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5 Reasons why Support for Ron Paul will Continue to Grow

1) Many democrats and independents don't follow the republican primary, so many people don't know about him.
2) Many voters don't participate in or follow the primary process, but do get involved in the general election.
3) Romney and Obama will be exchanging harsh attacks toward one another, this will only expose the truth about them.
4) Every person who discovers Ron Paul's message gets excited and wants to spread the word of freedom.
5) FREEDOM IS CONTAGIOUS!! This is an Epidemic that is spreading rapidly. The Whole World is endorsing Ron Paul, and as they continue to See, Hear, and Feel the power behind the Ron Paul Revolution, they will be inevitably brought to their senses and join this Historic Movement!

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The Catholic Church seems unaware the Ron Paul backs them.

First amendment:
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion"

This regarding the dust-up about the Federal government forcing Catholic institutions to abandon their conscience.

Dr. Paul has been saying in Congress for 3 decades that the Federal government has no authority and no role under the Constitution regarding abortion. Ron Paul is personally pro-life, whether unborn, new born or adult.

Free includes debt-free!

Uhhhh...Don't you mean Ron

Uhhhh...Don't you mean Ron Paul's MESSAGE?

I hate to tell you...but Ron Paul is not going to be president. So if all you care about is the human being named Ron Paul...then that dream dies in a few more primaries. (And no...NO ONE is going to win as a third party. If Ross Perot couldn't even make a real threat spending practically 100 times more than Ron Paul will be able to raise, then Ron Paul will not either.)

So seriously...it is time people stop acting like Ron Paul is the be all, end all. He is a human being. And a very OLD one at that. HE knows that it is not about him. Why can't you?

And by the way...as for #4...I hate to tell you...but I know a LOT of people who voted for Ron Paul, but have never ONCE said anything o anyone else about it. This notion that EVERY Ron Paul supporter is a rabid supporter posting all over their Facebook pages until they annoy all their friends, or always changing the subject of ANY conversation into a political one, etc. is simply not true. Just like EVERY candidate, Ron Paul has WAY more casual supporters than rabid ones. If that wasn't the case, than the last money bomb would have raised MUCH more. At he time of the last money bomb, about 1.2 million people had voted for him, yet only $800,000 came in on the first day. And it was what, like 10,000 donations? So about 1% of the number of voters?

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Enough said.

What the hell does that have

What the hell does that have to do with it?

You have to read the original post...

and understand it.

Try to take a nap and have a glass of water before posting your immediate thoughts.

Here's a question for you

Here's a question for you that just occurred to me: if Paul doesn't win the GOP nomination, can he still run as a Republican and get on the ballot as an unendorsed candidate?

I'm sure that you will be proven correct...

...if we get the nomination.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.