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"Real Romney: real scary" / how vulnerable this guy is !

Benen is an MSNBC contributor and a producer for “The Rachel Maddow Show.”

this may be an OMEN for us
I will send email asking this steve benen to have Ron Paul on to show how bankrupt are the romney policies
he is a uber lib so he might want his daily suck of rommnie blood and do it !!

we see how the bammaO team will slice and dice the rommnie boi
it will be ugly.


some interesting comments there, far left to right.

"Real Romney: real scary"

Beneath the moderate veneer, a right-wing agenda lurks
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Romney has actually become the most far-right major party nominee in generations, eager to make the Reagan and Bush presidencies look almost liberal by comparison.

To be sure, in the coming months, Romney and his team will frequently feign moderation. And he knows how not to seize on cultural and social wedge issues like, say, Rick Santorum. But a coat of centrist paint can only partially cover up genuinely right-wing substance.

Take tax policy, for starters. Ronald Reagan, concerned about runaway deficits, raised taxes seven of the eight years he was in office. George H.W. Bush famously broke his “no new taxes” pledge in 1991 in order to help keep the nation’s fiscal house in relative order. George W. Bush broke new ground — Americans have never seen a chief executive launch wars and cut taxes at the same time — and left the nation with a $10 trillion debt.

But Romney, instead of learning lessons from the Bush era, is eager to push the fiscal envelope past the breaking point. The former governor has presented a plan that not only makes all of the Bush tax cuts permanent, he also demands a 20% across-the-board cut on top of the already-lower rates. “Romney’s plan is George W. Bush’s plan on steroids," David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, recently explained.

Romney has promised to do this even as he plans to dramatically increase military spending — one of the biggest chunks of the budget, aside from Medicare and Social Security. How the math adds up is anyone’s guess. But to appreciate just how much further to the right Romney is than all modern GOP presidents, taxes are just the beginning.


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On education, the presumptive GOP nominee has encouraged students worried about rising tuition rates to simply “shop around” for a college they can afford — perhaps decent advice, because a Romney administration would cut Pell Grants and dramatically scale back the federal role in helping young Americans afford higher education. Such measures would have been considered ridiculous under Reagan and the Bushes.

The list goes on. Modern Republican Presidents supported Planned Parenthood funding; Romney has vowed to “get rid of” the women’s health and abortion rights organization. Recent GOP heads of state left the U.S. Constitution alone; Romney has endorsed a constitutional amendment to prevent same-sex marriage. Bush signed McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform into law; Romney opposes practically all efforts to curtail the influence of money in politics.

Recent GOP administrations at least paid lip service to aiding the poor and left of the modern welfare state largely intact; the Bush mantra was “compassionate conservatism.” Romney, citing growth in assistance programs during a recession that began under Bush, has endorsed plans to gut Medicaid and cut food stamps.

It wasn’t long ago when fair-minded Americans from the left, right and center would have seen such steps as needlessly callous and wildly out of step with the American mainstream. Ironically, Romney’s standard stump speech accuses Obama of wanting to “transform America.” The Republican wants the electorate to perceive the President as some kind of fringe figure, intent on turning the country into an unrecognizable dystopia. It’s ironic, because it is Romney who has committed himself to an agenda that’s clearly out of the mainstream.

This goes beyond just individual issues; there’s an underlying philosophy here. Americans have become accustomed to gradual, almost imperceptible, shifts in the nation’s larger ideological trajectory. Politics, the pundits say, is played “between the 40 yard lines.” Democratic eras inch the country slowly to the left, while Republican eras nudge the country to the right, but in nearly all cases, the basic framework of American society and the relationship between the populace and their government doesn’t change too dramatically, at least not quickly.

The presumptive Republican nominee aims to set the nation on a very different course early next year. The general consensus about the social contract has been fairly reliable since the days of the New Deal, but Romney intends to rewrite it. A press secretary for the Republican National Committee recently said Romney and his party would pursue the policies of the Bush administration, “just updated.” Democrats rejoiced — it meant they could tell voters Romney would simply represent Bush’s third term. But in important ways, they’re both wrong. Romney is more extreme. Those quietly hoping that he doesn’t mean what he says are making a sucker’s bet.

The man has spent a year showing the American electorate a road map, pointing at a distant, radical destination. Only the deliberately blind could miss the signals, and only a fool would assume he’ll change direction once he’s in power.

Benen is an MSNBC contributor and a producer for “The Rachel Maddow Show.”

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/real-romney-real-scary-ar...


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One thing I'll say

is that the less taxation/anti-voluntary coercion, the better

Benin's got it wrong on this one...

Rummy and Obombya are clones. Developed by their banker masters.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I have one word for you...predator drones. Oh, you think I'm kidding?" Obombya

It's funny/odd

to see a piece that tries to paint Romney as "extreme".


I agree with FBI Exposer; I also got the feeling that this was a stealth pro-Romney piece, designed to sell him to some of the more hesitant/almost-but-not-completely-braindead ABO crowd.

They're trying so hard to make Romney not look EXACTLY like Obama with pieces such as this, but it just won't work. Romney is about as "right wing" as my left arm.

A signature used to be here!

This is a pro-Romney propaganda piece

Calling Romney a conservative helps Romney with GOP voters. Romney is no conservative, he's a Bill Clinton-esque one-worlder.

pro-Romney propaganda...HUH ?

"Romney is more extreme. Those quietly hoping that he doesn’t mean what he says are making a sucker’s bet."

This is a blast at the extremism of rommie from the view of a
uber liberal bammaO supporter.

Maybe you didnt read the whole of it?
or you just were confused by the writers words.

Many of those readers of the NYDN are libs and the writer was playing to them. What this does for us is point up on how the bammaO team will deal with this rommnie skin.

It LOOKS very conservative to those libs
The bammaO propagandists like the writer here will show repeatedly how conservative rommnie is to scare the libs away

did u see the TITLE?
its not important for us how the average NY'er sees the rommnie costume

what we need to heed is what we can use of this to undermine rommnie and how the bammaO team will do just that.
'the enemy of my enemy... ' thang here

see how rommnies enemies are dealing with him
see how the bammaO team will deal with him
gain points in how we can deal with him

its called ammo

clear now?


You are kind of right..

but the easiest way is to attack Romney and Obama for what they are: two sides of the same coin.
This way we sink two at once.
No need to bow down to anyone. But yeah Maddow and these guys do help us kind of... and they would have a hard time to push obama against RP.

see me

see how smart i am. see how i know more than you. see narcissism in practice.

me me me. pagan extraordinaire.

LBJ tried to have guns and butter at the same time

and Democrats paid dearly for it in the 80s. If Republicans continue to try and get tax breaks and increased military spending, they will be reduced to irrelevancy within a decade.