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Ron Paul Sweeps Louisiana and Keeps On Winning! - Doug Wead On The Robert Scott Bell Show

Doug Wead was on The Robert Scott Bell Show yesterday talking about the sweep in Louisiana and the continued winning strategy of the campaign.


Great interview!

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If he's says it's not likely,

If he's says it's not likely, then we are doing something wrong. We need to be preparing for every possible scenario, and I'm sure he's warning us something glaring needs to be addressed. Unfortunately I'm not savvy enough about the process to discern what it is.

I know it's difficult and grassroots has to sort of only focus on a few states at a time, but now that we know are chances, at least mathematically, might be going up we need to be learning about what will happen with Tampa. Articles about similar movements that have happened in the past, and other controversial/useful info at previous Republican conventions (Or similar situations in the GE or DP) should be looked into and ALL delegates, at every level, need to be experts on the ENTIRE DELEGATE PROCESS, from CAUCUSES TO TAMPA and EVERY SINGLE TRICK THEY CAN PULL ALONG THE WAY. One misstep can send ripples all the way to the convention.




We should have our own "Donate a Dollar Day"

No "grand prize" or "raffle" needed.

Get a bunch of people donating $7

so it covers the cost of processing the vote! $7 isn't bad for the average person and i am sure plenty would be willing to do it! :)

The Most Important & Relevant Speech of Our Time!
Just 2 steps, be the media!!!

Good one.

Good one.

One Thing Doesn't Jive

Doug's claim that Romney is seeking $1 donations to boost his FEC report numbers doesn't jive since the FEC requirement is only for donations that add up to $200 as far as I know.


JIBE not Jive

I believe you meant to use the word "jibe" not "jive."
Jive has more to do with ethnicity than similarity. :)

He is looking to bump up his

He is looking to bump up his total number of donors to make it less obvious that he is solely funded by the banking and big business cartels. He doesnt care how much they give as long as he can increase his number of givers to be closer to paul's.

It's all


Disturbing Senerio at The End of his Speech...

I sure hope that for instance, the G.O.P. doesn't disregard the whole delegation from Louisana. But, they have done every dirty trick and invented new ones during this delegation process.

The Ron Paul campaign looks at previous presidential conventions. And, they need to learn from the past shenanigans.

I believe something like that may of happened to Pat Buchanan.

not to much optimism from

not to much optimism from doug at the end there saying that it is likely for Romney to win? what the hell is with that? i just watched the reality check and it looks pretty close to me

If I were Mr. Romney..

If I were Mr. Romney... I would think about whether it's a good idea to TRY and ignore Ron Paul delegates, there are going to be a whole bunch of them and they are not going to be the kind of people who roll over and let tyranny win over freedom. I would be awful careful, and start thinking about another job, cause they tide has more than turned.

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Wead's Warning to GOP Leadership

Notice Doug's not so subtle warning to the GOP leadership that if they pull a stunt at the national convention like NOT recognizing state delegations where Ron has a majority of the delegates, then it'll cost the GOP the election. ;)

You can bet the slime controlling the GOP leadership will attempt anything in Tampa.

What Mr. Romney Is Trying To Hide :

Mitt Romney's top 20 contributors:

Please repost this everywhere !


Goldman Sachs $564,580
JPMorgan Chase & $400,675
Bank of America $364,850
Morgan Stanley $363,550
Credit Suisse Group $316,160
Citigroup Inc $286,015
Kirkland & Ellis $235,802
Barclays $229,650
PricewaterhouseCoopers $208,750
HIG Capital $191,000
Wells Fargo $183,100
UBS AG $182,500
Blackstone Group $179,550
Bain Capital $151,500
EMC Corp $129,200
Citadel Investment Group $125,625
Bain & Co $122,800
Elliott Management $118,475
Sullivan & Cromwell $108,650
Ernst & Young $104,750


Nothing says grassroots anti-establishment conservative like...

...backing from all the NY cartel banks.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

retroactive... "undo delegates"?

At 9:17 Mr Weed is saying that at Tampa our delegates for Ron Paul can be ignored, "undone", possibly won't matter? That is scary thought. Did I understand this correctly? If that is true what makes us think that the GOP won't do this and what hope is there?

M.A.D. is our insurance

Mutually Assured Destruction or also know as Scorched Earth. If they cheat Ron Paul out of the candidacy, we go 3rd party, split the vote and guarantee that the GOP loses the election.

"A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man" -Jebediah Springfield

Great Point, but...

Great point, but I believe the powers that be wouldn't mind either a Obama or Romney win. Us Paul supporters see Romney and Obama as the same person, protecting the status quo, as I am sure other big establishment Republicans and Democrats do. We see evidence of this through campaign contributions. Obama and Romney have the same contributors, big banks etc. So Mutually Assured Destruction might happen for the Republicans but at no cost to the establishments agenda.

I don't offer an alternative. I am simply looking for hope. If what Mr. Wead says is true, and the GOP can ignore Paul delegation at tampa, I am not sure going 3rd party and assuring a loss for Romney provides any incentive for the big establishment politicians to listen to Paul delegates because they see Obama and Romney as the same.

Anybody out there see this differently?


Romeny paying for donations. Donate a Dollar to me and i will buy you dinner lol

When they annouce the next MoneyBomb

we should mail in moneyorders or checks so they'll get to keep the additional $8.

We'll just have to send early as soon as they announce. It might not be added to the ticker but he'll get the money regardless.

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Thank you for sharing!

Paying for small donors lol.

Edit: BTW, Wead just told us not to be donating $5.. it costs us $8 to process so sorry 5 isn't good enough and will actually hurt him.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

This Is Great Information Thx.


Good Stuff


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Wead's warning at the end is important


We need to win

We need to have a big win in Texas

transcript, please

Anyone? Thank you. (I read faster than I listen, and with children at home this is why)

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