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*Heads Up: Ben Swann Received an Email Regarding Charlie Webster's "Invited" "Temporary Chair" for the Maine GOP Convention

Ben just posted this heads-up email from ME delegate, Matt McDonald, on his FB page https://www.facebook.com/BenSwannRealityCheck
Here's the full content minus comments:

Talked with Matt McDonald a delegate getting ready for this weekend's Maine GOP Convention. He shared this email with me that was sent out by Charlie Webster (the State Chairman who announced Romney had won Maine with 3 counties yet to vote). The email notifies delegates that the Maine leadership has "invited" Charles L. Cragin to preside as chairman over the Maine State Convention. I'm sure that Mr. Cragin is a wonderful man but surely Mr. Webster means "temporary chair" because wouldn't the chairman have to be nominated and voted on from the floor?

Below is the first part of that email.. thanks Matt for sending this over.

Judge Cragin Invited to Chair
Maine GOP Convention

(Augusta, ME) Charles L. Cragin of Raymond, Maine, the former Chief Judge of the U.S. Board of Veterans' Appeals, has been invited to preside at the Maine Republican State Convention being held in Augusta on May 5-6. "We are pleased and honored that Judge Cragin has agreed to serve as Chairman of the convention", said Charles W. Webster, Chairman of the Maine Republican Party. "Judge Cragin has a reputation for fairness, objectivity and integrity. He presided at several Maine GOP conventions prior to going to the Board of Veterans' Appeals in Washington and we are delighted to have him serve in that capacity once again", Webster added.

With my apologies to SteveMartin who posted this info 4/30, I'd like to include it's link with all the excellent comments. Steve's right, this is old news except now Ben Swann is involved. (Steve, maybe you could consider my post a gigantic bump of your post now, ha. Better yet, post it under Maine if you still can.)

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Don't Like the Implication

The implication is the event might need special oversight by a judge closely connected to Homeland Security, so it sounds very "staged". This needs a lot of exposure before the fact. Webster is the one who needs oversight, not the peace-loving Ron Paul supporters who will be for standing for truth.




E Pluribus Unum

This is old news:


"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

My bad, Steve-

I 'assumed' since it wasn't posted under Maine it wasn't posted. Duh. I hope u don't mind, I updated my post to include urs. The comments were excellent and this at least should keep it on the front burner for awhile longer.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

np at all....

We all pitch in!

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Hey Cragin

Remember when you stood up for all the American soldiers who were exposed to DU and the health nightmares that ensued? And how you traveled the country presenting evidence of the grossly deformed children of Iraqis who live amongst the radiological remnants to this day?


I heard a big snow storm is

I heard a big snow storm is coming this weekend in Maine.

Isnt it against the rules to appoint someone as temp chair even if the convention hasnt started? If so isnt the email proof of breakng the rule?

Check rule 15 that just got adopted for this weekend....

The Rules of the Maine Republican Party
To be Adopted at the Convention on May 5, 2012

Rule 1. In compliance with election law as described in Title 21A Maine Revised Statutes Annotated (MRSA), Article 111, Section 321, the State Convention of the Republican Party shall be held biennially between March 1st and August 1st during a general election year. In order to provide for all requirements of the law and the Republican Party, the 2014 State Convention will be comprised of general sessions, caucuses of delegates representing each Congressional District, and caucuses of delegates representing each of the sixteen counties.

Further, in compliance with Title 21A, Section 321A, the date, place and basis of representation for the Convention shall be determined by the State Committee. This business shall be addressed by the State Committee no later than May of each odd-numbered year.

Rule 2. In compliance with Title 21A, Section 321B, the proceedings of the State Convention shall include:

a. Election of a secretary and chairman of the convention in that order;

b. Adoption of General Rules of the party and Proceedings of the next convention;

c. Adoption of a platform for the next general election;

d. Convening County Caucuses;

e. Convening District Caucuses;

f. Election of members of the state committee (see General Rule 3a); and

g. Presidential election year only:

1) Election of a national committeeman and committeewoman;
2) Election of delegates and alternates to the Republican national convention.

Rule 3. In compliance with National Republican Party Rules, election of delegates, alternates, and filling of vacancies to the National Convention shall be conducted as follows:

a. The total number of delegates and alternates shall be determined by the formula set forth in the rules adopted by each national convention. Of such total number, three (3) delegates and three (3) alternates shall be elected in the District Caucus of each congressional district and the remainder of said delegates and alternates shall be elected at-large by the convention as a whole.

b. There shall be no automatic delegates to the national convention selected by virtue of party position or elective office, except as provided by the rules of the Republican National Committee.

c. In the event of a vacancy caused by the death, disqualification, or resignation of any delegate prior to the convening of the convention, the alternate delegate who received the greatest number of votes will be selected to fill the vacancy. If there is more than one vacancy, the same procedure shall be followed in descending order of votes cast for alternates.

d. In the event of any ambiguities, inconsistencies, or unforeseen circumstances, these rules shall be interpreted and construed by the Executive Committee whose interpretation and construction shall be final and binding when made in accordance with applicable legal principles.

