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HEARING Tomorrow: there's a recall effort in Michigan going on...

Let's SUPPORT these guys!!!

If you are in Michigan, GET INVOLVED!

Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville is a RINO of the worst kind; no morals, character, or principles ... he has been sucked into the alluring celebrity of it all - hoping to be a career politician ... patriots MUST derail this!!!

"The former Republican Chairman of the Monroe County Republican Party – Jeff Andring, has filed a re-call petition against Senator Randy Richardville. This say’s something in and of itself when a Republican files a re-call against a fellow Republican! As a member of the Monroe County Executive Committee (non-active) I feel very strongly that the former chairman has done his duty as a Republican.

When we have a fellow Republican that does not adhere to the Principles, Traditions, and Values that the Republican Party was founded upon, “Houston We Have a Problem”! Senator Richardville has continued to pursue and promote the failed agenda of the Granholm administration with his legislative policies. This is unbecoming of a true Republican.

Our once proud Republican Party has been infiltrated by liberals and Democrats who have abandoned the Democratic Party for that Party has moved to far to the left for even some Democrats taste. If the center right conservatives allow this infiltration to continue without taking action our Republican Party may very well go by the way of the very Party it replaced, The Whigg Party.

A hearing has been set for May 2, 2012 as to approve the re-call language and updates will be forthcoming. I would encourage all true Republicans to get involved with this re-call as to send a strong and powerful message to the Party establishment that we the members and precinct delegates mean business and we want our Party back! Petition and web site information will be available soon look for updates."

Read more here about ALL political news in Michigan: http://bainreport.com

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Weedwhacker doesn't work...

...use a hoe to dig deep into its root.

EMAIL from Chief re-caller; Jeff Andring...

Dear Patriots, 5/10/2012

I am asking for your help.

If you are not aware I would like to inform you that I am currently seeking the recall of State Senator Randy Richardville (R) 17th District, Monroe, for the following official reasons.

"On February 29, 2012 Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, (17th District) co-sponsored and later voted “YES” on Senate Bill 0992, allowing real estate developers to avoid personal guarantees on foreclosed commercial loans in Michigan. Homeowners, losing their homes to foreclosure, are still held liable for such payments. This law was made retroactive and allows the brother of the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party to avoid a $2.4 Million dollar personal financial obligation.

Senator Richardville abused his legislative position by introducing SB 0729 Right to Teach, threatening basic collective bargaining rights of teachers. This Bill only applies to teachers that belong to the Michigan Education Association.

Senator Richardville introduced SB 410 and SB 411 which would have authorized a new government bridge, funded with our road repair tax dollars. These bills unfairly divert money from badly needed road repairs to build a bridge that a private company is willing to build at no cost or risk to taxpayers. This misallocation of funds can only result in substandard roads, or increased taxes to replace the money diverted for the government bridge.

For these actions an election should be held to decide if Senate Majority Leader Richardville should be removed from office".

While these are the official reasons, there are many other documented and undocumented reasons that Richardville should be recalled from office. While under Richardville's leadership his peers have publically insulted citizens, Senator Jones (R) has called a woman a "hooker" and insinuated to another that she was on "head meds". Senator Brandenburg (R) was quoted as stating that several citizens are "low level thugs" because these citizens sent in a "heads up" to the Senators about a woman in Richardville's district. It appears the woman is upset because of the allegations of adultery against Richardville and his pending divorce. Richardville then proceeded to attack these citizens without basis using our legal system. Former Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop would have never allowed this rampant disrespect against Michigan's citizens.

Richardville as chair of the Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee failed to warn the citizens of the State of Michigan of the impending financial doom that took place under his watch. We see and have witnessed the result of this lack of oversight. I could go on and on but I think you understand the reasons for his removal and the seriousness of this undertaking.

Over 22,000 valid signatures are required to place Richardville's name on the ballot for recall, he has hired an attorney to prevent this from happening, I will not. This attorney also happens to be the legal consul for the Michigan Republican Party. We can only wonder who is paying for this attorney that wants to prevent the people's right to recall a rogue New Deal republican.

If you are fed up with what is taking place politically, financially and morally in this great State and you want to send our political employees the same message that Indiana residents sent former Senator Lugar please contact me and pledge your support. I am looking for people in all of the towns in Richardville's district to make a commitment to gather signatures regardless of how lengthy or deep that commitment is. There is also a benefactor that has agreed to contribute financially once it's shown that people care enough about their community to put their own skin in the game.


Jeff Andring

Former Chairman,

Monroe County Republican Party.


I encourage all who can to GET INVOLVED

The state of Michigan was the BEST opportunity our family ever had; a mortgage, a yard with a dog, family around, and this network of patriots I ran with who encouraged me to run for State Rep. 3rd Party because Richardville's machine hijacked the County Party.

After nearly two full years unemployed, I fled with my family...thank God I am working again...but I wish I could be there with them; if you are in Michigan, NETWORK and help these guys...Jeff is a personal friend of mine, and so is R. Al Bain who ran against Richardville in a 2010 Republican primary - I did his website http://seriousleadership.com

These guys are SERIOUS patriots; support them, won't you?



a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

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More should...

...be done and research made around the recalling of congress critters and senate toads. It is a fast track to getting rid of these criminals that kow-tow to the banksters war agenda and the planned destruction of America.

The majority of these supposed lawmakers have to go! Electing Ron Paul, IF we get to the election, is just the beginning of taking back our country from these banksters and world domination freaks.


Wow, this *firing* of a congresscritter

for just cause, could be the precedent for many more. Great way to clean house and not have to wait for relelections. We have to remind them that ultimately, they answer to us, their bosses. If one gets recalled, I think their pension/medical benefits should also be up for discussion...they don't deserve those perks if they've misused the public trust. They should be fined if it's found they financially benefitted from the position, or their buddies, like this guys friend getting the bridge contract.

There should be a quarterly audit of their income and expenses, personal and public, as well as their spouses posted on their websites, available for public review.

RP R3VOLution


I sure do enjoy reading these blogs-----and this was JUST TOO FUNNY!!!! Appreciate the humor.....Thanks! A Maine Patriot


AMEN! This was one of the

AMEN! This was one of the T-Party statements I always thought was the BEST thing! We are watching you, we elected you, and if u screw us you are outta there!



a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

I'm not proud that Granholm

is Canadian



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.


Most of us know that Michigan is a "beta state"... Taking back the establishment in Michigan would be a HUGE help in this r3VOLUtion

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

You guys need to NETWORK!

I no longer live there; but I am asked to post here and do computer-work for my fellow patriots - they supported me when I ran for state rep 3rd party in 2008 in this State Senator's district.

So many WEAK just fell away - but Jeff(who filed the petition), and R. Al Bain, and a handful of our old group are still fighting ... for our children!!!

I'm not from Michigan, but

I'm not from Michigan, but I'll be there for electric forest festival promoting the RP movement

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

dinner bump...

...get busy Michigan Ron Paul supporters...

They are recalling Carl Levin (lenin) as well


"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"

A bunch of politicians need...

...replacement here! But we have Justin Amash in our state! That's a great start!

Justin Amash

Maybe we should put him up for the spot, unless there's a new patriot who can go for it. But Amash is something special. The country is a better place because of him.

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