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Wrote a letter to the editor of local newspaper(Roanoke Times)

Don't know if it will get published but I got an email back from the newspaper saying that they are going to verify that I did write it and then consider it for publication. Here's what I wrote:


The talk of the town these days as our budget crisis and national debt increase at a rate most can't comprehend, I hear people clamour for higher taxes, especially those on the weatlhy. Instead of how much taxes we should pay, why don't we change the conversation to why we pay an income tax at all? I like to agrue against income taxes and the 16th Amendment (you can also include Social Security and Medicare) on the basis of a moral argument.

If I work for my money, am I not entitled to the fruits of my labor? If one believes in property rights and my money is my property, what authority does the government have to legally steal it from me? The system we have right now supports that the government owns all our income and it "allows" us to keep a portion of it. They call this withholding.

But let's take it a step further. If money is part of what it takes for me to live, then does the government not own my person too? They dictate what I can and can't buy through the confiscation of my money. What gives a politician the right to do that? What gives any man the right to do that?

The government is supposed to protect us from those that violate our rights, but what happens when the very people that are supposed to protect us are the ones that are in violation?

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Nice,thank You!