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Are you a delegate or Alt. for the Texas State Convention in Ft. Worth? read!

Hello, My wife and I are state delegates to the convention in Ft Worth. I am lucky enough to live in Mansfield which is not but 20 mins away from the event. I have been trying to help some people who are a little less fortunete and live a good distance. If you are a State delegate, already have a hotel and willing to room share please let me know.

Ok this is working great! Helped a family of 6 and 2 other people so far.

I have a few people (Males) looking to room share.

ALso have a female looking for a room share with another female.

If you need help or are looking to help Please contact me ASAP.

PLEASE, PLEASE do not wait on getting your ride and room figured out until last minute.

If you wish you could help, just show some love and bump! ;0)

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Texas Delegates

If you need help getting to the convention or room stay, please let me know

hey is it too late to ask for

hey is it too late to ask for help getting a room

How wonderful!

I so wanted to be a delegate, in Texas (live in Austin), but it didn't happen. I will, instead, be an election judge- for the primary on the 29th, and if you are not aware, parts of Texas (all of Austin, Travis County) is desperately seeking election judges. It's "so bad", they are trying to get Dems (gasp) and Indies to volunteer their time in doing this.
My take on being an election judge is this: IF those of us who support Liberty (yes, CAPITOL L) would reserve time to help out, we can ensure that anyone who wants to vote and has proper identification (voter-card or voter-number) to vote IS allowed in. When I look at the shennanigans that have gone on, in so many states, I think we have to volunteer in order to keep our counterparts HONEST.

I think what you are doing; helping others find places to rest their heads, IS wonderful. Just very decent of you. It's the kind of greatness I saw at the rally in Austin, yesterday. Everybody was just so NICE!

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

RON PAUL 2012!

RON PAUL 2012!

Texas Delegates

Let me know if you need help.

Great Idea

My wife and I are delegates in Texas too. We will most likely be staying with a friend in Dallas and driving 30 minutes or so every day, but I was wondering if it would be possible to coordinate something like a group rent rate somewhere? I've never done anything like this, but I know when people are having weddings a hotel/motel will give all the affiliated people a slightly lower rate etc.

This would be a lot harder to set up, but it would be awesome if anyone in the area knew of a huge house or a vacant business building with showers and stuff that is owned by a Ron Paul supporter that would be willing to rent it out for a week straight. I know it sounds crazy, but if you consider most of us are going to spend $200-$400 on lodging then someone able to house 10 people for a 3-4 nights could make a quick 1-2k and still be helping all of them out with 1/2 price lodging!

Just a thought

Texas Delegates

Make plans now , please do not wait.

Texas Delegates

Do not wait to get your ride and room figured out.

Texas Delegates

Act now.

posting my comment seperately

Could we get a group of close people willing to donate space in their front yard for tents? Is it too cold for tents? I'm just saying having a bunch of tents in front yards everywhere would be eye-catching and good publicity.

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Too cold... Try too hot and humid!

I cannot comment on Ft Worth but both the humidity and the heat, three hours south in Houston, during June, is horrendous.

Texas heat

June to cold? Yeah way to hot to be camping out. Trust me we need to stay in rooms and be in contact with everyone 100% of the time. Act now do not wait.

North of Houston

North of Houston

Thank you for your efforts

Thank you for your efforts they are not going unnoticed

Liberty WILL prevail at THE BATTLE OF TAMPA

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Texas update

Updated the info at the top.

Working great. More people looking for help.

Can Take the College Kid

If you don't have any other offers, we can take the college kid (if he doesn't mind couch surfing). We live in Arlington, but we will provide transportation to and from the convention center each day. Please email me (laurenlandivar@gmail.com). Also, let me know where he lives. We might be able to pick him up to get him here. We're already picking up an Alt. who lives a few hours away, so if he's in the same direction, we could just swing by on our way.



a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Thank u!

College kid done!

anyone with lodging at state convention

I am alone male will help with room cost.


I can help you in Texas

I am going to message you with my info. Contact me so we can link you with somone.

State convention delegate in Spring/Conroe/Woodlands area...

I am headed to the state convention and I live in the Spring/Conroe/Woodlands area. I would be interested in commuting with someone and also sharing a room.

I have no problem driving. Just a little help with gas would be appreciated.

I just joined the SD3/SD4 RP delegate group on meetup. Send me a message there or through the Daily Paul.

Let me know

In Galveston

I will be attending. Do not have lodging. I drive a stick shift PU Truck and if necessary plan to sleep on the seat. I dont have any idea about the convention, just know I am compelled to be a RP Delegate no matter what. You can email me at purewarrior@swbell.net


Texas help

I just sent an email. CALL ME , we need to get you in the loop.

Great to hear! Make sure you are in communication with

your Regional Coordinator for the State Convention....

Re:regional coordinator

are you talking about the Texas Rep. Party coordinator?

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Delegate from SD 9

I'm staying at a Budget Suites in West Dallas. I'm trying to take off the 7th and 8th so I can commute each day. If anyone lives near Irving or Loop 12 and NW Hwy, you can commute with me. I have a 4 seater 06 Sonata. Roomy, good A/C and you can smoke in my car (cigarrettes only please).

We are doing the same thing in Minnesota sharing

hotel rooms and people sleeping on the floors in their sleeping bags,etc.... Keep it up!

Texas Delegates

Make your plans today !

If you need help speak up!


Don't wait to plan!

Bump! I am SD12 delegate,

Bump! I am SD12 delegate, wish I could help but I'm staying in Ft Worth with a friend. This is a good cause tho!

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx