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Has Anyone Read "Family Of Secrets"?

It's about the Bush family. I'm only about 100 pages in but it's a really interesting book so far. The author - Russ Baker - is a very good investigative reporter. There are a couple of podcasts regarding the book on Lew Rockwell's website...



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Dallas Book Depository

Nov. 22, 1963 was the start of America's choregraphed takeover. That is George Bush senior standing by the Dallas Book Depository in the photo taken on that fateful day, no doubt about it. Go figure from there. The book will enlighten you as to real evil.

Read it.

Loved it. The phrase "plausible deniability" comes to mind.
Also take a look at "Welcome to Terrorland" by Daniel Hopsicker. It is about Mohammed Atta and the Venice flying circus. Speaking of CIA and drug smuggling, check into the story of the two boys murdered in Mena Arkansas while Clinton was governor. While you are at it, take a look at Obama's maternal granddad. The CIA keeps popping up again and again.

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The book left me agape with incredulity...

..much like yesterday's video showing police picking up Occupy Kids in MN and driving them out to the airport to give them all the "Drugs of Choice" they wanted to consume. Holy hell...50+years of believing that this was the wonderful Land of OZ. Now all I can do is click my heels together repeatedly while whispering to myself...

The book does a very thourough job of placing Poppy front and center in the JFK bloodbath and closely touches on the same facts that Oswwald's girlfriend disparatly mentions in her account of Lee and his connections.

Apparently Oswald was a Patsy, he knew it was happening and had no one to turn to given the Cabal that was running him. Judy Baker says he was a Patriot working to kill Castro with a super cancer...until he became their fall guy.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Great book

As a follow up try "Sleeping With the Enemy" about energy and defense ties between Bush clan and Saudi Arabia. I also recommend "Crossing the Rubicon" about Sept. 11th. The world starts to look a lot differently.

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Do you mean "Sleeping with the Devil"?


No, haven't read it yet

but it sounds interesting. I'll go find a copy on amazon. Thanks!

You're very welcome

I'd love to get a discussion going about the book on here. The book is an eye-opener.

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Got a great personal review

...got the book after hearing a great in person review from a historian at a gun show. Probably won't read the whole thing till next winter.
Thanks for the links!
Put this together with what's being said about Romney: that he's planning to have the same staff as bUSH;-(
All I can say is, No Thanks!


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I think we can all learn a LOT about America from this book

I wish more people had this on their radar. The more I read (and listen to interviews w/ Russ Baker about) this book, the more confident I am that it really details the real America that we live in. And it very much overlaps w/ the stuff Dr. Paul talks about. It's just that it gives you a much better idea how stuff happens in practice.

This book needs more publicity.