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Ron Paul RNC Delegates


I was going to make a spreadsheet with real delegate totals, but after reading the comments I have to accept that the Ron Paul campaign has the numbers, and knows what to do with them, and it could be dangerous in anyone else's campaign. Now I'm just wondering whether everyone thinks they will publish them at the right moment in May or June to try to sway public opinion in Paul's favor so he can win a few primaries... or if they will just hold on to them so it's a BIG surprise at the convention. So, which will it be? Publicity or Surprise?

I started the spreadsheet, then took it down. I do appreciate not being in the negative for down-votes, and that your will was made known in the comments section. I hope everyone sees my previous posts and that I personally am a Liberty Soldier, and would not betray the cause. I understand the danger more fully now, though I hope we can see the day where nobody has to keep good news a secret. Let's build that future!


While it's becoming more clear to us at the Daily Paul that Romney is not the presumptive nominee (over 1000 DP members pledge to NEVER endorse Romney), the opposite is true of the rest of Republicans. However, even with Romney's increasing acceptance, he's not really becoming more popular. Some of the same Perry/Cain/Bachmann/Santorum/Gingrich Republicans that waited until "the very end" to join Romney would jump off him in a second if a stronger candidate came into view. The only reason Paul has not been accepted as a stronger candidate is because it's never been even considered whether he was or not. If the only goal of Republicans is to oust Obama, then they should look to the candidate who won 60% of the independent vote in swing-state Virginia versus Romney's 40%. Ron Paul as GOP nominee would restore the party, by delivering not just the safe red states, but nearly all the swing states and some of the leaning blue states. It will be a truly Harding-esque slaughter. Like Odysseus coming home from 20 years of war and wandering to find thieves in his house. He'll enter the RNC as a beggar, then perform a feat of such awe and magnitude that everyone will have to accept that he is the dark horse, he is the nominee and not just that, but a prophet in our day... if we want that to happen. :)

Only 22 states/territories have finished selecting delegates, so let's get those in there first. Then there are another 22 that have done popular votes and selected maybe some but not yet all delegates, and then another 13 that have not even started anything at all.

RP 2012.

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I applaud your efforts but I

I applaud your efforts but I do not think we should be posting how many known stealth delegates we have nor which states they are in. The Romney campaign is clearly aware that we have a stealth delegate strategy by now but that is fine as long as he does not know who, how many, and where. If they know this information it will be much easier for they to mount a force to stop us. Again I applaud your efforts. Maybe you should pull this down for a while and secretly work on it more for the sake of the r3V0Lution. I am sure this information can be very useful to both sides but please do not give it to our opposition.


To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Thanks sincerely

I took your advice. I'll be working on it secretly, for my own comfort. When it's updated, I'll revise the post to tell people they can email me. That way I can vet the people that want the numbers :)


To really be useful this needs to be broken out between hard and soft delegates - so for example, the RP delegates are not bound to RP, they are bound to Romney until they either vote for him one or abstain.

Some people think this is giving away information but clearly Romeny knows what slates were his and which were not already. As to other delegates, nobody can be 100% sure that a delegate is not a plant until they actually vote.

Of course, this should only contain *known* results, ie Minn, etc. and not projections

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I should separate the columns, even though I don't believe in bound delegates. Only the foolish let others choose their vote for them.

I also personally think that if anybody wants to know the real delegate numbers, they will, and that Romney does. I'd be surprised if it's actually a surprise in Tampa. The only thing really is nobody knows in specific states how many people will show up for the primaries and conventions. That's where we can shine. We can get out the vote in the next primaries, with the public complacent. We can DEFINITELY get the majority of delegates in most of the rest of the states that are left. We can WIN!

Dont do this!! BEWARE!

The whole reason of aquiring "stealthed" delegates is to keep them...STEALTHED! If you start posting how many delegates RP has for the whole world to see, then the game is up and the opposition can prepare for it! Instead let the Ron Paul Campaign Leaders deal with this!

If you are a "stealthed" delegate, then talk to your RP Campaign State Lead and give them this info so that they and they alone can use it. I'd suggest taking this excel sheet down too.

WOW, you can definately tell we're in the Age of Information!

Go RP!

This seems dangerous

I don't think this is a good idea. We don't want to show the opposition our cards!

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

thank you very much!

It is awesome to see the dedication to the cause put to such a practical use. (I love it when principled people are also practical)

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Most excellent!

I've been hoping someone would pull a site or a doc together with a more accurate delegate count, great work and thanks for your effort!

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Wow thanks, great work. I've

Wow thanks, great work. I've been looking for something like this.