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Nevada Delegates! Here's An Excellent Article About Our Convention. The Rest Of You Will Love It, Too!

I was looking thru Google to see if anything had been written lately about Saturday, & found this. It will REALLY make you feel inspired. WONDERFUL article!

I hope that history is made again in Nevada, but that this time what will make headlines is our Ron Paul slate getting ELECTED, and motioning for Sine Die after having a triumphant convention!

[Policy Mic] Four years ago, Nevada State GOP insiders so disliked Ron Paul supporters that they actually walked out of the state convention and turned off the lights behind them. In a windowless assembly room with some 2,000 people in it, one might imagine the terror this might cause. In what had been an otherwise orderly meeting, this move took place when it became clear that Ron Paul would sweep the Nevada delegation to the Republican National Convention. A bunch of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington types, inspired by Ron Paul, got involved in their party to effect change, and the party insiders didn’t like having these idealists around.

This year looks a little different. Ron Paul’s supporters have assumed a significant portion of the Republican Party leadership and Ron Paul’s supporters seem like they will show up in droves as delegates to assure their candidate is the best represented in Nevada. At the Nevada Republican Convention this year, 25 of the 28 Nevada delegates will be decided.

A showdown is ahead at the convention in the western corner of Nevada in the town of Sparks, where on Friday and Saturday, Ron Paul supporters will culminate their takeover of the Nevada GOP at all levels after being so brazenly rebuffed in 2008.

Continue reading at Policy Mic

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There is only one problem

There is only one problem with what was said in that article, and that is: the National Convention doesn't operate under Robert's Rules of Order, they use the Rules of The House of Representatives -Robert's Rules of Order are used in the committees not on the floor.

Confirmed in rules

Edit: I didn't see the response til after posting, but here is the link:


(See page 35, Rule No. 33)

And just to clarify these are the rules amended in 2010, so it's not out of date as it may seem.

I Haven't Heard That.

If true, it will be important to exploit Robert's in the rules commitee to make sure of things like public vote counts, complete roll calls of votes for all candidates on the floor, relese of delegates, rights of abstenance...

GOP 2008 Rules Adopted RULE

GOP 2008 Rules Adopted


Rules of Order
The Rules of the House of Representatives of
the United States shall be the rules of the convention,
except that the current authorized edition of Robert’s
Rules of Order: Newly Revised (“Robert’s Rules of
Order”), shall be the rules for committees and
subcommittees of the convention, insofar as they are
applicable and not inconsistent with the rules herein set
forth; provided, however, that the convention may
adopt its own rules concerning the reading of
committee reports and resolutions.

Is nevada gonna have another special day

for the convention like they did for the straw vote?

Awesome article and summary

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great stuff

I can't wait for Tampa - the unthinkable is just waiting to happen

"Results over the last few

"Results over the last few weeks from states like Colorado, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Alaska tell us that that the Republicans don’t yet have a guaranteed frontrunner and guarantee us only one certainty at this point.

On the floor of the RNC, in late August, on primetime television, the American people will watch a political drama unfold in which the Republican old guard tries to horse-trade its way out of the pressure that has built up around it for years."

------------ Great inspiring article, thanks for posting!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Isn't It Enough

That he talks like him? That is to say, thoughtfully?

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Oh, I wasn't saying Ron needed

to look like Jimmy Stewart. I'd just like to see a delegate get up there & do that Jimmy Stewart speech while invoking votes for Ron & his delegates.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) full movie 2:20.02


Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)

full movie 2:20.02


Tin Pan