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Latest RASMUSSEN Shows How Ron Paul Is Basically Tied w/Obama

Here are the numbers from Daily Presidential tracking poll:

April 28-30
Obama 46%
Romney 46%

April 28-29
Obama 44%
Paul 42%

The 2 point difference is within the margin of error. This is effectively a tie.
Also to note, against Dr. Paul, Obama has less "support" (only 44% where it is 46% vs. Romney). This is significant and has been the case with Obama vs. Paul consistenly in the polling cycles.

This is an ASTOUNDING reality given that Dr. Paul has been marginalized by the GOP, ignored and/or mischaracterized by the media.

If the GOP was smart (I know), they would understand that numbers like this could be moved into landslide territory against Obama by embracing Dr. Paul as the alternative.

To me, this strongly argues not only that Dr. Paul is undeniably electable, but has the best potential for creaming Obama in a race where the media and GOP would treat it fairly.

But USE these numbers with as many people as possible. It's up to us to get the word around about his very real chances.

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These polls...

...are just as tainted and bought and paid for as the slime stream whore presstitute propaganda media machine is.

Just more media hype to continue the fast falling facade that the romney is the republican nomination. All just digits on a programed computer screen. They are losing ground fast along with any reputation for telling the truth, and the mass of the people are seeing it for what it is. More horse-ca-ca.



There are a lot of undecided voters in a Paul vs Obama race because they haven't been exposed to RP's ideas of liberty. Once RP gets the same amount of airtime as Obama, he'll be winning the race by double digits easily!

SPC Haas
82nd Airborne Infantry Division
2/504 P.I.R.

Ron E(a)RNEST Paul
truth is his middle name!

Exactly, so many haven't even

Exactly, so many haven't even heard Paul speak yet or what he stands for. Most Democrats and Independents in closed primary states haven't been paying much attention. But in the general election he'd have a lot more airtime and more people would be listening to find out what he's about.

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