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Friday Challenge

For the past couple Fridays I've auto-paid a $20 check to the campaign and I've hardly noticed, so I want to bump it up to $50 every Friday.

My challenge though has been convincing others to set up auto-pay from their own accounts. So here's my proposal, I will increase my weekly auto-pay amount by $10 up to that $50 for each new person who sets up a (minimum $20) auto-pay every Friday from now until the convention as I have done.

Please comment here to certify that you have set up auto-pay at your bank every Friday from now til the convention for at least $20.

---Here is the info you'll need from the RonPaul2012 donation page---

If you would like to send a paper check, please send it to:
Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Committee
845 Plantation Drive
Clute, TX 77531

Remember to include your occupation and employer if your donation or aggregate donation(s) totals more than $200 per FEC rules. <--- Add this on your auto-pay note/comment line so it appears on the check.

The last Friday payment is August 24 2012. After that we'll have the convention and a new general election phase.

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Self employed here

I give when the checks come in, or put it on the card and hope the checks come in before the credit card bill.

I give you a lot of credit though.

Thanks shootist.

Thanks shootist.

No takers? It's really easy

No takers? It's really easy people.