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No Ron Paul Statement for the Primary on California Secretary of State Website?

Hello all. I've been a long time visitor to Daily Paul, finally decided to register to make this known.

A friend of mine pointed out how on the California Secretary of State Website, there is no submitted statement by Ron Paul. However, there are statements for Romney and Gingrich, as well as one other lesser known candidate.

What gripes me is how in the California Primary voter's guide there is no printed Republican Presidential statements, rather, there is a link to the SOS's website (which I think is pretty shady, not everyone has a computer). So one could imagine that there will be traffic looking to see that statement.

Doesn't help the "Oh Ron Paul is out of the game" mentality that mainstream media has lately.

I'll try emailing. Perhaps some fellow Californians, or anyone really, could join? I'm not sure if the campaign is suppose to do it, but Romney and Gingrich's statements seem rather generic.

Should definitely help his performance in California in the coming weeks.

^^^^ Statement website

CONTACT >>> http://voterguide.sos.ca.gov/voter-info/contact-us.htm

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Emailed 4-30-12

Awaiting response.

Thanks for Pointing this out

as a CA RP activist I find this a bit disturbing. so yes contacting the Official Campaign and gettign this on the CA website ASAP should be a priority!!

"Great Men Do Not Seek Power, They Have Great Power Thrust Upon Them"

Definitely, California is

Definitely, California is gonna be a biggie. He's got good support here, just not enough of the mainstreamers really understand all that he offers. A quality statement should get the point across, in theory.

I've emailed them. Hopefully the campaign considers contacting them as well once they find out.