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Rachel Maddow Talks Ron Paul Delegates

Thanks for the video link, ron_paul_is_awesome


"Ron Paul Won Minnesota & Washington State!" Rachel Maddow


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I Can't Wait

For the next update.

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Just in case Rachel is lurking... I have to say: Hey Rachel! I

just found out something that makes me respect you even more. According to Wiki your first date with your partner (of 13 years) was at an NRA "Ladies Day on the Range" event!!

Seriously, that's badass! :-D

Keep being awesome. And thanks again for your honest pieces covering Dr. Paul! I hope they continue after he wins the GOP nomination and goes up against Obama in Nov. :)


please remember to look for duplicate threads before posting

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."



I was the filmer of that Alaskan delegates booing the establishment and chanting Ron Paul video!! It made it on the news - what a surprise!

Though, the version they used looks so low quality like it was recorded by a microwave rather than a nice camera.

Here is my HD original right here:


No one can find a safe way out if society is sweeping towards destruction. Everyone,in his own interests, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle. None can stand aside with unconcern; the interests of everyone hang on the result. - LvM

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Please do more.

Show the crowds, Rachel, show the huge crowds Ron Paul is pulling in at his events. There is a real story here not being told that you could claim. History will have you remembered for doing so. Just think about it.


I know at least one of you is a paid member of the DP since the screenshot from that one time was without ads... again, thanks for contributing! :)

Here's an idea to make your life easy: just pick one of the many kick ass video clips people have already made that show many of the various events Dr. Paul has been at w/ thousands and thousands of people! No editing required, just click the play button. ;)


I agree show us that journalist in you!

"capitalism should not be condemned,since we havent had capitalism."
Dr.Ron Paul

Rachel, please read this! Just for the record, I like you!

I heard a rumor she is on the DP, so Rachel: just wanted to say I enjoy your show, and to me you come across as witty, personable and thorough. (Didn't hear of you until I heard of Dr. Paul a couple months ago, but then I live in Norway and also rarely watch T.V.) Thanks for covering Ron Paul--you brighten my day, whether you intend to or not! :) I'm a conservative liberal-tarian (just in case you'd like to know more about your fans), which means I leaned pretty much left until recently learning more about monetary policy and how government programs actually rip people off in the long run (especially if paid for by inflation). I'm a government employee in a socialist country and a great fan of everybody helping everybody else out but am often frusterated by the inefficiency of our system. I really think Dr. Paul is onto something, and am hoping against hope for a Paul presidency!

    [ A little European food for thought: Sweden's Public Downsizing ]

Thanks, whoever put the

Thanks, whoever put the article link on there! Interesting.

    [ we SO appreciate our Norwegian friends :) ]

Ooh, like that link even better--awesome!

Love being a small little drop, it's good company! Someone say flood warning?

She is actually Alright

I do not have cable or anything like that (just internet), but she has been better than most.

Dear Rachel

While I admire your work and like your passion for telling the truth, in the same time I would like for you to take a look at the history of America, you don't have to go back many years, just read about the Democratic Convention in 1968 before you ended this part of your show asking if there will be "gladiators" on the Republican convention.

Just to make sure that we agree that Lyndon B. Johnson (D) was the president in 1968. Here is a documentary about the events leading to and in the Democratic Convention in 1968:

part 1: http://youtu.be/mddG0hdgP0c
part 2: http://youtu.be/umumHKIgkkI
part 3: http://youtu.be/LB8gkkbf_Zk
Part 4: http://youtu.be/GaqVaugcIf0

Something tells me we could

Something tells me we could be seeing more of this in the very near future. It's too big for media to ignore. We are playing by the rules and seizing power. Soon they will be forced to reconcile with the movement or suffer the exposure of being obsolete.

This Politics Stuff

Just keeps gettin' gooder and gooder.

Rachel Maddow - I don't love ya much, but I love ya for at least covering this, even if you do it with a condescending smirk. It's clear you're just happy to see the GOP in what you probably perceive as self-destruct mode.

Your party's time is coming, don't you worry, sister. Then we'll see about that smirk.

To all haters out there

please just shut up. Most of us did not just join the rEVOLution cause we're stupid and did it cause someone told us to love liberty. I did my research and finally woke up after years of being misled. And the fact some have to use vulgar language to talk about her or her sexuality just makes us look like the close-minded people we are trying to replace and reaffirms to the unawakened their false perceptions of us. I used to support Bush, am I now gonna be labeled a fake RP supporter because I saw the light later on? She may not see everything RP's way, but hell I don't think most of our general supporters agree with every single little thing he does either. And we sure ain't gonna win her over by bashing her for her reporting on the doc. We have to stop putting ourselves on the pedestal and appreciate the good that comes out of her reporting on the good doctor instead of hating on her. She could easily just ignore us and then what do we get out of it? So I end with this, Ms. Maddow, thank you for reporting on our campaign strategy, even though you may have some other motives behind it. I, along with Dr. Paul and the rest of his APPROACHABLE supporters, are willing to sit down with you and try to show you why our way is the best way for America, because I do think you are a closet libertarian or are open minded enough to consider our positions. Thank you, btw lesbian or not, I would take you out on a date, and no I do not think you look like Ron Paul ;)



Other than ...

