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Rachel Maddow Talks Ron Paul Delegates

Thanks for the video link, ron_paul_is_awesome


"Ron Paul Won Minnesota & Washington State!" Rachel Maddow


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pretty sure Romney only had 5 bound in LA

He was never expecting to have many there. I believe 5 were bound based on the original vote, but nothing more.

The rest must be party hacks,

The rest must be party hacks, aka super delegates!

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It looks to me like she's

It looks to me like she's taken the Jon Stewart approach to her delivery. Without the live audience and comedy writers though, it's more or less just 'smirky'. Maybe she should throw in a little Dennis Miller head bob and pencil thwaps.

By claiming there is no conspiracy, you prove to those who believe in the conspiracy that you are part of the conspiracy.


My thought, as well.

Thanks Rachel!

About a month ago, a friend of mine and I went out for drinks -- he is/was a Gingrich supporter -- and I shared with him what I felt might be happening with the Dr. Paul's delegate situation, which is coming to pass. While I'm glad that Rachel Maddow and a few others (thanks Ben!) are covering this, it's sad to me that my buddy and many like him will be blindsided by this news. He laughed/scoffed when I shared the possibility of Dr. Paul taking a lions share of the delegates.

Nothing in me wants to say to him, "I told you so." It's sad to me how tragically bad the MSM is with regard to the truth. It's a free country (well...) and they can run their business how they wish (again, well...), but I found myself discussing this with my children today -- informing my 12, 10 and 6 year old how skeptical they must be toward all things media. To never take what CNN, FOX news, MSNBC (and the likes of) or their reporters say at face value. It felt icky to engage them on this level, but it needed to be done. They'll be better for it. This whole thing just strikes me as ridiculous and sad.

May truth prevail! May Freedom ring! May our children, and their children, and their children have and possess true freedom in all of it's lovely forms!

Go Ron Paul!

Did someone say Dr.

Paul won a state???? One down, the rest to go!

I look at the Mitt "rallies" and his support is tepid at best

I suspect we are undoing legally the state win results that "they" chalked up illegally perhaps. I wish Ms Maddow would mention that maybe the overwhelming RP delegate numbers represent the popular vote in many places. Its not like she isnt aware of the fraud thats been reported throughout this process, afterall she's reported on it ad nauseum.

I've been thinking this too.

I've been thinking this too. What if many of the popular votes were cheated by officials and we are just taking the states back through delegates.

This dog will turn and

This dog will turn and bite.
Maddow doesn't sincerely support liberty.
She's on board with the fascists, progressives and communists.

She's just enjoying the show and hoping what appears to be in-fighting will weaken Obama's opposition.
She's smart enough to know he's failed miserably and she's hoping a GOP dust up with mask and distract voters fom the reality of Obama's wreckage.

Free media is free media. At

Free media is free media. At least she is actually reporting about Ron Paul wins even if she's doing it to server her own agenda. I actually wish the rest of the MSM would take a page from her book instead of ignoring us.


First people piss and moan that Ron Paul is being ignored.

Then when he does get coverage they piss and moan that the reporter is not a true believer and will eventually turn on us.

Cut me a break. I think many will never be happy. They enjoy pissing and moaning about everything.

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And that is fine

When fighting a revolution, you use whatever tool gets you to the next day. We know she will not stand by us - but who cares - she is a good tool to get attention - which we need. Wars is full of having to deal with nasty people you normally would never associate with. It is an ugly business - especially when trying a peaceful revolution.

On another note - I love how the screen shot catches the "Lean Forward" in the top right corner - coincidentally coinciding with Obama's campaign slogan - well not really a coincidence - this marketing campaign started long ago.
You know who's corner MSNBC is in and you know what corner Maddow is in. Play the game - help them with ratings now and they help get the name out. They then turn on us and we stop watching. Some look at it as selling out - others as a means to an end.

I hate to say it...

