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State Gop’s Caucus Picks Leave Romney Slate Slighted - Boston Globe

Having all but locked up the Republican nomination for president, Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, assembled a slate of delegates to support him at the Republican nominating convention in Tampa.

But when Massachusetts Republicans went to their caucuses on Saturday, many didn’t vote for Mitt Romney’s picks.

Instead, they went for Ron Paul......


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It's raining so why am I all wet?

He's winning and nobody wants to vote for him.

"Having all but locked up the

"Having all but locked up the Republican nomination for president...Instead, they went for Ron Paul......"

A colony of aliens must have arrived from the planet Zuntron and sided with Ron Paul because as far as we know Willard locked things up. I have never done LSD, but I feel like I'm on it when I read these establishment publications.


Boston Globe wants you to subscribe to comment or even read comments.

The last refuge for a dying breed.

Uh uh...

... "provisional ballots still have to be counted." The corrupt GOP machinery is not doubt manufacturing provisional ballots at an alarming rate... this story will be rewritten to make Romney the winner... screw the GOP... we will be victorious...

Plano TX