... taking her on a date, I agree with what you said.

Anytime someone in the MPM (Mainstream Propaganda Media) does a FAIR piece on the Liberty Movement (Ron Paul or anyone else), it should be applauded for what it is: a fair piece.

Saying, "Yeah but..." is dishonest. We don't like it when the MPM says, "Yeah, Ron Paul might have a lot of young enthusiasts, BUT ..."

Whenever someone in the MPM does a propaganda piece, they should be called out for it. But when they do HONEST REPORTING, it should be applauded, no matter who it is that is doing the HONEST REPORTING.

That doesn't mean we're stupid. We know they get marching orders, but hey John Stossel was once a statist and he got turned around and became a great liberty champion in the MPM. So, you never know ...

Bump it baby!


A very good piece

but Maddow's Louisiana delegate count is not right. It will be changed at the State Convention.
Projected La delegate count : Ron Paul 20, Romney 11, Santorum 0, Abstentions 15.

See below link for reasons.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

That video gave me...

...a MULTIPLE ORGASM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH, OH, OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Rachel, we love you.

To the few with the negative comments,she gave us a very expensive gift! Thank her for it.
To the few Psychoanalyzing , questioning motivation, can't you just accept a gift?
Geeze people, why would anyone come to our aid or be nice to us. Separate yourself from those who help all you want, but your not helping our cause. Not exactly the way to win friends or influence people. I'm working to gain friends and/or help from anyone who will help. Think she is one of the very few investigative reporters left, and a good one! I may not agree with all her views but let me remind you, there are all shades of beliefs in both parties and many of Ron's supporters are democrats!
Think Rachel reads DP, if so:
THANK YOU for your coverage! Love your show, never miss it and your book is a great read!


Funny ...

... that Democrat Kool-Aid drinkers, who watch MSNBC, are more informed about the Republican Party process than are Republican Kool-Aid drinkers, who watch Fox.


Oh, the irony! Great point.

Oh, the irony! Great point.

According To 'Reality Check'....

Ron Paul took 74% of the delegates in the state of Louisiana. So either 'Reality Check' got it wrong or MSNBC got it wrong...

Maddow's characterization of R/P supporters taking over the caucuses like Louisiana, implies that there is something sinister or underhanded in winning delegates. Would she also characterize in the same way if Romney was doing the same.

I think we better beware of Mr. Maddow and her handlers at PMSNBC...

MSNBC is no friend of Ron Paul. Always remember that. I doubt that Maddow's handlers would continue to employee her for very long if she was blowing kisses to Ron Paul and his supporters. It is important that one listen carefully to what she is saying and how she is saying it.

If Ron Paul were a greater threat to Barack Obama and his re-election campaign, she would indeed begin attacking him as she does Romney.

She is using this segment to indicate that Romney may be in some kind of trouble in his quest to gain enough delegates to win the GOP nomination on the first ballot. If Ron Paul keeps winning the majority of delegates in others states, Romney may indeed become a very serious threat. But, make no mistake, she has no love for Ron Paul and the campaign for Liberty...

They are all Paul supporters,

They are all Paul supporters, the numbers reflect how they are bound.

Oh little lezbo Rachel

Ron Paul supporters don't "takeover", they simply "show up" or "do their part". They care about his message and are willing to get off the couch and do something about it. I've never been to a caucus before and neither had the high school kid that walked in beside me last weekend here in MA. But we did, and we are FAR from crazy. AND WE ARE WINNING!!! (not in a Charlie Sheen way either)

Great post

But you shouldn't call homosexuals what they are because it offends them just like they offend decent people. They are in your face with their decision yet when you call them what they are then they (the homos) start calling names and trowing out accusations blah blah blah. The best thing is to not address the subject of their deviance unless it is absolutely necessary.

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your post is good...

but you alienated people right off the bat and, now, nobody remembers your point

don't judge

Ron Paul

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I'm a Ron Paul supporter, I

I'm a Ron Paul supporter, I don't judge. But, I'm sure she's pissed.

Believe me, she's NOT helping the cause.

I could of left that out though. I'm not used to it actually offending people.

Yeah dude, not cool. Had to down vote your post based soley on

the title. Any fan of Ron Paul should, as far as I'm concerned, be in 100% agreement w/ me on the fact that no individual's sex, gender identity, or sexuality should matter at all. Ever. Agree or disagree w/ someone based on what he or she says, don't call them out on whether or not they fit into your preconceived notion of what a man or woman should look like or act like or who they should have sex with. It's just not relevant. That'd be like saying you hate Obama cause he's black, instead of because he's sh*tting all over the Constitution. We don't want to look like the assh*les we're trying to replace.