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Coins & Precious Metals Inventory Software

Coins & Precious Metals Inventory Software

Posted by Charleston Voice, 4.29.12

Several of you have inquired over the years how to store and maintain an inventory of your coins, notably gold and silver when your items are in safekeeping outside your home and off your premises. As they should be!

Itemizing, tracking, adding, subtracting an item, recording sales and purchases can be an onerous task even when in your own custody. For more than 12 years I have utilized a simple, but flexible coin classification program, Collector's Assistant.

Over the years Tom Bilotta has been a tremendous assist in giving me sometimes needed assistance in the early days when transferring laptops. This may be a lifesaver for you too, as he has resolved any issue with rapid email responses. Do as you must, but this is just my experienced input for which we receive no remuneration.

Little did I realize until relocating down South that he was but a mile from my home in Billerica when we lived in MA!...

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