Rule 4. The proceedings of the district caucuses shall include:

a. Election of a secretary and a chairman of the caucus in that order;

b. Election of members to the district committee;

c. Addresses by candidates for the district representative to the U.S. Congress;

d. In a presidential election year and in compliance with National Republican Party Rules, three (3) delegates and three (3) alternates shall be elected from each district to the Republican National Convention;

e. Other business to come before the caucus; and

f. Adjournment.

Rule 5. The proceedings of the county caucuses shall include:

a. Call to order by the state committeeman or state committeewoman for the county, but if both are absent, then by any member of the caucus;

b. Election of a caucus secretary;

c. Election of a caucus chairman who shall also serve as chairman of the county delegation to the state convention and district caucus;

d. Ratification of existing county committee bylaws without amendments. Amendments to county bylaws may be made at county committee meetings in accordance with the rules and procedures set forth in the county bylaws;

e. Nomination of members of the district committee (see General Rule 13);

f. Election of county committee members previously nominated by municipal caucuses;

g. Nomination of members to the state committee (see General Rule 3a);

h. Other business to come before the caucus; and

i. Adjournment.

Rule 6. A Standing Resolutions (Platform) Committee shall be established no later than March 30th of each odd numbered year, to serve until the biennial state convention. The Standing Resolutions Committee shall create and present to the State Convention a proposed platform for the following general election. The draft platform shall be completed no later than October 1st of each odd numbered year. The Standing Resolutions Committee may consider revisions to the draft platform until March 15th of the even numbered year.

Revisions to the draft Platform may be proposed by any enrolled Republican provided it has been formally submitted to the Chairman of the Standing Resolutions Committee on the Platform Revision Request Form.

The Standing Resolutions Committee shall meet to consider each proposed revision and to finalize the proposed platform by April 1st.

Rule 7. The Standing Resolutions Committee shall be constituted as follows:

a. One member to be elected by each Republican County Committee;

b. One Republican member of the State Senate appointed by the ranking member;

c. One Republican member of the House of Representatives appointed by the ranking member;

d. One member appointed by the Chairman of the Republican State Committee;

e. One member appointed by each member of the Maine Republican Congressional Delegation; and

f. When a Republican, the Governor or his designee.

Rule 8. The Standing Resolutions Committee shall be convened by the Chairman of the State Committee at such time and place as the Chairman may direct after the Committee is established, but no later than April 15th of each odd numbered year. The Committee shall organize itself by the election of a Chairman and Secretary. In case of the death or resignation of any member, said member shall be replaced in the same manner as the member was originally chosen.

Rule 9. Amendments to the proposed Platform may be made on the floor of the Convention in accordance with the following procedures:

a. Amendments or additional planks shall be made on an individual basis and submitted in writing to the Maine Republican Party on or before 11:00 a.m. ten (10) days prior to the opening day of the convention.

b. Such amendments or additional planks shall be signed by at least ten (10) delegates to the convention representing at least three (3) counties.

c. Upon receipt, the proposed amendments or additional planks shall be date and time stamped.

d. Proposed amendments or additional planks shall be printed and distributed to all delegates and alternates with their credentials.

e. A proposed amendment shall be addressed on the floor of the Convention only after a sponsor has formally moved for its consideration.

Rule 10. The convention shall proceed in accordance with the order of business prepared and printed by the Executive Committee of the Republican State Committee.

Rule 11. The voting procedure at the convention shall be as follows:

a. Each elected delegate shall be provided a voting card with the delegate’s name and municipality boldly printed upon it.

b. When the presiding officer calls for a vote on any motion not requiring a written ballot, the presiding officer may call for either a voice vote or ask the delegates to raise their voting cards.

c. If either a vote with voting cards or a voice vote does not clearly decide the issue, the presiding officer may call for a revote with cards. The presiding officer will direct aides to count the votes.

Rule 12. The Chairman of the Maine Republican Party shall appoint a committee of nine (9) state committee members to constitute the Committee on Credentials. The Secretary of the State Committee shall receive all such credentials and present them to the Committee on Credentials for consideration. The Committee on Credentials may appoint such subcommittees as it deems fit to receive the evidence relating to any controversy, or relating to any other matter on credentials, and to make recommendations to the committee.

Rule 13. The lists of delegates submitted by the municipal caucuses shall constitute the temporary roll call of delegates and, except as the Committee on Credentials shall otherwise decide, such lists shall constitute the permanent roll. Any challenge to a delegate’s right to sit shall be filed in writing with the Secretary of the State Committee before the first session of the convention shall recess. Any ruling or decision of the Committee on Credentials shall be subject to final action by the convention.

Rule 14. The delegates and alternates to the state convention, the district caucuses, and the respective county caucuses must be residents of the municipality, county and district which they represent. If a full complement of delegates cannot be present at any session of the state convention, any session of a district caucus, or the respective county caucuses, any municipal delegation without a full complement of delegates may fill vacancies from the list of alternates presented before the start of the convention. Each person appointed to fill a vacancy shall be a resident of that particular municipality which he represents. No such person shall serve as delegation chairman.

