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Important information from the opposition about stealth delegates.

In many a battle, it is important to know what the opposition is planning, thinking, and saying. This is one of those cases. We all know about the stealth delegate strategy, and unfortunately, so does the opposition. It is important for us to know their strategies for foiling our strategy, so that we can foil theirs. No one ever said this would be easy, and it is important to know as much as is possible, every challenge facing us. Here is an article from the opposition regarding the stealth delegate strategy and some of the tricks they intend to use to attempt to foil it.


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They miss the fact that the delegates there could do the same thing to get a voice vote on Ron Paul, and Paul is probably going to have enough numbers there to push the issue.

If it would work for Romney, it'd work for Paul.

Eric Hoffer


Hell...if that is how they want to play it...then I think EricHoffer is right. Let's beat them to the punch and call a vote of acclamation for Dr. Paul. I'm positive someone would second it...and then bam. You know we'll have enough to voice it.

And if they deny it, well then it will just get ugly I'm sure. I hope they realize that this is really a tipping point.

The "powers that be" would do better to give us Dr.Paul and then let him fight it out with President Obama. Even if it was just to appease us.

Actually..this sounds REALLY

Actually..this sounds REALLY good..!!

Before preempting acclimation vote

even happens, get rid of Boener or whoever the establishment picks to be the chairman.

Lets make Rand the Chairman! :D

Could a walkout backfire?

Just wondering.

I think a walkout is only

I think a walkout is only something you consider after every other viable option has been exercised and the nomination is about to be given to Romney.

I can't see a downside worse than having Romney or Obama get elected.

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Yes, I saw this. The

Yes, I saw this. The acclamation argument seems plausible. Having said that, we can be prepared to raise a major stink about it and publicly expose Romney for what he is. IMHO, we should also stage a well choreographed walkout in prime time if they try to pull that off.

Now that would

Be big news. Can you imagine all RP delegates walking out of the RNC?

On a related point, how many

On a related point, how many would have to walkout to deny them a quorum?