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LISTEN - Jerry Doyle Was On Fire Last Week Supporting Ron Paul and Blasting Fake Conservatives

Jerry Doyle is a serious badass.

This is one of the best segments I've heard on The Jerry Doyle Show. He blasts the fake conservative pundits and politicians who are now supporting Mitt Romney and destroys and idiot caller who accuses Jerry secretly supporting Obama because he keeps supporting Ron Paul and won't support Romney. If this doesn't get you fired up...nothing will


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There needs to be

There needs to be collaboration between Josh Tolley, Ben Swann & Jerry Doyle. These people really understand what the role of media is supposed to be. In fact, under free-market principles business models of such people could be better supported through grassroots support - while rest of OLD MEDIA continue to crumble with falling ratings.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

I Like Jerry Doyle

He is an ex HollyWoodite.
He can be heard up here in the Pacific Northwest on AM 730 and FM 99.1, from 1 PM to 4 PM MST.

I THINK he was on 'Babylon Five', a sci-fi show that was fairly popular with the same group of people that followed Lorne Greene in the original series broadcact of 'Battlestar Galactica' (or, 'Cattlecar Ga-Laxitive'). HE (Jerry Doyle) got disenfranchised rather quickly, as all the 'plot lines' were actually enabling 'a larger government', in which the 'dream' of the 'globalist new order' would solve 'all' of mankind's problems (as the parties and nonchalance continued while he was in HollyWeird).

Have NO doubt about him:
HE is as real as the Good Doctor!
HE CAN HANLE THE TRUTH (kudos to RBN and Stadmiller), and that truth is pretty ugly, sometimes (like the band called "'Mitt' Romney and the Republicrats").

EXCELLENT podcast post!



WOW!!! Jerry you are the man!

Jerry rules!

I listen to him on a somewhat regular basis. If no local stations in your area carry him, check out TuneIn Radio online. He's on from 2-5 PM central time.

KDWN Las Vegas, NV.. Jerry's home town station:

I prefer listening on KFAQ Tulsa, OK:

I was wondering what happened

I was wondering what happened to him. Months ago he declared his support for Paul and then everything went silent. I occasionally hear his show on the radio and one night heard him talking the GOP and no mention of Paul at all. It almost sounded like he dropped his Paul support...

Brother let me tell ya...

I listen to Doyle everyday. Though he's not 'cheer-leading' for Paul all of the time, it's seldom he broadcast's a show that doesn't give Paul and his 'people' at least a wisp of praise or comment or 'I told you so's'. He's consistently had the folks from Reason, Bruce Fein, and Jack Hunter, to name a few on his show. Doyle's the real McCoy man....

I wish this guy aired

I wish this guy aired anywhere in Jersey!

Dude, check it out...

Find his affiliates online then go to their webpage...a lot of stations are starting to stream their broadcasts, so if you're next to a computer you can stream his show! I'm in Seattle. He's not on here but Tacoma's station KLAY streams their broadcasts. He can be heard there 1-4pm PACIFIC TIME. Where there's a will there's a way man! Doyle rules even more than Doyle from the Misfits!

I am registering for a 1 month subscription for now

If I like it, I will go for more.


With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

Trust me...

You'll like it!

DANG! He reamed that caller a

DANG! He reamed that caller a new one! It took Jerry awhile, but I think he has really GOTTEN IT! Loved what he said about what would be left over if Ron did run against Obama and even LOST (which I doubt would EVER happen without massive vote fraud). Terrific!


This just made me laugh so hard! I am so glad he said what every Ron Paul supporter was thinking! I am really getting tired of trying to convince neocons. I am surrounded by them and their stupid arguments. I present logic and facts and they refuse to turn from who their "masters" tell them to vote for. It is sickening. Glad to hear someone finally show them how stupid their opinions are.

Just another person trying to change the world... :)


Thank you Jerry!!!!He is my new guy to listen on the radio!!!
Boycotting all others!!!!

President Ron Paul!!!

Wow...need to listen more

to Doyle. He's saying what we all think.

What is the point of having free will if one cannot spit in the eye of the destiny others leave you with? #ActorofConscience

D A N G ! ! !

One subscription to the Jerry Doyle podcast please.

Blessed are the peacemakers


Love the honest spunk. High five Jerry. : )



I wonder if he weighed in on the "I pledge to not support Mitt Romney" thread.

Ah, yeah.

Probably. All good. He lit em up.

Holy Sh*t

Holy Sh*t

End the Fed. End the Wars. Problems Solved. Ron Paul.


"what stupid comment do you have for me"? hahaha!!!!!!!!


that rant on the caller had me rollin!!!

Jerry Has Balls

big balls. Wish there were a whole lot more of him..Elrushbo is a douch bag.

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Bump for Mr. Garibaldi

Jerry just laid it all out there:

"If you want to get rid of the D.C. crowd, why would you go with Mitt "The Establishment" as opposed to Ron Paul "The Movement"?"

Go Jerry, go!

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

Wow! Now thats the REAL

Wow! Now thats the REAL Chris Christy!

Ah Chris Christie...

...the only drawback to Jerry...he gives Christie too much cred... but (not butt) fack it...Jerry still kicks arse...



Thanks. Bumping b4 I listen, it's Jerry Doyle.

bump. Edit: Listened. Now a bigger bump.

Jerry Doyle is a great asset

to have on the airwaves.

The more people here the message in a clear and powerful way, like Jerry delivers it, the more the whole movement grows.

Like RP says, "you can't un-hear the message". Once you've heard it, you can never go back.