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I think I am beginning to despise the word 'Affordable'. What does it actually mean Republicans?

This comes from Steve Daines, a candidate for Montana Congress.


Every American wants health care at a 'Reasonable cost'. No American wants a complicated plan full of false promises, special political favors, and 'Costs we can not AFFORD'. We should repeal ObamaCare and implement an 'AFFORDABLE' health care system that actually improves the quality of health care.

Hate to pick on this, and this gentleman Steve may actually have good intentions here. I know that these pages on websites are usually meant to be brief descriptions of where these candidates stand on some issues. However, what in the world is this alternative "Affordable Health Care System" that he is talking about? Is it meant to say that there is a 'Republican version' in the works (or already prepared) that is about the same, but they won't call it 'Obamacare'?... Romneycare perhaps?

To me, this is like wanting to vote against SOPA & PIPA because they are wrong, but then going along with the crowd that votes for CISPA.

It's like Republicans are saying that want to repeal Obamacare to instill Romneycare.

I guess I'm writing this to remind folks to keep doing research on your local candidates too. Keep in mind:

Barack Obama - Senator Illinois
Mitt Romney - Governor Massachusetts
Ron Paul - Congressman Texas

Still think your local elections aren't that important? Let's get some friends for Ron Paul elected as much as we can.
Stick to researching records, policies/ideas, and the Constitution, and we'll most likely start to pick much better local representatives.

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