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The Paul campaign called last night requesting either $650,000 or $850,000 in the next two weeks

But I don't see a ticker here or at the campaign website (I mailed $100 today). Anyone else get such a phone call ?

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I got a PHONE REQUEST for funds for RON PAUL.
I GAVE via Credit Card..was Ok ..BUT...
It's come to my ATTENTION that the CA$H went to C4L,CLUTE TX......
.....Campaign For Liberty........
(They even "patched in" a recorded message from RP)

...I REALLY intended it to go DIRECTLY to RP2012.
Thanks to my fellow DPers for alerting me...I'm doing the same for you....AND DONATING AGAIN to the MAY 5th MONEYBOMB!
Thanks people!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I did not know that there was

I did not know that there was a May 5th money bomb!

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

Ifyou were conned - contact the police



Very deceptive! WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS? Especially when Presidential Campaign really needs and wants the money?!

I'd ask for a refund or stop payment.

Then re-donate it or keep it since you already re-donated.

Thanks for posting, sharing and donating.

[Please vote this message up if you think we should make a separate topic thread on this with title to warn everyone. Something like: Ron Donation Calls NOT Going To Ron? :( Beware!

Other Title suggestions? Thanks for input.]

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consider yourself spotted

and you can't just, well, I won't say. But not sure who the "us" you're referring to would be. However, I appreciate the deep "concern" you appear to have regarding my finances.

RP Supporters and DPers....

...who intended for their donations to be going directly to the official Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign and seems instead to be going elsewhere.

That's who the 'us' is.
Actually, I don't have concern for 'your' finances. Only the nice people who care where their money is going.

CLUTE, TX .....(703)

Maybe the Presidential Campaign never changed Ron's 'dba'/vendee name with the Vendor that processes his incoming payments; so the check by phone, credit, and debit cards still show Campaign for Liberty?

If they count toward your donation maximum, per web total, then one knows it is going to his Presidential campaign.

I never received a call

I never received a call but I only donate to the official campaign site, as should everybody:


Amount: $100.00
Transaction ID: 358673xxx
Transaction date/time: 2012-05-05 08:xx:xx



"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

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Got one too the other day

and I happily donated $50. He's going for his tried and true $$ base, which is solid. Much like Romney, except we're talking completely different $$ bases, aren't we, now?

I got that call tonight

but to be honest it didn't sound right. Dr. Paul's comments were made very fast and almost like it was pasted together. When the human returned after the recorded message, I said that I would only donate to the Ron Paul campaign website, not via check over the phone. And I will, if there is a legitimate money bomb from the campaign.

I also got a call

I told them I would donate online also...LOL we are such a trusting bunch aren't we?

I can't comment on the calls

I can't comment on the calls directly because I haven't heard it yet, they might be legit, but it's always a good idea to be safe and donate online or by sending a check to the address on the campaign site.

WearsMyLiberty.com - Liberty shirts and Ron Paul shirts to spread the message

Campaign Donations Update


Mini Bomb May 5th!!! TOMORROW! Please Join Us.


DAYS LEFT: 10 (May 13th midnight)
MONEY NEEDED: $825,312.98 ($2.5 million - original goal)

Ticker: 2:53pm pdt/5:53pm edt $1,674,687.02

5/4/12 $1,674,687.02...+ $22,216.76...Total: + $68,607.66
5/3/12 $1,652,470.26...+ $24,627.33...Total: + $46,390.90
5/2/12 $1,627,842.93...+ $21,763.57
5/1/12 $1,606,079.36...Ron Paul Money Request Received

It's a movin'! (minimum 2x+ more than usual)

Keep it up!

Please BUMP!

(minimum 2x+ more than

(minimum 2x+ more than usual)

Thankfully for Ron paul, that is not even close to being true since that implied that he had been averaging $10,000 a day before. He hasn't. Maybe right after the last money bomb he had 1 or 2 days like that. But for the most part, he has been getting between $15-20,000 a day. So it really hasn't picked up all that much.

Still not even close to the average he needs to reach even $650,000 in 2 weeks. A simple phone call from the campaign won't do mucyh. Most donors will never get that message.

And to be honest...I think many people are starting to get annoyed with how the campaign is spending their hard earned money. Spending it all to hold big parties on college campuses, which does NOTHING to actually get new voters. And virtually ignoring every state leading up to Texas and California, pretty much conceding several hundred bound delegates to Romney. Putting him within 100 of the clincher with still 500+ to go from Texas on. (90 or which are guaranteed Romney wins in NJ and Utah)

Sorry..But Saturday state convention wins are NOT going to get Ron Paul nominated. And a lot of people don't want to throw good money after bad.

The people who buy into the abstaining nonsense and who think that Ben Swann is some kind of intelligent journalsit rather than just a dinky local affilaite with no expertise whatsoever on politics, are the ones who have already maxxed out.

And To Be Honest...

..You've been "TROLLing" on the DP for some HOURS now.
Mittens must be as DESPARATE as YOU!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Thank You MODS!

..He's Background now..like a bad dream, BYE VINNYT !

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!


Thanks for your input.
I'm pretty good at math.

The last official money bomb was 4/15/12 for $2.5 million.
It was extended to 4/17/12 and reached around $1.4 million on 4/20/12.

