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Kentucky Conventions Live Stream or Full Audio/Video Results

This is the official audio/video of Kentucky Republican 3rd Congressional District Convention please click here:


We hope to have a live stream of the Second and/or Sixth Congressional Districts on Saturday, May 19th and also the Kentucky State Republican Convention on Saturday, June 9th 2012.

Kentuckiana GrassRoots Radio Live Coverage Tonight

Please join us on liberty radio at 6:30 PM Eastern Time Live.
Feel free to join us by clicking here:

We would love for liberty minded people to tune in or even call-in at:
1-347-637-3086 or join us in the chat room live.
We are also on face book and twitter handle: clint4liberty

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So what is the bottom line?

So what is the bottom line? How many delegates per district did each candidate win? Can you list it by CD please?

Third Congressional District Kentucky Official Results

This is an official account from the Third Congressional District Republican Convention official results. First, we are proud of everyone who showed up to be an delegate to the GOP convention. Second, for the first time since 1996 the Louisville Metro GOP followed their own rules and robert rules of order. Third, the liberty community got all their issues/platform of auditing and ending the fed, anti real id/pass act, clear voter id laws, limited government, addressing pension problems, national debt/balanced budget issues passed. Fourth, on the major issues of the day including delegates spots we tied on the first vote 63 to 63 and after five of the delegates/alternates made a personal plea for their spot to Tampa the vote changed to 71 to 55. So, eight votes were swayed by five personal pleas to be delegates/alternates to the RNC in late August. So, Mitt Romney will have at least three more votes in delegates spot in Tampa. At looks like Mitt Romney will have at least 12/45 delegates from Kentucky in Tampa. Now, motions were made on Rules, Credentials, and Nominations, but were defeated by a narrow margin in these three committees. So, the convention was fair, but not enough people showed up.

Full Video of Kentucky GOP Convention-3rd District

This is the official full video of the Kentucky Republican Party District Convention click here: http://qik.com/video/50960944

We thought people from around the country would be interested in the full audio and video.

Official Results of the First, Fourth and Fifth Congressional-KY

The official results of the first four Congressional Republican District Convention are now in:
The Fourth Congressional District Republican Convention is the most controversial because two entire county delegates were disqualified. One of the two entire county delegation that was disqualified was Mr. Thomas Massie for US Congress of Lewis County, Kentucky. The establishment challenged two county delegations for not filling out the Republican Party of Kentucky paperwork correctly. The vote on the most vital issues of the day including election of chair, delegates, etc., were lost 82 to 70. The current results are that Mitt Romney won the three delegates and alternates. We will check to see if the results of the Fourth Congressional District Republican Party Convention is being challenged. More information on the Fourth Congressional Republican Party are yet to come.

The First and Fifth Congressional District Republican Party of Kentucky was won by establishment insiders, so Mitt Romney supporters won the three delegates and alternate spots.

The Third Congressional District Republican Convention was almost evenly divided, but the vital votes were lost seventy to fifty something in the end. A full report is already listed on this post including the delegate slate which was tied 63 to 63 before 5/6 delegates or alternates made a personal plea which the final vote ended up 71 to 55. So, Mitt Romney is set to have at least 3/6 delegates and alternates out of Louisville, Kentucky.

The current results is that Mitt Romney has 12 out of the 18 Congressional Delegates along with 9 out 18 alternates. The other two Congressional districts are set to be held on Saturday, May 19th. US Senator Rand Paul is set to be a national delegate from the Second Congressional District. The final analysis on the delegate count from Kentucky probably will be Romney with a majority, but the state convention is yet to be determined.

Check out the post above

Please read the post above for full results of four of the six congressional districts. There are still two congressional districts and the state gop convention to come.

Thanks a lot for the info.

Thanks a lot for the info. How are the delegates to the state convention selected? Is it too late to become one?


Good show

Good show Kentucky

Bring Ron Paul to KY!!

Petition is being circulated by NKU's Youth 4Paul group to bring Dr. Paul, Rand and Mr. Massie to MayFest in Covington. Please sign and share link.



don't know about any actual conventions tonight (unless it is a district convention). I guess the 'tonight' refers to the radio show only..

Go Kentucky...

You got yourself a good Senator in Rand Paul...now get yourself plentiful numbers of Ron Paul delegates for Nationals and let's get this country back on liberty track

It must not be a hopeful outcome?

Because if the KY state convention is tonight, then why hasnt this info been hardcore pumped up on the DP until the very night of it? Kind of odd when I think about it.

State Convention: Saturday 9 June 2012

Still plenty of time before Kentucky convention.


"If you put a gun to my head and said vote Romney/Gingrich/Santorum...I would say pull the trigger!"

Oh I see.. it's a radio show to fire people up for the actual

convention. Got it.

GO KY!!!1!

Kentucky votes before Texas!

Great to see a little Kentucky love going on ~ A win here would be a great springboard to Texas! And Kentucky Republicans are very familiar with the Paul name!:)

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Bump for Kentucky!!


First Congressional District GOP Convention

We talked about the First Congressional Republican Convention in the last half of the show. On thurdsay night we will talk about the Sixth District Republican Convention and other issues too.

And what was said about it?

And what was said about it?

Check out the radio show.

Okay, four of the six congressional districts have occurred in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Second and the Sixth Congressional District will be held on Saturday, May 19th.

Kentucky 1st, 4th and 5th Congressional District Video.. Pending

We will do everything we can to find any audio or video of Kentucky's First, Fourth or Fifth Congressional District Audio or video. If we find any recordings we will post them here and any other liberty minded site.