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Florida delegates to be placed in hotel 32 miles from convention

Pulled up a better article on the matter.


Or put another way, exiled Florida delegates are likely to spend at least two hours daily traversing Tampa Bay. One can only hope the tour bus comes complete with a bar.

Does this make any sense? Florida is banished to Innisbrook, while the Wisconsin delegation gets the Hyatt Regency in Tampa, simply because the RNC chairman with a name that sounds like a James Bond villain, Reince Priebus, happens to be a fellow cheesehead?

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Look at this trip to Tampa as a vacation. Stay where you want

to stay. Contact your family members, neighbors or other RP supporters to help you with funds if you need to. YOU are in control. You really need to reach that mindset before you get there if you want to be effective.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

Fifty MILLION DOLLARS is being spent on "security" just for

Tampa!!! Think about that. That kind of money is mini-Olympics style money.

Folks that means a whole hell of a lot of contractor special-police, black masks, urban riot vehicles, sonic weapons, special temporary jails.

This event is going to be set up like Lebanon and it's disgusting.

I wouldnt be too shocked if they bus in the delegates with a machine gun mounted Bradley.

You don't have to stay in

You don't have to stay in their hand picked hotel, you can stay at a camp ground if you want, there is no rules stating you are required to stay at a specific hotel.

The RNC usually makes a deal with a hotel for rates and gets a kick back for everyone who books through them.

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Updated, new article

Seems more clear what's going on there.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

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Lol, the reason is probably not the Deal...

But to get the droves of Paul delegates stuck in traffic so they fail to make the convention - Be wary Tampa delegates, check local situations.