4/14/12 11:36pm edt $535.52
4/15/12 12:00am edt $3251.10
4/16/12 12:00am edt $801,260.35
4/20/12 5:26pm edt $1,401,977.69

As of 12am pdt 4/21/12 the ticker read $1,409,430.59
On 4/21 I hosted a Mini Bomb.
4/22/12 $1,420,120.63
4/23/12 $1,429,826.50
4/26-4/27 another Mini Bomb hit $1.5 million ended at $1,526,966.09
4/28/12 $1,535,963.93
5/1/12 $1,606,079.36 Money Bomb

I dunno? Numbers seem better during bombs?

What are you suggesting?
Do you want us to stop? ;)
Are you having a bad day? Just bored?
6 negative comments in 4 hours since you joined?

Ron Paul is really smart and inspiring!
Maybe you'll feel better after hearing him speak?
Or.... watch this:

Always cheers me up! :D

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Hey, I know, maybe he should start whoring himself

to the sleazes over at Goldman Sachs. THEN he'll be the "likely nominee" but he damn sure won't get our support. Kappish?

Thanks Professor Positive...

I don't hear any grand ideas from any of your comments...just criticism...You can say what you want...that's cool...but it really does nothing positive for the cause...If that is what you are shootin' for...because your tone of dispair is not healthy.

received several calls

... will donate as much as possible on next paycheck. In it to win it, byatches!

IMPORTANT! Donation Ticker Update (Please Read)

**IMPORTANT! PLEASE, Spread the word!
If you get a phone call asking to donate for Ron Paul, PLEASE tell them YOU WILL DONATE ONLINE.

Then you can donate online here:
Please Donate here: https://secure.ronpaul2012.com/

Or by mail to the address here:
If you would like to send a paper check, please send it to:
Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Committee
845 Plantation Drive
Clute, TX 77531


...to show the true money given to fulfill Ron Paul's request.

Which is...he needs another $650-850 THOUSAND by May 14th....totaling $2.25-2.5 MILLION on the donation ticker.

And some phone donations are not going there. :(

Please BUMP THIS and Vote Up!

Thank You.


Mini Bomb May 5th!!!


DAYS LEFT: 11 (May 13th midnight)
MONEY NEEDED: $847,529.74 ($2.5 million - original goal)

Ticker: 2:45pm pdt/5:45pm edt $1,652,470.26

5/3/12 $1,652,470.26...+ $24,627.33...Total: + $46,390.90
5/2/12 $1,627,842.93...+ $21,763.57
5/1/12 $1,606,079.36...Ron Paul Money Request Received

It's a movin'! (minimum 2x+ more than usual)


Spread the word! We can do this!

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Celebrate the avalanche of good news

No need to wait for May 5, there is so much exciting news flooding in that we should be motivated to scrape some more together for the campaign right away. We feed off each other; the excitement is intoxicating! Onward to victory!

Here are your transaction details:
Donation amount: $50.00
Transaction date/time: 2012-05-02 23:36:07
Transaction ID: 46X47192LR003544V

A link to the mini money bomb!

Meet The Goal Please!!!!

I have not been visiting DP for long, but I do notice that they talk and post a lot but when it comes time to contribute and donate - forget about it - the biggest tightwad campaign supporters in history. Just whe we need to pick up th epace a little in the money area DP and RP supporters are going to drop the ball - mark my words. End result - in about 4 weeks RP announces the end of his campaign - siting monetary constraints to be competitive. Hope the grassroots can pull off some more delegate upsets and dominations.

Ron Paul 2012

Donate directly to the campaign if people want more security

URGENT! Campaign For Liberty

I'm somewhat upset if, as a poster stated, the robo call donations are going to "Campaign For Liberty".

My donations for the ticker go to Ron Paul 2012 (Presidential Campaign Committee).

I searched "Campaign For Liberty" and it is a different entity. I don't feel comfortable giving to them.

Is our ticker progress being stifled unknowingly by giving over the phone where not intended, rather than at:



Contributions or gifts to Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Committee are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes.

If you would like to send a paper check, please send it to:
Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Committee
845 Plantation Drive
Clute, TX 77531

Or are donations to both entities being totaled and credited for RonPaul2012 PCC?

If not, I'd get a refund and re-donate. But that's just me.

I believe Campaign for

I believe Campaign for Liberty is a Ron Paul pac. As long as you go to ronpaul2012.com, it goes to his campaign.

C4L has my support

... for the long haul. Remember: the fucking miserable humanity-hating commies who ruined this republic did so on a fifty-year timeline. Adjust your counter-rloveution expectations accordingly.

Was told in a fb debate I had

Was told in a fb debate I had that if I liked Libertarianism so much, I should move to Somalia b/c that's about as Libertarian as it gets. We have a lot of educating to do. One great way is to donate to the Paul campaign.

I just donated. Anyone care to match?

Amount: $25.00
Transaction ID: 358035766
Transaction date/time: 2012-05-02 19:28:38

I got a call today. They need

I got a call today. They need money I guess as the last bomb fell short of what they needed. We are so close, we just have to find more money for this campaign somehow..

Crickett, your donation is

Crickett, your donation is now completePayment by PayPal
Confirmation number: 38L26298XN295341R.
An email with your donation details has been sent