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The Paul campaign called last night requesting either $650,000 or $850,000 in the next two weeks

But I don't see a ticker here or at the campaign website (I mailed $100 today). Anyone else get such a phone call ?

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I Was At My Dad's House Today, When He Got the Call

Antioch, California.

My dad and step-mother have been won over since 2008 (by me, took a while).

We listened to it, together. I'm sure he'll donate again.

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I got a call right now and

I got a call right now and after hearing Paul's message I was put through with one of the volunteers. He asked if I would donate $200 now, and I responded that I have already donated over $200 this campaign and will donate again soon. He said, non-enthusiastically, "Oh, you have?" Then he just hung up.


Wow, that is strange. I wish

Wow, that is strange. I wish I could get one of these so that I could hear for myself. Does anyone have a recording? I'm not doubting that they are real and legit because I don't know either way, but maybe it's contracted to a call center and that's why the poor service?

If you get a call and don't want to wait until the Money Bomb, that's perfectly fine and understandable. But I would say that it might be a good idea to tell them you'll go to the campaign site and donate there just to be sure.

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Donation Ticker Update



DAYS LEFT: 6 (May 13th midnight)

Ticker: 3:25pm pdt/6:25pm edt $1,724,977.67

5/8/12 $1,724,977.67...+ $10,201.98...Total: + $118,898.31
5/7/12 $1,714,775.69...+ $16,983.14...Total: + $108,696.33
5/6/12 $1,697,792.55...+ $ 9,112.13...Total: + $91,713.19
5/5/12 $1,688,680.42...+ $13,993.40...Total: + $82,601.06
5/4/12 $1,674,687.02...+ $22,216.76...Total: + $68,607.66
5/3/12 $1,652,470.26...+ $24,627.33...Total: + $46,390.90
5/2/12 $1,627,842.93...+ $21,763.57
5/1/12 $1,606,079.36...Ron Paul Money Request Received for $650-850,000.

Thanks for your support!

Please BUMP - Ron needs more money.

(How do we get the word out to more donors? Where should we put ads?)

Voted UP!!

Bring me Liberty

Donation Ticker Update



DAYS LEFT: 7 (May 13th midnight)

Ticker: 7:20pm pdt/10:20pm edt $1,714,775.69

5/7/12 $1,714,775.69...+ $16,983.14...Total: + $108,696.33
5/6/12 $1,697,792.55...+ $ 9,112.13...Total: + $91,713.19
5/5/12 $1,688,680.42...+ $13,993.40...Total: + $82,601.06
5/4/12 $1,674,687.02...+ $22,216.76...Total: + $68,607.66
5/3/12 $1,652,470.26...+ $24,627.33...Total: + $46,390.90
5/2/12 $1,627,842.93...+ $21,763.57
5/1/12 $1,606,079.36...Ron Paul Money Request Received for $650-850,000.

Thanks for your support!

Please BUMP - Ron needs more money.

So...$108,000 in 7

So...$108,000 in 7 days...somehow I don't think he will reach that goal of $850,000 by the end of the next 7 days.

At this point, the ticket is nothing but a downer. Ron Paul asked for money and so far, he is getting LESS than he was getting 2 weeks ago. And even after the state victories over the weekend, the donations are DROPPING. Even though there were mini bombs over the weekend. I honestly don't think he has EVER received less than $10,000 in a day before Sunday.


There is a money bomb on the 17th

We will prob double what Paul is asking for

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Low Donation Days....

...are Sundays....and Saturdays

Many don't do money then for 'personal' reasons.

No, it's not the first time.

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Ha ha ha ha ha

I didn't know there was a money bomb going on!



Fight the NWO!!!

Donation Ticker Update



DAYS LEFT: 8 (May 13th midnight)

Ticker: 4:58pm pdt/7:58pm edt $1,697,792.55

5/6/12 $1,697,792.55...+ $ 9,112.13...Total: + $91,713.19
5/5/12 $1,688,680.42...+ $13,993.40...Total: + $82,601.06
5/4/12 $1,674,687.02...+ $22,216.76...Total: + $68,607.66
5/3/12 $1,652,470.26...+ $24,627.33...Total: + $46,390.90
5/2/12 $1,627,842.93...+ $21,763.57
5/1/12 $1,606,079.36...Ron Paul Money Request Received for $650-850,000.

Thanks for your support!

Please BUMP - Ron needs more money.

Money Bomb Update


Mini Bomb NOW! Please Join Us here:


DAYS LEFT: 9 (May 13th midnight)
MONEY NEEDED: $811,319.58 ($2.5 million - original goal)

Ticker: 2:48pm pdt/5:48pm edt $1,688,680.42

5/5/12 $1,688,680.42...+ $13,993.40...Total: + $82,601.06
5/4/12 $1,674,687.02...+ $22,216.76...Total: + $68,607.66
5/3/12 $1,652,470.26...+ $24,627.33...Total: + $46,390.90
5/2/12 $1,627,842.93...+ $21,763.57
5/1/12 $1,606,079.36...Ron Paul Money Request Received

Thanks for your support!

Please BUMP bomb threads - Ron needs more money.

