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Where is Romney...

Dr. Paul is on Fox, CNBC, and speaking to large crouds all across the country... so where is Mitt Romney. Has anyone seen him on any news programs, or speaking to crowds (small as they may be)?

He is literally like our never to be seen senator from PA, Bob Casey (that's a PA reference).

They talk about him and his presumtive nomination all the time on the news, but never any coverage???

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Here he is! Speaking to at least 100 people today!!!

New Hampshire http://electad.com/video/mitt-romney-campaign-event-in-ports...

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Well, if it was about fishermen.

And the intro speaker says "Fishermen" about 100 times, but still it seemed like a specific lobby event.

Definitely a sort of disgusting event though with Romney speaking at it. Honest fishermen actually thinking that Romney gives a damn? How depressing.

Just like Nixon before him...

Just got done reading Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 1972, and apparently Nixon did the same thing.

Makes sense, as both men generally acted like robots and were not very likable sans the popular press's self-fulfilling prophesies.

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He is laying low because all he knows to say

is - I can fix the economy and get things going. He doesn't know what else to say especially because he has flip flopped so much he knows he will get caught in his own lies.

He surely could never debate Dr. Paul successfully on any issue and I guess he figures he needs to keep out of the limelight for a while.

Good Job Kevin.


Don't know. Don't care.

Let him stay quietly there. We have a presidency to win. At least he "dropped out" of sight.

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dont ya know

on pbs newshour its all about romney versus obama now. now that gingrich is out of the race there is no one left.

that is literally how they were acting and pauls name wasnt nor hasnt been mentioned all last week or i gaurantee you watch this week and they wont show anything about paul.

such loser media needs to be DEFUNDED!!!


"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

Visit Their Offices

A delegation should go and enlist them to cover the news.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

He considers it wrapped up

He considers it wrapped up now, no more need to grovel to the plebes! He is formulating his RULE!

LOL you know the sad part is...

that you're basically right.

He knows he

doesn't have to do anything cuz THEY got his back.

But, but, but...here's hoping the tables do turn!
Fat-Dumb-And Happy ain't gonna cut it this time around.

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Funny you post this...

I was wondering this exact thing today!

I imagine that his bankers have already booked an MSM onslaught for late May/throughout June. If it's gonna be like McCain 2008, these interviews are going to be all prefaced with, and wholeheartedly endorsed by, top national RNC leadership. The pace of these interviews are going to be 100% concerned about his strategy vs. Obama as if he already has the nomination.

When he gets off his vacation or whatever I fully expect a full round (multiple rounds really) throughout all the networks exactly like this.

Basically, he has time to relax before getting massive, ultra softball MSM airtime. This is how it was with McCain in 2008.

Hasn't this been the way all along?

He hardly did any interviews throughout the entire campaign. The only time he spoke was at the debates, and even that was just rhetoric with no substance. I don't know why anyone is even voting for him. He brings absolutely nothing to the table except a shadow of Obama with an R next to his name.

The only interview I remember was when he did one with the Brett Baier assface from fox. Not only that, he got snippy with him about the interview!


Look Mom, No


He was in Portsmouth, NH

He was in Portsmouth, NH today. He and John Sununu were running around the state trying to shore up support.


Give me a break.

In October 2006, Sununu voted against a portion of the Military Commissions Act of 2006 that would suspend the right of habeas corpus for non-citizen detainees. After voting in favor of the final bill, he defended his vote by telling reporters "The Constitution is not a suicide pact".

Sounds like Obama took a page from Sununu's playbook.


Didn't he already wrap NH up?

Ann and the RNC told him NOT TO TALK until Tampa...

because he can't answer questions without FLIP-FLOPPING or speak without a teleprompter! It is so pathetic that the RNC wants to put this guy in the White House...Mittens has no clue on how to run a country.

that's the whole point...

...the real people who run the country need an uncomplaining Mutt, who will take a wild ride on the roof of an out of control Oligarchy wagon. Mitts the Mutt.

He's Enjoying The "Good" Life With His Contributors:

Mitt Romney's top 20 contributors:

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Goldman Sachs $564,580
JPMorgan Chase & $400,675
Bank of America $364,850
Morgan Stanley $363,550
Credit Suisse Group $316,160
Citigroup Inc $286,015
Kirkland & Ellis $235,802
Barclays $229,650
PricewaterhouseCoopers $208,750
HIG Capital $191,000
Wells Fargo $183,100
UBS AG $182,500
Blackstone Group $179,550
Bain Capital $151,500
EMC Corp $129,200
Citadel Investment Group $125,625
Bain & Co $122,800
Elliott Management $118,475
Sullivan & Cromwell $108,650
Ernst & Young $104,750



Is this Kirkland have anything to do with Costco?


It's some law firm in Chicago.


Thank you

Hiding, making sure he

Hiding, making sure he doesn't make a mistake(or another or three!) Cant wait till he says something! He'll have to soon!

Maybe he is busy giving sworn

Maybe he is busy giving sworn statements to the DA in Wisconsin.