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Il State Gop Convention

I got an email from the Republican Party of my home state of IL. Here is a link to what my question is about http://ilgopconvention.eventbrite.com/ I am not a delegate or alternate delegate. In IL those are voted on at the primary. Now there is an option to go as a guest, it cost $50 and will be used to promote Romney. Is it worth it to attend as a guest, and get the rest of my family and friends together as well to pack the place and pay a lot of money to do so knowing we can not vote or partake in any official business? Or should I work on getting them to donate directly to RP instead? I really want to be an active member of the GOP as we can see what is happening in other states, we know how important it is to support those RP supporters that have made it into the coveted leadership roles. Anyone want to discuss some pros vs cons? Especially other IL supporters. If we show up in big numbers, will they care? Will they ignore us? Or will they be forced to realize we aren't going anywhere?

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At first glance it may be a better choice to support President

Paul from a financial point of view.

Money is energy and as the energy increases for our President Paul we can effect a consciousness shift throughout the US.

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Its not too late!

It's not too late to fill a delegate/alternate delegate slot. Find out who your County chairman and write a letter of request to be appointed as a delegate or an alternate delegate if they have slots open. I just did this yesterday and I am now an alternate delegate for the Dupage County going to the convention in June.

r3VOLution Continues...

Highest priority is

to come as close as you can to maxing out your donation to Ron Paul's campaign.

Re-direct funds thereafter as you see appropriate.

I'm not an expert, but a

I'm not an expert, but a guest won't have any voting authority. I was recently elected the Secretary of the Kane County GOP (after only being involved for 2-3 years) and am a general delegate. I'm not sure if I have any authority on the presidential contest, but have some official duties.

I can keep people posted...