Why do you bother counting up

Why do you bother counting up to $2.5 million/ That number is long gone. Ron Paul said he needed that almowst a MONTH ago. HE wanted more than he got on that last one to spend more on ads and stuff. He didn't get it and had to cut back on ads, virtually conceding this Tuesday entirely to Romney.

Let's say these next 10 days DID bring it up to $2.5 million (which it won't) it is not like you can say "WE succeeded in the money bomb goal!

Face the reality that the3 flow of money coming in is slowing in a big way. The campaign is going to have to get even more lean than it already is if it igoing to finish strong. And he NEEDS to win a primary. There is simply no way he can let Romney take over 500 delegates that are bound from the upcoming states and still think there is ANY chance.

Before long, look for staff to be let go to try to conserve money. $15,000 a day is probably barely enough to pay their salaries alone. And we know Ron Paul won't go into the red even for a few days, or even by $100.

how scared are you guys....really

this is becoming hilarious. talk about full blown panic to have people like you show up and start trying to post stuff that will not affect the RP movement at all and only make you guys look more and more terrified. you can't stop this movement now that its reach critical mass but keep posting these things so we can enjoy watching you squirm, i enjoy reading these "new member" posts.


Weren't you just banned?
And now you are back?

Why do we count up?

Because that's the way the campaign made it; it's a mirror ticker and they didn't reset it but asked for more money...so supporters are trying their best to give it to him.

Don't most donation money tickers count up? Maybe because it's more positive and less restrictive....counts the totals infinitely as donations come in and, unless one is extremely psychic, one doesn't know what those numbers will be.


Well "smokey", Yes, Ron Paul runs on funds from the people and some of us thanks to the economy can't afford huge donations. The fact that we donate everything we can says a lot about true devotion and enthusiasm to our cause. Our cause is not "anyone but obama", it is to actually facilitate positive change and turn our country in the right direction.

Regardless of the moneybomb...truth will win. You will see. By the time of the convention, Romney's fruad and the fraud of his campaign and the news media will be fully exposed and all the delegates there will have just cause to refuse to vote him in.

These are good americans that romney and the news media are deceiving, and when they wake up....you're done. No rule will stand that forces delegates at the national to vote for a criminal.

Don't be mad because we're taking Maine and Nevada

from you crooked bastards and the rest of the caucus states which will stop Romney's climb.. Don't worry.. You act like every state left is a winner take all? All we need to do is keep getting a percentage of them to stop him first round and a few more little neat tricks.. and boom.. upset in the making.

We'll see you at Tampa buddy.

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So maybe it's time to hit up Goldman Sachs

for some big bucks so he can keep campaigning and say ... uh ... what?

All ur comments so pessimistic

And you've only been a member for 5 hours!!!!

Thank You For Your Generous Donation!

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Love and Gratitude to the Ron Paul Revolution

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

If you have maxed out your donation to RP, then by all means

donate to C4L. We are all on the same team!

~Your perception becomes your reality~

Campaign For Liberty No Longer Same Team......

....in my opinion (and others').

Have you phoned them? Talked with people there at length?
Do you know who works there and runs the show? Troubles they've had?
What their goals are now?
What they do or accomplish or NOT!

At this time, I would not and could not support them or recommend supporting them. In fact, I highly recommend not supporting them.

There are other ways people can contribute if they have maxed out.

[or help the jobless, homeless, and hungry (or just enjoy THEMselves) sorry for the negative facts :( very sad]

Well, In my opinion

Mr Six Weeks, we don't know who you are either.

But you seem to be very intent on telling people what they should do with their money

Money Advice

I am a 15 month lurker and honest person.....and....you are correct, I tell people what to do with their money -- which usually entails informing them as much as possible and to their comprehension and understanding the good and/or the bad, the risks and/or the rewards, the positives and/or the negatives, so that they may prepare, plan, decide and choose what is best for themselves and their situation. If they want something that is not in their best interest, I may or may not help them depending on how much harm may result, how serious the harm, and how much I think and/or feel they comprehend.

I do what is right, ethical, and moral.

I fight for Truth, Justice, and The American Way! ;) (without the cape and tights)

Then perhaps

you should post all the same pertinent information about yourself, that you insist others ask the CFL, as you cast aspersions on them.

I suspect you are a Ron Paul Forums person, who works on the money bombs over there, and thinks that nothing is as important as your money bombs, and deters anyone from putting their money anywhere else.
That has been the routine that we see over here from RPF, and it's UNWANTED.
The last time some RPF trolls were here doing this, quite a few got banned, and for good reason.

RPF Troll

I'm not a troll. Heard of RPF Forum here on DP, but know nothing about them.
I have things in common with Ron Paul, but I'm not Ron Paul either.
It's not my money bomb, I'm not getting any money, I was just trying to help out. Either C4L or RP PCC is requesting the money. And it's not an aspersion if true. (Did you check it out as other posters confirmed?)

Since you are so knowledgeable, rude, and offensive....do you want to help them out? I can find other things to do where I'm more appreciated. And when Ron doesn't have the money he needs to go all the way, I hope you take responsibility for being a causative factor in that and all it entails because you attacked and alienated the supporters who exhausted themselves working so hard for the cause. You suspect and speak on things of which you know not.

And since you are so adamant on not having money bombs, why don't you tell that to Ron Paul personally. If you're a troll, that won't be a problem for you.