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Video: Atty. Kurt Haskell, the Witness & Survivor of the False Flag 'Underwear Bomber,' is running for Congress!

If you're in MI, or even if you're from out of state and you haven't maxed out your monthly donation allotment and are able to, please consider helping him out, y'all!

Key Underwear Bomber Witness Runs for U.S. Congress

Published on May 1, 2012 by TheAlexJonesChannel

Just wanted to post something for all of you following along that Kurt decided yesterday that he is going to run for Congress!

Our district is the 7th District of Michigan. Recently, the state lines changed, and John Dingell is no longer in our District.

Kurt would be running against a Republican, Tim Walberg, and Kurt will be running as a Democrat.

Kurt picked up his petitions yesterday and we started collecting signatures today and need 1000.

Anyone who lives in Monroe, Lenawee, Eaton, Jackson, Hillsdale, Branch and Washtenaw (only parts of this County though) who want to sign our petitions, please let me know so we can get your signature(s).

Wish us luck. We know this is going to be an exhausting, demanding year, but it is worth it if Kurt can start to bring some integrity and honesty to politics.

I made the decision to run for U.S. Congress because I believe I can use the talents I honed at trial courts and in building my own small business from the ground-up to be an honest and capable legislator. Beyond that, I feel a call to duty on behalf of the people of the 7th District, the State of Michigan and the United States to work to put a stop to corruption and dishonesty in the political system.




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Go Kurt!

That's awesome!

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

I too hope he WINS!

anyone here from his district??

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Not my district

nevermind state :/

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

while he's running as a Democrat and economically may not

be a 100% Austrian, and a few areas where we may disagree on, he is:

- AGAINST Corporatism, Bailouts
- AGAINST UnConstitutional Wars
- AGAINST Patriot Act, NDAA, HR.347
- AGAINST MOST Foreign Aid
- AGAINST Drug War!
- AGAINST TSA/DHS PornScanners & Gropers Guild

- PRO Civil Rights (He is a Const. Lawyer after all)
- PRO Second Amendment

- PRO Small Biz
- PRO Low Taxes (well, not everyone's perfect, but a great start)
- PRO Union (as long as govt dictates aren't used, or go overboard)
- PRO ELIMINATION of SOME Fed. Agencies!
- PRO States' Rights!


Check the list for yourselves; he's a R3VOL ALLY in waiting!!!



Jobs/Small Business- If we strengthen the middle class, lower gas prices, control inflation, stop the offshoring of jobs, control the national debt, etc., the economy will strengthen and job growth will follow.

Gas Prices- It seems as if every time a pipe bursts in the Middle East, gas prices sky rocket. This should not happen. We need to control the oil and gas speculators on Wall St. We also need to control inflation, which will strengthen the dollar and lessen the expense of foreign oil/lower gas prices.

Off-Shoring of Jobs- Corporations that send jobs overseas cause a devastating effect on the economy. We must stop this practice to restore our middle class. I believe that all tax breaks and subsidies for corporations that send jobs overseas should cease. Further, import fees on goods from countries that do not pay workers a fair wage should be increased to level the playing field.

Support for Unions- Unions provide the protection our workers need from Corporations that seek to take unfair advantage of their workers. The rights of unions must be protected.

Taxes- I generally believe in lower income taxes. A great deal of the current taxes that are collected are wasted by the bloated bureaucracy in Washington. We need to trim the fat in Washington, not give it more money to waste. Cutting taxes at this time however, may not be feasible as I believe it is a higher priority to manage the National Debt.

Bankruptcy Reform- The middle class needs relief in two particular areas of the bankruptcy code. Under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, I believe homeowners should be able to lower their first and second mortgage balances to the fair market value of their home. The banks got bailed out of the mortgage crisis and so should the middle class. I also believe that student loan discharge should be allowed after 60 months of on time payments if the debtor otherwise qualifies for bankruptcy. Student loan payments are currently acting as a noose around the neck of the younger generation, which is destroying its purchasing power.

National Debt- The United States in currently in crisis with a National Debt of over $14,000,000,000,000. We can have no meaningful long term economic recovery until we begin to address the National Debt. I propose to take control of the National Debt by reducing unnecessary and burdensome Federal Agencies and the Defense Budget in order to balance the budget and begin to pay down the National Debt.

Defense- Recent unnecessary wars and police actions have benefited the U.S. very little while at the same time, crippling the budget. I believe we should continue to draw down the war in Afghanistan. In general, wars should be primarily defensive in nature and not to "liberate" foreign countries. Wars of aggression should be ratified only through a "declaration of war" by the senate. Wars of aggression should be defined as any action involving the use of weapons of the U.S. I also support a thorough review of our overseas operations/bases and our Cold War era weapons procurement procedures that are rife with waste, fraud and abuse.

Farming- We must reduce the intrusion of large corporations into farming, which threaten the very existence of the family farm. We must keep gas prices low.

Guns- I strongly support the 2nd Amendment to allow citizens to protect their lives and property.

States Rights- I am a firm believer in states rights. States should be free to determine their own destiny.

Patriot Act, NDAA, H.R. 347- Our current representatives in Washington have recently enacted laws that overreach their authority. I believe that each of these laws is unnecessary, unconstitutional and infringes on the rights of the American citizens.

Full Body Scanners- The full body scanners in our airports are unnecessary, ineffective, expensive and infringe upon our 4th Amendment rights to be free of unnecessary searches and seizures. I propose to restrict the use of full body scanners to only secondary use (if you first set off the metal detector) and promote the use of drug sniffing dogs.

Separation of Church and State- I strongly support the separation of church and state. I believe that religious issues are better off being determined by a person and his religious advisor and should not be interfered with by government.

Reduce Foreign Aid- Our economy at home is in shambles, yet our government continues to send staggering amounts of money to foreign countries. I support a full review of all foreign aid programs to determine which provide a good value for cost and which need to be trimmed.

Reduce Unnecessary Government Departments- I support a top down review of all Federal Agencies to determine if such departments are providing an adequate return on investment. As needed, agencies should be streamlined, modernized or closed to reduce waste.

Prosecute Bank Executives- The Financial crisis was caused by the illegal activities of bank executives which increase profits at the expense of taxpayers. Bank executives should be criminally prosecuted and not escape with merely a fine.

Campaign Finance Reform- I stand strongly against the Supreme Court decision of "Citizens United", which defined big corporations as persons and allows them to donate unlimited amounts to candidates. Such decision greatly enhances the control of the large corporations over the election process.

Support Civil Rights- I am a strong supporter of civil rights.

Drugs- The war on drugs is unnecessary and uses a disproportionate amount of our resources. I believe we should end the war on drugs. Marijuana possession on a federal level should be decriminalized. I support legal, taxed marijuana use (To be determined at the state level).

On-line Gambling- Much like the war on drugs, the Federal Government again uses its resources to stop online gambling. Like marijuana use, I believe that we should legalize it and tax it.

Stock Market- Wall Street firms currently have an advantage over retail investors due to their computer programs, which allow high frequency trading. High frequency trading must be restricted in order to level the playing field for retail investors. A transaction fee to each stock trade should be applied in order to end high frequency trading. The proceeds of such fee could then be used to lower the National Debt.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul