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Elect Alex Jones As A Delegate From Austin!

Not sure, but I would presume the TX congressional district around Austin will be swelling with Ron Paul supporters. I hope the people in the Ron Paul campaign encourage him to run and get elected as a national delegate.

He would surely win. And it was be SO AWESOME to see him on the convention floor with his bull-horn raising issues!


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I'll take anyone I can get who will vote, delegate, talk about, and support the good Dr.. If that person is Alex Jones or anyone of you kind people...So be it.

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that could have both an up side and a down side. I would prefer to see Alex as the next Gov of Tejas!

I don't care who likes him or

I don't care who likes him or not. As long as he would not be so dumb (and I doubt he would be) to bullhorn at the convention, to me, not many deserve such a spot as he would, if he wants it. I would be proud to vote Alex in as a delegate. All these people seem to "pre-pick" who they think would be a good delegate. Although last time (in a different county) I was elected a state delegate and the ONLY RP supporter in my GOP, who passed out Constitutions to them all and worked so hard, I was informed in THIS election I was NOT allowed to be a delegate FROM the Campaign!! It upset me a lot, as I had no idea that delegates had been hand picked even before they got elected in their county's GOP meeting. I did get elected, and then was informed NOT to pay the money and file for state because THEY had already decided who would be on the "slate". To me, it sucked, I got really mad and then very sad. That the campaign would feel I am not "good enough" to be a delegate for Ron although I had already gone once and elected twice, was very disappointing and off-putting. You are wrong to judge Alex. If he wants to, and got elected, I think he would be fine.


Every powerful voice we can get into this fight.Every little bit helps.I would love to see alex on the floor at the convention with that bullhorn.Ron Paul,Ron Paul,Ron Paul,would really be heard then.

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something about him

makes me incredibly suspicious. he just seems so fake.

If you are or are not serious

If you are or are not serious my answer would be, that's either the funniest or dumbest thing i've ever heard.

Thank God it is too late to become a delegate in Texas.

Alex will go down in history as a famous rabble rouser.

But this is probably not a good idea. He will give the establishment too much ammunition for demagoguery. He needs to keep doing what he is doing.

I'm a NO!

Alex has his gig and he's best where he is. A LOT of people don't like him as he's a polarizing character.

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we will need a replacement for Eric Holder.


This would be seriously bad publicity for Paul. "9/11 truth nut Alex Jones on the floor for Paul!". You also have to admit that Jones is extremely abrasive. He would turn off many of the Santorum supporters in Tampa we're going to need with his loud, boorish antics.

It's too late to become a delegate.

It's not too late for him to become a guest though.

Love thy enemy.

Alex Jones being there as a

Alex Jones being there as a delegate is one thing. But if he were to bring a bull horn and turn it into a side show then he should stay away. We are not going to Tampa with the majority, we still have to win over a lot of establishment delegates on the second vote.


Funny thought, but probably a bad idea

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That is the worst idea I have heard yet.

I cannot believe you are serious.

Ron Paul is My President

Would be HILARIOUS if Alex

Would be HILARIOUS if Alex Jones made it as a National delegate! I can picture him standing on convention floor with a loudspeaker in his hand screaming "Hey Bernanke, come over here you scumbag & answer my questions".

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!


What a great laugh to take with me throughout the rest of my day.

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We need to make sure this idea gets to both Alex Jones himself the people spearheading Ron Paul's campaign in Austin.

I for one will sleep alot better at night just knowing Alex will be at the Convention for 4 days straight - raising hell and showing everyone in attendance what a fraud Mitt Romney is.

We must spread this idea fast and have our fellow Libertarians in TX coordinate to get it done. IT WOULD BE EPIC! And it would piss off the GOP establishment like no other.

So let's make it happen! :)

Priniciple over Party!

On a serious note, they'll

On a serious note, they'll jump on him as a "9/11 truther" and work to discredit ENTIRE Paul campaign based on this.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

I see your point.

Yeah, that might not be so good.

I'm just envisioning Alex there with his bull-horn just bellowing out truth to the neo-cons. And I can't really get that awesome idea out of my head.

I'm sure Alex would probably tone it down a little bit. He can be very professional and polite when he wants to be.

Priniciple over Party!