Rule 15. Each municipal and county delegation shall have a delegation chairman. If a delegation chairman is temporarily absent, that person shall appoint another delegate to serve as the interim delegation chair.

It is the responsibility of the county chairman or delegation chairman to confirm that all municipal delegation chairmen are present. If a municipal delegation chairman is absent, the county chairman or delegation chairman shall appoint a replacement delegation chairman and shall notify the convention office of the new chairman’s name.

Rule 16. Unless any municipal caucus has provided otherwise, alternates will succeed to the position of an absent delegate by a random drawing.

Rule 17. Should the convention chair order a voice vote from the delegates, and there is an objection to this method, any objecting delegate may ask for a Point of Order and ask for reconsideration of the voting procedure.

Rule 18. A roll call vote of the convention shall be taken on demand of the chairmen of the caucuses of eight (8) counties. Whenever a roll call vote is required, municipal delegation chairmen shall poll their delegations and deliver the responses promptly to the chairmen of the county delegations, in writing. The county chairmen shall tally the results of the municipal delegations and deliver the results promptly to the state convention or district caucus chair in writing. Counties, or in county caucuses, municipalities, may be called upon in alphabetical order to announce their results.

Rule 19. No delegate shall speak more than twice upon the same question and no longer than three (3) minutes at a time unless by leave of the convention.

Rule 20. During voting, seating in the delegate area shall be reserved solely for delegates with proper credentials. Absent such credentials, no one except officers of the convention shall be admitted to the section of the convention hall apportioned for delegates.

Rule 21. All elections shall be conducted by secret ballot except for uncontested offices, elections of convention or caucus officers, or ceremonial offices. In these cases, the chairman may call for delegates to indicate their preference as per Rule 11 of the Convention Rules. For all elections, a call for additional nominations from the floor shall be issued by the chairman. Each delegate shall be allowed to cast one vote and shall not vote by proxy.

a. Balloting for state, district and county positions shall only be conducted with a quorum of the full assembly of the caucus with jurisdiction over the office under consideration. A candidate must garner a plurality of votes to prevail.

b. In a presidential election year, balloting for National Committeeman and National Committeewoman shall only be conducted while the full convention is in session and, once initiated, must continue uninterrupted until a victor is ascertained. A candidate must garner a majority of votes (50% +1) to prevail in a balloted election. In the event no candidate attains a majority of votes cast, a runoff election shall be conducted between the two candidates with the most votes.

Rule 22. There shall be a Convention Ballot Committee formed to tally the ballots for each election and to report the results to the convention or caucus chairman. The Convention Chairman shall appoint an Election Warden from each Congressional District to oversee the tallying of ballots for all elections at the convention. The Election Wardens shall appoint at least two (2) delegates from each of the sixteen counties to serve on the Ballot Committee. With the exception of the offices of national convention delegate and national convention alternate, no member of the Convention Ballot Committee shall be a candidate for any office that is subject to a balloted election. Each candidate or their representative may be present to observe the tally of ballots.

Rule 23. In the event of changes in state statute, the Rules and Procedures Committee shall report such changes and present appropriate language for amending these Rules to the State Committee for ratification.

Rule 24. Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall be the Rules of this Convention so far as they are applicable and consistent with these rules as written.


when is good old Charlie up for re-election ?

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions


Please someone get video of the convention if it is possible. This guys bio is status quo all the way. Everyone brush up on the rules, I have a feeling we will need to know them inside and out. Good luck my friends from Maine!!!

If you're going down might as

If you're going down might as well take someone down with you.

Hello Maine!


Nice try Webster. You should

Nice try Webster. You should know better by now. Are you intentionally trying to stir up trouble at the convention? You know this is going to be contested and you're going to look like a bigger ass than you already are.

I didn't think

that was possible ghostofjefferson!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

There's something rotten in

There's something rotten in Denmark....and Maine. Smells like Charlie to me.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

replace Charlie Webster

... at the beginning of the meeting. Replace Charlie's boy too. Then get down to business of ousting the rest of the neo-cons and selecting liberty candidates. Win it!


Charles Cragin is Charlie Webster?

Very impressive resume if

one is into esteemed members of the military industrial complex, like Webster. I just hope the Judge brushes up on Robert's Rules of Order...he's gonna need 'em this time!

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

Judge Cragin won't win

I predict our guy will win chair of the State convention.

Cragin and Charlie Webster are going to be pretty surprised when this happens....

"If you put a gun to my head and said vote Romney/Gingrich/Santorum...I would say pull the trigger!"


interesting bio...

Everyone take a look at HowAbout's post above

This is not just some old soft potato, note the globalist glasses. His "rap" sheet - has his hands in everything, even Homeland Security. Be ready.

Unbelievable resume. This guy

Unbelievable resume. This guy is hard core..REALLY hardcore CFR-type. In fact, I have never read a scarier resume.

northstar's picture

Ben's on it

There's no shortage of real news for Reality Check :-)

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

Why don't they just invite Romney to chair the damn thing?

Perhaps Ted Nugent is free and he could do it.

Heads up Maine!!

Get some parliamentarians up in that piece STAT!

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

I wish Ben would

actually GO there.

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