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Arlen Specter's magic bullet theory and Kennedy Cover up?

A very interesting, but rather long reading about newer developments in the Kennedy assassination.

"Warren Commission attorney Arlen Spector, who came up with the theory that became famous as the “magic bullet” theory. According to the magic-bullet theory, Oswald fired his gun in a right-to-left trajectory, and the bullet went through the back of Kennedy’s neck, exited the front of his neck, turned right to enter Connally’s back, crushed a rib, exited the front of Connally’s chest, went through his wrist, and lodged in his thigh, after which it plopped out of his leg and deposited itself on Connally’s gurney, where it was later found by a hospital employee.

What was magical about the bullet was not simply its trajectory but also the fact that after doing so much damage to Kennedy and Connally, it ended up in virtually pristine shape. In fact, the bullet was only slightly damaged at the base of the bullet...not one trace of flesh or blood was found on the bullet."

- There were 3 deliveries of Kennedy's body to the morgue, with 3 different crews/carriers.
- Mrs. Kennedy was accompanying an empty casket to the morgue.
- There were two brain autopsies, at least one of which was not Kennedy's brain.
- LB Johnson issued a red-scare but was taking his time in Texas
- Gerald Ford was part of the Warren Commission.
- Admiral of the Navy was JFK's personal physician and was calling the shots during autopsy.
- Secret Service (SS) threatening to use deadly force took Kennedy's body away from the hospital and doctor in Texas to DC for autopsy, against Texas Law and Texas doctors insistence.
- Kennedy had a bullet wound on the back that was not reported.
- All the people (underlings, doctors included)involved in the autopsy and the delivery of the body to the autopsy site were asked to sign oath to secrecy that they will carry to their graves.
- A bystander was hit by a bullet, in addition to the Kennedy and Connally wounds, seriously undermining the 3-bullet lone gunman concoction.
- LBJ had himself sworn in as president, removed seats from airforce 1, and moved his luggages from airforce 2 to airforce 1 all while waiting around for Kennedy's body in Texas, instead of acting on his insinuation that the soviets might be planning an attack, for a total of a few hours, in Texas where the assissination occurred.

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Is Arlen Specter part of "establishment"?

Obviously, the Warren Commission never seriously considered the possibility that the CIA had engineered Kennedy’s assassination, for three reasons:

First, sitting as a member of the Warren Commission (and appointed by President Johnson) was Alan Dulles, the former director of the CIA whom Kennedy had fired after the Bay of Pigs disaster. There was no possibility that the CIA would be made a target of investigation so long as its former director was serving on the commission.

Second, the circumstantial evidence indicates that the Warren Commission was fed the national-security, nuclear-war rational (as set forth in Parts 10 and 11) that was used to immediately shut down the investigation and pin the assassination solely on Oswald.

Third, the Warren Commission was composed entirely of mainstream establishment figures who would have considered it inconceivable that such a regime-change operation could have been effected in the United States.

In other words, people could accept that the U.S. national-security state would go broad with brilliant, even ingenious, plots to oust the prime ministers or presidents of other countries who threatened U.S. national security (e.g., Iran, Guatemala, Vietnam, and Cuba), but it was simply considered inconceivable that it would ever effect a regime-change operation domestically to protect America from a president whose supposed naïveté, inexperience, and bumbling was threatening national security at home at the height of the Cold War.

Here's another

This is chock full of

This is chock full of information. But while reading this, I came across the name that sounded oddly familiar. But I initially thought they were from two different generations. After looking it up, I believe this is the same Arlen Specter that Santorum endorsed that was in the Warren Commission that came up with the cover up and ridiculous story of the magic bullet.

The other chilling part is the question, did a coup-d'etat happen in the USA?

avenge this crime

... and Restore America Now.

Coup d'Etat in America: The CIA and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy
by Alan Weberman and Michael Canfield


Great article

not quite done as it is very long, but interesting. Btw my father in law was william manchester's dentist. We have a signed copy of Death of a President.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

Was it the uncensored

Was it the uncensored version?

Lew Rockwell version

Is there another? I read and did side research for almost 3 hours, just took a break.
I've been doing a lot of jfk research via the lrc articles lately.
More bs, more false flag (as in LBJ did it) I find it all fascinating and depressing at the same time.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

If you are asking for other

If you are asking for other articles on JFK assassination, I believe this article has quite a few links, and a picture of deceased Kennedy during the autopsy. I believe there are mirror article(s) online if you google the titles of some of these book or article titles.

The Lewrockwell articles also have other articles by this same author linked near the title which was what I followed to get to different JFK articles

I was reading this article all afternoon. The concluding paragraphs give a summary if you want to see the big picture and skip the details.

Have fun....

PS I still haven't finished the article

It's taking forever as I am perusing every sideways article that is offered.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut