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Why Can't Ron Paul Win Texas and California?

This is What's Left in the Republican Race, 16 states.
Does the Ron Paul Campaign want to win, or Not?

Will Ron Paul Supporters across the Entire Country
Get to Make a Difference in the outcome?

What will it take to Win Texas and California?

Take Note Here Dr. Paul and your Staff, this is really for you.

In order to Win in Texas and California will mean More Resources.
More Effective Media, more speakers(big name endorsements or Napolitano
VP pick),and Better Quality Venues for Thousands of People.
Let me Expound.
Quit cramming people into shoe boxes, get better Audio,
(A high Quality Sound-stage would be Nice)
Get your own Video crew and put out HD video to the Public
Via the Internet. Video is where it is At today.
Get some Projection screens too for the Sound stage.
C'mon Guys, you should have done this from the Beginning.
The Money you wasted Attacking Santorum could have been used.
By the Way, this is our money.
Get a Semi Tractor and Do a Revolution Paint Job on It and
The Trailer used to haul your equipment.
This means a Professional Crew, Roadies, who can set us up
any where in minutes after parking.
Equip the Semi with a Generator to Power the Show.
Then you can set up in a field, or a huge parking lot.
Better yet it is A Rolling Advertisement for Freedom.
Shuttle the Truck between Texas and California with a team of Out Spoken Drivers.
Our Goal is Stadiums.
When the American People see this, it will turn the Tide.
The Crowds will be huge, so don't cheap out on your equipment.
There are professionals who can set you up in a heartbeat.
This idea would take only a few days to become Real.
All the Equipment is readily available on the open market.

Never Doubt We were Meant to Win This Year.
Now let's Act like it.
The Grass roots must be drawn in from all over the country to help.
Import enthusiam and fire into Texas and California to help Wake people up.
This is a Vital key to Making this Work.
People moving across the Country creates an effect you can't measure.
Trust me. You get to talk to hundreds of people, who will Listen,
Because of the Passion of the Supporter, because you are different.
In Everyday life nothing stands out any more. We Do.
The Mainstream media has to be bypassed.
Large Live Crowds is the Best Way.
Instead of 10 thousand Think 40 or 50.
It can Happen, and would be received very enthusiastically by
Everyone. It is an Investment for the Fall Campaign.
Get Outside Help, the Best Case Scenario is a Production Company for Video that already exists who love Freedom.
I am sure there are Plenty.

The Thing to Do Right Now is Attack Romney.
Take the Mittens off. (Pun for the unenlightened)
Show us you Guys did not do the Deal Now.

Romney is Pathetic and must never be allowed to sniff
the office of President.
The Republic will be gone in less than 4 years with Romney.

You Guys know just like I do that he is the Chosen one.
Obama is a side show, used and thrown away. He is toast.

A withering Attack for a Month will kill Romney.
This may draw him into a Debate in Houston.
Whatever happened to that? We need it now.

Let's put that semi in Every County in Texas.
Every where that Truck Stops will be a Movement.
You need your best Talkers and supporters traveling with the Truck.
Freedom brings people Together.
155 delegates, A Win means the Nomination.
California will go Paul after Texas.
Money Bomb Time.
The Whole Ball of Wax could be staffed and Financed for less than a Million you would think.
If you come out and tell the People what it's for,
the Money will come pouring in.
This is the type of thing People will Love.
A Ron Paul Semi Rolling across the South West sounds Awesome, and
would be awesome. This is as American as it Gets.

In addition, local newspapers must be used to spread the
Freedom Message. We can all pay for Ads across the Entire State.
No mercy for Romney, he is never to be Trusted, ever.
Supporters also can start impacting the media.
Following the Media to events and then overwhelming the Press.
Numbers and organization, this can be done on a grass roots level.
We need the Blessing and Support of the Campaign for it to be effective.
This is where the Media production unit will come in real Handy.
This Will force the media to cover the Revolution.

This is beyond the Intellectual Revolution Only.

The Moral thing to do is Fight to the End.
That means November.
Ron Paul Supporters will not Accept anything else.
Ron Paul Or
None at All.

We can win Texas.
Fight like Never Before.
Marketing is everything in Today's world.
Let's Rock em.

That is enough for Now.
Wake up National, We Can Win.

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this comes too late

for cali.. tomorrow is deadline for registration.
We should have done this a month ago. Most people are not registered republican. Dont have too big hopes. The republican base in cali is voting Romney.
We can just hope all our guys show up and most of them stay home.
:/ Just being realistic.

For Texas we still have all the chances but the campaign sadly stopped to have more of Ron Pauls greet stump speeches.

If he would have had a stump speech every other day in a city in Texas we would have had a chance!

This way we should just concentrate on the delegate process to get at least some stealth delegates.


Very little expense, very high profile...almost as though we don't want to win....

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Act quickly, everyone

Go to the California SB mailing and contribute all you can. It's combined with a count the vote effort:


Yep, Thank BIG! More supporters = More money = more supporters

Questions: Did we hear that Texas has already chosen it's delegates? Proportional based on Diebold? I'm asking, don't freak. What is the procedures for CA and TX pls?

Just answering the question...that's all.


"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Why the negativity on your title?

Your message is quite good. So why couldn't you use, in your own words, a title with a positive spin?

"What will it take to Win Texas and California?"

Maybe when you get enough hits, the MSM will pick up on your negative title too. At least you have a good message, but a bad pick up line.

"For Life, For Liberty, and For Freedom, OUR MOVEMENT IS ONE... And We Will Change The Course of History!!"


And forget the question, just "Win Texas and California: Here's How!"

CALIFORNIA. Your Republican

CALIFORNIA. Your Republican registration must be postmarked by 5/21 - tomorrow - to allow you to vote for Ron Paul in the primary. Go to your county clerk online, register and print out the forms for your signature. Mail it so it will be postmarked 5/21. You saw the crowds at UCLA, Berkeley, Davis, Chico, Fullerton, and San Diego. What evidence of support for Romney have you seen? Romney cannot win without cheating, but don't let him win because you missed the deadline.

Well...he probably

Well...he probably can't..simply because of the make up of their residents. But if he COULD, it would NOT be by spending all his time and money on college campuses. ESPECIALLY in California where there are a lot of out of state students (even in state schools) who will be nowhere near California come June. Actually, same with Texas who surely ends their college semester in a week or two.

College students don't vote. Period. It is the EASIEST thing in the world for them to vote if they wanted to. Most schools have the polling places in the dining halls, or other places that they go to every day. Yet they don't. Hell..many probably DO walk right past the voting place while the voting is going on. And don't take 2 minutes out of their tie to cast the vote.

Your generalization that the reason college students don't vote

is contradicted by your own statement. Are they supposed to register both at home as well as the locality where their college is? Might not fit into your agenda but have you ever heard of an absentee ballot?

If not us than who?

Its our job to promote!


a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Californians, You have to

Californians, You have to register as Republicans to vote for Ron Paul. Even if you've never voted for a Republican in your life you have to do it now. You can do it online through your county clerk's website. Do it now. Please.

Tomorrows the deadline I

Tomorrows the deadline I think right ?

juan maldonado

Its now or NEVER!!!!

Its now or NEVER!!!!

Can we win with delegates?

Can we win with delegates?

juan maldonado