But this is going to happen with John Stewart as well. Maybe not as severely, but eventually it will happen.

lets ride that horse as long as we can..

.. ;)

can't say he didn't give fair warning

You're right about that, Rachel. You can't say he didn't warn ya...

"I always win!"

Love it! We can send this to her when he wins ^_^

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

Why is she always so smug when she speaks?

I'm glad that she's reporting on this, but she's only reporting on it because she loves the Democrat party and hates the Republican party which is why she'll jump on any opportunity to show that the Republican party is "fractured" and has some infighting...

All in all, some truthful news is better than no news.

To Tampa we go!

I also hate the Republican party...

That's why we should want to change it for the better. Vote all the S.O.B.'s out and get some new blood in.


But I see the Republican and Democrat parties as the same party... Rachel sees them as being different and likes the Democrat party...

Bottom line: She believes in the false dichotomy.

I dont think she believes it

I think the puppeteers know that every hero needs a villain. What good is superman if he has no lex luther? No joker to batman? How do you have class warfare without division? How do you promote a known failed idea in socialism without having an evil in capitalism?
And let's face it - the Republican's are playing their part well. If they were really fighting the other side they would tell Paul Ryan to shut the hell up. Yeh - we need a budget - but that is not something you bring up in an election year. Get control of the House and Senate - then you don't have to play the games - you just pass the damn thing. By letting him go out there and run his mouth - he is guaranteeing a loss for the party. And they know it.

tire of the juvenile behavior of singing all the songs of love

and praise when someone apparently supports your cause, then turn around and whine the loudest when you sense betrayal

perhaps it's time people start having an adult world view and understand that each person does things out of his self interest. you can be friendly to others and see their good parts, but thinking everyone is going to be like moms and dads to you just because they show signs of it is ludicrous

about time people raise their bars on just who is one of us and who isn't, and it doesn't have to be all friends or enemies. about time to shed the naivety.


Are you serious? You really think we are that stupid? I've always enjoyed her show, even before R.P announced his run for office. I don't agree with 3/4 of what she says, but I still like her show and like when she gives R.P. some media attention. At least she is talking about him. We aren't naive.


I think there are some very smart people on here - BUT - I also think there are some very umm- unrealistic - people - to be kind. Some on here really do have overly pollyannaish glasses on. They see this and really do want to believe Maddow is our friend and she will come to our side.

Rachel isn't that bad... She

Rachel isn't that bad... She is one of the FEW in the media that will cover Ron. She tends to be very thorough, and despite the heavy liberal bias from her, she does have some respect for Ron and his supporters. Heres a great example of when she argued in defense of Ron Paul. http://www.dailypaul.com/207007/video-msnbcs-lawrence-odonne...

I don't like her and never

I don't like her and never have, and she just likes watching Republicans "WHINE" but by gosh she mentioned RP's name more on one show than I think the rest of the MSM has in the previous 50.


"Take over". "Infiltration". "Outsiders being made appropriate". Tired of these descriptions. How about citizens motivated by a champion liberty to take part in the process with civility and respect and making serious headway to real change. I know it doesn't sound as catchy but it much closer to the truth.

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

I love it!

At least some positives not like Sunday where they wouldn't even say his name but talked about getting the "crazies" out of the way. lol

Thanks for the link


Says Ron Paul People to the Neocon establishment!!


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Bump it up - love it

Wish she would say inside she secretly likes Ron because he is right on undeclared perpetual war, the patriot act, and indefinite detention as outlined in NDAA

She likes us a little at least

of course she wants to tax the hell out of us all and force gov't health care on us and take all our guns away

but...........she hates the empire - and imagine an American that isn't an empire but an example of freedom and liberty to the entire world.

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Loved the way her energy went through this. She really wants to see Ron Paul win, but at the end of this she says, "What are they going to do, fight it out like gladiators at the republican convention...love this stuff" with a cute smirk on her face.

Eh, maybe she is a media presstitute, but she does support Ron Paul.