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Download the FlyRights app today to report TSA harassment

The Sikh Coalition, sick of having to remove their turbans every time they get screened, created this app that automatically forwards your complaint to the TSA. Their goal is to flood the TSA with legitimate complaints to highlight the harassment they and other travelers receive. The app is really easy to use and I have installed it in preparation for a flight to Canada in July. In the article below which Drudge linked, Sikh Coalition director Amardeep Singh points out how the lack of complaints is letting the TSA get away with trouncing on our personal rights:

The Sikh Coalition gets hundreds of complaints of unfair treatment and profiling, Singh said. By contrast, he said, the Department of Homeland Security said in its last report to Congress on civil rights and civil liberties that 11 people in the U.S. submitted complaints in the first six month of 2011.

"My hope is that this app will exponentially increase the number of complaints filed with the TSA, flood the system so they get that this is a problem. For too long the Transportation Security Administration has been able to tell Congress this is not an issue, nobody's complaining," Singh said.

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