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I got 3 more today!

I come in contact with several customers each day...and it's a dicey thing to talk politics while representing a company. SO...I will never start the conversation; usually it begins when they see my bumpersticker. And even then I offer the caveot that it's MY opinion, NOT the company's! LOL

Anyway, today I turned 3 different people into RP supporters! The married couple...the wife thought Ron wasn't running anymore, and the husband says, "I like Ron Paul, too bad he's not gonna win"
"Sez who?" was my reply. He didn't have an answer for that one...I then explained Ron's accomplishments of this past week and they were both FLOORED!!!! I explained to them about the TV and what a crock it all is...about the value of their dollar and that for 30+ years Ron has been screaming from the rooftops about a solution to it. They are hooked!!! They are fired-up!!!
Now, get out there and keep spreading the word...the bumper stickers REALLY work!!!!

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the bumper stickers

really do work!! I was canvassing for a few days, handed out hundreds of super brochures and bumper stickers! Bumper stickers are great for perception. People will subconsciously notice it, and it will fly in the face of what the establishment is saying. We are getting closer to victory with every day passing as long as we all work together and get more folks onboard. Go talk to people, show them youtube videos. I know it is like pulling teeth but in the end you will feel like you have really done something for the cause of liberty!


yeah Buddy