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Call for May Day Offensive Reveals Communist Direction of Occupy Wall Street Movement

Call for May Day Offensive Reveals Communist Direction of Occupy Wall Street Movement

William F. Jasper | Apr 4th 2012 | Occupy Everywhere
The New American

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrators may have lost some of their headline cachet over the past few months, but they are aiming to reclaim the limelight with a revitalized “Occupy Spring” campaign, with special emphasis on a major May Day offensive on May 1 that includes calls for a “general strike” nationwide.

A “May Day 2012” print and Internet flyer (pictured above) put out by May Day New York City (MayDayNYC) declares:

MAY DAY 2012
“ON MAY 1, 2012,” the flyer goes on to state, “Millions of people throughout the world — workers, students, immigrants, professionals, houseworkers — employed and unemployed alike — will take to the streets to unite in a General Strike against a system that does not work for us. Don't go to work. Don't go to school. Don't shop. Take the streets!”

New York’s leftwing Village Voice notes that “Occupy Wall Street's May Day organizers [are] … working with the May Day Coalition, whose massive 2006 Day Without Immigrants rally effectively revived the observation of May Day in New York.”

The “May Day Coalition” the Voice refers to is actually the MayDayNYC group that put out the above-mentioned general strike flyer. And MayDayNYC is just another name for the May 1st Coalition for Worker and Immigrant Rights, which is headquartered at 55 West 17th Street, #5C, New York, NY 10011. Which just happens to be the same address as the International Action Center (IAC) — and the same address as the Workers World Party (WWP), a revolutionary communist party with its own peculiar Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyist ideology and party line. Not only do all the above-mentioned groups occupy the same address, but all are run pretty much by the same Workers World Party staff. Which is another way of saying that the organizations are merely fronts for the WWP.

As we explained in our May, 2006 article, “Pawns in a Losing Game”, the massive nationwide May Day demonstrations of that year were organized and coordinated by the WWP and their Marxist-Leninist comrades in the Communist Party USA, Revolutionary Communist Party, Socialist Workers Party, Progressive Labor Party, and the Committees of Correspondence. Their objectives in that case were to organize, mobilize, and radicalize millions of illegal aliens and Hispanic Americans, and at the same time demonize and marginalize opponents of an amnesty as racist bigots. In 2003, the same communist network organized their May Day events around the anti-war theme.

It was no accident that the comrades chose May 1st for their Marxist extravaganza; our May 2006 companion article, “History of May Day” provides a brief survey of the significance of May Day in communist circles over the past century... Finish reading>>

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General Strike

goes Beyond political ideologies and philosophy. General Strike is about demonstrating the corruption that has been clearly linked by the Top 1%. Many Occupy Protesters will agree with Dr. Paul's stance and the crucial importance of Auditing The Fed.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

The Occupy people are you and

The Occupy people are you and I. They are the same people that are getting the short end of the stick. They are the same people that are doing anything in their power to resist our unethical, power hungry government.

I am absolutely not saying that you need to support their beliefs, but you should respect the fight, as we are in it also. The goal is very similar, if not the same.

I was an Independent before now and my family are all Democrats. Now I am a registered Republican that will not vote for anyone other than Ron Paul. And my family has also been converted. However, this is no longer about party politics, this is about common sense politics.

Don't criticize these people just because you believe that they are pressing a communist agenda. I am fairly positive that many of them are on the side of liberty and Ron Paul!