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A Question For Law Enforcement

Last Friday after the Houston rally, while awaiting word from the Ron Paul camp to go back and see the good doctor with the Youth For Ron Paul, I stood unaware over an imaginary boundary - that I was not supposed to cross.

The HPD officer serving as Praetorian Guard over this imaginary designation, approached.

As he approached I politely said, "We're looking for an escort into see Dr. Paul. We're with the campaign, can you help get us in?" I really was with the youth for Ron Paul crew and was completely honest.

He grabbed my tricept and started to push me away from his guarded post. "No no. It's not gonna happen buddy." He then grabbed harder and pushed harder.

He was not explosive but he was forceful and would be in legal terminology defined as assault. If I did that to him, he would have put me in handcuffs.

I was visibly upset at initially being denied access to the back area to meet Dr. Paul. And more upset at the stoic robotic nature of the majority of the HPD staff who policed the event - only one or two of the officers were pretty cool.

After meeting Dr. Paul and heading home, I started to ask myself questions about my mini-confrontation with HPD. What if he was more forceful? What if his actions were unprovoked in any way?

What if a police officer assaults a citizen? What is the proper response of the citizen?

I can tell you - him simply grabbing my arm and pushing me made me want to deck the guy, but that wold have looked really really bad. He was 5'4 and 240lbs and probably fibbed on his physical fitness results.

What is the proper legal response to dealing with a police officer who may just be having a bad day?



P.S. I got in to see Dr.Paul regardless, shook his hand, and on the way in gave a nod to the officer with questionable procedure.

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Great Story!

Thanks for sharing.

You're very mature and bright for a youth. :)

Why did this have no votes?

I gave you +1 and Bumped you another.

Glad you were ok and got in! :D

I like how you act like it

I like how you act like it would have been an embarrassment for the police if yo had decked him because he was so small. No..what would have happened is, you would have gotten your ASS KICKED by a short guy. No...you are not some big tough buy who can take down a guy trained to deal with REAL men, let alone whining little bitches complaining about a guy touching your are and calling it assault like a little fucking bitch. I WISH you had just to see the look on your face when your tough guy attitude turned to "Oh shit...I am a weakling!"

"What if a police officer

"What if a police officer assaults a citizen?"

To answer your question: http://www.theagitator.com/2012/04/28/wrong-guy/

It happens all the time in America land of the free and except for very exceptional circumstances there's no more you can do about it than the citizens of the Soviet Union could.

there's a lot of good cops out there but

it's the 95% that give the good 5% a bad name.

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It is assault

The correct course of action:

1) get the name and badge number of the officer

2) You should have witnesses, hopefully at least 2
a) get their names and contact information
b) have them sign an affidavit of what happened and have it notarized

3) Send a letter known as a 'Notice and Demand' to the assailant's commanding officer that is elected. eg. Sheriff, Police Commissioner, etc.
a) make sure you attach a copy of the affidavits

4) If you do not receive a public apology and monetary relief for your injuries you sue for such.

At the confrontation you are out gunned so do not provoke an armed and dangerous person, just get the information you need, name and badge number. The rest you do when you are safe. Get witnesses even if they do not know you. Just walk up to people and ask, "Did you just see that?" If they say yes, Then ask if you can have their name and phone number to hold that police officer accountable. Do not try to bring the witnesses to the notary public, try to bring the notary public to your witnesses. The affidavit they sign is known as an affidavit of fact, and it just says what the witness saw. The witness can alter it at the meeting. Then write your notice and demand, which notifies what happened, how you were wronged, and what injuries you incurred, and demands the public apology and the monetary compensation for your injuries. Send this notice and demand with copies of your affidavits attached registered mail to the officers superior/s. If they do not comply with your demands or fail to respond then you have grounds to sue.

lol at the peasants thinking

lol at the peasants thinking they could hold a corporate officer accountable. Assault? That cop could have pulled out his service weapon and executed you on the spot and very little would've happened to him(at most he'd get fired and spend a couple months in jail). Cops are held to the lowest standard(if any standard at all?!?) and most of the laws for the peasants don't apply to the enforcers.

I am Law Enforcement in the Air Force

I can tell you from the experience of working with numerous Local Civilian Police departments, most LEO's are brain washed from the start to fear the public and treat everyone as a potential criminal. It’s sad to say most only have a high school education and very limited training. Most, from my experience, know very little of civil rights. It is our job as United States Civilians to help educate out local police. I challenge you to find the officer you had the encounter with and go to him directly, talk with him and educated him in a professional manner. Ask him why he did the things he did. I’m sure it could be a interesting conversation.

I actually had a conversation

with him and two other officers before the event and we talked about just that very thing.

He tuned me out and I ended up only speaking to one officer after about 3 minutes. He then later did what he wanted to do anyway.

Most cops are really cool guys - who just want to serve. But every once in a while you get the bad ones that cause an undoing of all the good things by the honest ones.

"It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

--Samuel Adams