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TSA rectal probes in the near future?

This morning as I was having coffee and getting my stomach full of the MSM's garbage a report came across stating that Dr's in the employ of "terrorist" were perfecting the implantation of bombs in suicide bombers body cavities. I can hear the twisted TSA hoodlums smacking their lips about the means to further their abominable perversions. Perhaps this is the false flag Dr. Paul was recently speaking of.

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Why is it that the "terrorists" are so obsessed with bringing down commercial airliners? This is such BS. I can think of plenty of ways to cause terrible destruction and loss of life without blowing up a plane so why does our government try to keep us focused on airlines?

I just need to check inside

I just need to check inside ya as*hole


Ron Paul was NOT predicting a

Ron Paul was NOT predicting a false flag. Stop spreading that idiotic rumor.

And if he was, it was not your completely asinine one.

Making yourself look like a fool in Ron Paul's name does not help Ron Paul.

The glare off of the top of your head

must be interfering with your thought process. Funny how desperate people become when they see their grip on power slipping away.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

I've been noticing something over the years.

It seems that most of the trolls, and the other trollish-types who are obviously neocon-ish or left-ish, are constantly obsessed with "we are going to look foolish", or "this is embarrassing" or some other version of them(or us) feeling frowned-upon by their propaganda-brainwashed social peer group.

They really have no concern about what is actually right, or what's really happening, or any of that. All they are concerned with is whether they will be "embarrassed", or if "we" look "embarrassing".
These are collectivists, who rely on herd reflection for their self-image. Very weak-minded people. Which is probably why they have sucked-down as much propaganda as they obviously have.

Because as we all know, the only thing that's REALLY important is that we are accepted by the herd, and we don't make the herd skittish.
They must remain in their slumber.

It's okay if millions of people are killed and/or enslaved by evil tyrants bent on world domination.
Let's just not be "embarrassing" by mentioning it.

As long as the probe has an

As long as the probe has an American flag on it and Fox News tells me Im a patriot for participating then Im all for it. Id hate to be called a commie by Bill or Hannity.


hahaha Sad thing is most Neocons feel exactly that way.

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

At this point,

who can even say to what extent of brutality they will go to?

We're already WAAAAAAYYY past the Twilight Zone. They are pulling their fake reality over the real reality like a pullover sweater, and saying nobody is allowed to notice.

Once we go past this point, there seems to be no limit.
Maybe they will just cut us all open so they can look inside, and then let us bleed to death on the tables.
There's nothing too evil for the TSA and Homeland Security.

As far as I'm concerned

this is nothing short of class warfare as the elites attempt to see how far up the class strata they can go with their sick agenda before there is a backlash. Imagine if every traveler on a private jet had to under go such humiliation, after all whats to keep them from using a small jet as a weapon? You'd see this come to an end quickly if the clowns who developed this abomination had to endure it's depravity.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

Don't worry.

If there is a backlash, the gov't will just blow up another building or crash another plane, and claim it was "muslim terrorists", so they can continue with their evil plan.

These are not "people". These are demons.

Oh they're all over that. Bridge in Ohio/FBI

First this report came over the waves. Minutes later, it was yanked and coulden't be found anywhere except on the Josh Tolley show.


Here's the Tolley response to that..


Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.