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4409 - Si Señor < - - - - - -

4409 -- Si Señor <<<<<<<


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Love these people lol

I wish youtube had a better way of categorizing videos (maybe I'm missing something?) I have a fit trying to get their videos in sequence sometimes.

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ROFL! "Who is this man?" "He looks like a crook"

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

"He just looks like he's about to take everything you own."

Amazing! The man really has a keen 6th sense. He didn't even know it was Uncle Ben! LMAO!

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Although he could of knew it

Although he could of knew it was Bernacke and found a chance to get a dig in and call him out. I think he knew :)

Yea I know.... I don't think

Yea I know.... I don't think he knew it was Bernacke but he could sense he was a crook..lol

That last line was awesome!

"He looks like he's gonna take everything you own!!!"
The way he's says that is the kicker!





This was on the I-8

This was on the I-8

I live in San Diego...

...and that border patrol check point has been there for-ev-er!

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I know, we had to go through

I know, we had to go through 3 Nazi checkpoints and 1 fruit Nazi checkpoint just to go to San Diego