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Canada Introduces Plastic Cash

Canada Introduces Plastic Cash

– Say, How About Trying a Little Gold and Silver?
Monday, April 30, 2012 – by Staff Report

Canada Introduces New Plastic Currency ... Canada may be permanently swapping paper for plastic, providing its recently-released polymer $100 note is well-received. The brand new bill was put into circulation starting Nov. 14, with $50 and $20 bills scheduled for 2012 and $10 and $5 bills slotted to come out in 2013. Polymer currencies, first developed in the 1980s in Australia, have helped countries cut back on counterfeit bills. Australia introduced polymer cash in 1988. A transparent maple leaf and a clear portion on the left side of the bill with holographs that change color in the light are designed to foil counterfeiters attempting to create fake notes. – ABC News

Dominant Social Theme: Cash evolves like everything else. Eventually we'll get rid of it. In the meantime we'll make it look as much like a credit card as possible.
Free-Market Analysis: Used to be that money was at least in part gold and silver, circulating as gold and silver or as bank notes that represented gold and silver...Finish reading>>

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