't want people to read what they are really about. If you have a copy, I'd live to see it.

Thank you for registering Republican. Ron Paul actually did ask you to do that. And he asked you to get on your RCC so you could become a delegate, and he asked you to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC, and that is not the goal of AE.

AE from CA Sos:

County elections officials had until December 19, 2011 to report the results of their full check of signatures to the Secretary of State's Office. The Secretary of State's Office determined on December 19, 2011 that Americans Elect had enough valid signatures to qualify as a political party for the June 5, 2012, Primary Election.



(GOP is NOT open to AE)

Where's AE??? http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/2012-elections/calendar/pdfs...

It appears to me, AE agenda for this election is to disenfrancise the Decline to State Party voter (NPP), by taking away their choice of GOP/ DEM/ AI/ GP/ LP, etc ballot, and forcing the "Indy" into THEIR ballot... reaping nearly 40% of the voting population at this point.. and by having Ron Paul on the ballot... WOW.. That would be FRAUD in my book.

I'm still looking for the AE sample ballot... and if they don't have one... why not?

Response to The Granger

I believe you're mistaken in saying that AE itself will choose the candidate. Their process is set up so that any registered voter in the U.S. can take part. Those who decide to participate will choose the candidate.

I've done ballot petitioning, though not for pay. When petitioners are paid per signature, I'd think their pay would depend largely on 1) their skill in choosing a good place to petition 2) a neat and friendly appearance, and 3) their personality and conversational skills. Smiles and a sense of humor also help, as in any contact with the public. Some people are far more skilled in this work than others and can probably earn a decent amount of money.

I don't think there's any secrecy involved in the petition form. A campaign has to follow the form mandated by election law and/or provided by election officials. Again, you could probably obtain the petition form for your state from the Secretary of State's office.

There is no way AE could disenfranchise independent voters or force them to vote for the AE ticket.

I think you should consider the possibility that some of the things you have read or heard about AE are coming from Romney or Obama supporters who really do not want Ron Paul running on a third ticket.

Mary Meehan

I don't want RP running on a third ticket

I regret not joining the GOP in 07. I was LP from 76 - 92 and NNP 93 until last year. I am now a proud RP Republican.

Here's the AE facts from Secretary of State CA http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/ccrov/pdf/2012/january/12035...

AE WILL SELECT their canidate BY CONVENTION in June.

The best petitioner I ever saw was nothing as you discribed.. the guy passed out a dozen forms at a time.. he was amazing to watch, and I think it's why a crowd gathered around him, and people wanted to sign his petitions because he made the whole process a show. He was AMAZING. Most I've gotten out there is three or four at a time. The guy didn't believe in "tabling", called tables "speed bumps".

I read the petition, and I don't know if I would have signed it had I been presented it... maybe if the guy I just mentioned passed it to me, but since only 555 petitions were signed in my county... could have been a one day event at the County Fair....

AE is a PARTY, and like many people here, I believe they see the NNP as "low hanging fruit", and many like yourself, who just CAN'T join the GOP, are being set up. AE took their precident from the Ubra Liberal, Peace and Freedom Party... another sign, this is NOT for Ron Paul. I am certain, Ron Paul will NOT be on the AE ballot, and I'm pretty certian, that those who signed up and checked boxes for candidates like Ron Paul, will find the GOP buying that info from AE, and that delegate will be GONE. Notice Romney isn't a choice? Why Ron Paul?????? Why not Romney?????

Being an Indy means YOU HAVE NO REPRESENTATION, YOU HAVE NO Central Committee... You have no stake in Americans' democracy or republic.

JOIN THE GOP and follow Ron Paul, or PLEASE stop baiting the nieve with false hope (even if you believe it).

Sign up and vote for Paul at AE

AE is a sham.

AE is not a viable path to the Presidency.

But you know what AE is? Free publicity.

Get Paul some free publicity. Why not?

Think about it this way...there are 3 possibilities here:

1. Paul wins the vote at AE and is offered the nomination. He turns it down, but he get some good free press. Horray, free press!

2. Paul wins the vote at AE, but the scheming SOB who run AE cheat him out of it - O well, didn't cost us anything.

3. Paul does not win the vote at AE - O well, didn't cost us anything.

...voting for Paul at AE is like picking up a lottery ticket on the street: probably won't amount to anything, but there's zero opportunity cost, so why not?

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

I just signed up

I'm not going for the conspiracy theory with this just yet.... I don't see anything worse than what we and the Doc have gone through already happening by drafting him into AE.

take the time to do some research dizzle,

and you will find who funds it. just follow the money. ae is BS.

Ron Paul is My President

Double Standard

And where does the money from the GoP lead you?

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

Ron Paul chose the GOP

The money most of us send to the GOP is to Ron Paul's campaign. For those of us who joined the GOP, and were elected to Republican Central Committees, we are finding there is little money in the GOP, and we WEE THE PEOPLE have an opportunity, a Democratic opportunity for representation.

That's not what AE is offering us... it's not Democratic, and it's not representing the Republic.

Ron Paul has NEVER said, "Check out AE". So forget it.


1. Forget what? I never advocated anything.
2. Ron Paul also never said to check out the DP but here we are. He also didn't tell me to promote him at my family reunion but I did anyway.
3. Follow the money from GoP representatives and it will tell a completely different story. Also, the local GoP is a very different beast than at the national level. We both know that.

I advocate any and all efforts to promote the message of liberty in any way possible. Although I'd rather watch the GoP burn, I understand the merits of the effort to "take it over" and that the end goal justifies the means. However, with no real negatives to trying, other than that delegates shouldn't sign up, I see no reason we shouldn't support any idea that has even the slightest chance of promoting our shared ideals of liberty.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.