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Tips on how to win support for Ron Paul in everyday life.

Just viewed an ugly scene online with Ron Paul supporters heckling the Alaskan Lisa Murkowski at the State GOP Convention.

I would like to condemn the offenders but I can see myself in them. It is hard not to become frustrated by those who have not 'seen the light' when it comes to personal responsibility and respect for the freedoms of others.

I know I too am guilty of giving heavy handed sermons to others on their views and have left a conversation safe in the knowledge that I have destroyed my opponents points of view but what had I really achieved by doing this? I guess I may have created enemies where a more open and civil approach may have created allies.

If I need to look for inspiration on how to behave I need to look no further than Ron Paul himself who puts up with rude TV presenters, Bad Press and hostile debaters who seem to get greater airtime. All the while he is clam, collected and a gentleman.

Okay I fear I am guilty of another sermon but I was wondering if others had ideas of how minor changes to our everyday life could help build support for Ron Paul and this revolution? Thoughts.

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We can make this ...

... a revolution of the mind. Or we can make it a physical battle. We will lose the latter.

While I sympathize with those who shouted down Murkowski - THEY HANDED HER THE VICTORY.

Ideas needs to be communicated. What was communicated here was dominance. That loses it for us. This completely kills the focus on good ideas.

Beat Murkowski with superior ideas - it's really not asking much.

It is of utmost importance that we remember Dr. Pauls words,

He said Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King are his heroes because of their PEACEFUL resistance. We must be as peaceful as possible, and ask ourselves in these upsetting situations, what would Ron Paul do? He shows enourmous strength in his quiet, but firm stance.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine


Don't get angry. Be better then them, get angry and you've lost to them.

He who angers you conquers you.

Also say what needs to be said, they cannot un-hear what has been said by you then walk away and allow time to win the argument for you. If they are smart enough they will side with you, dumb and they would never have even if you argued till you were blue in the face. Remember to show sincerity and compassion because you care about them, not winning a battle.

Change the world, change yourself