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Video, Ron Paul Supporter and (Gop Est/Neocon) Confront

here is a working link with all the info, wierd part is in edit mode here it shows all the text and working links for you tube but once i finish it is like missing over half the info and 1st video, so here is a working link
i can only imagine dp is having some coding issues cause in edit mode all my info is showing but out of edit mode barely 1/3 is showing with no area for read more info here.

Yeah that is me and yes i am part of the Pony Tail Wing of the Colorado GOP. If log cabins can have a wing so can we and we have plenty of Pony Tail Republicans in Colorado I am not alone

OK folks, this is a video of me confronting that lying lil neo-con/gop est. She even lied to me here as well saying she spoke to florence(a friend of mine). When in fact she did not. This is the lady who misrepresented our denver caucus to the daily caller. That was why i was so pissed. This was after i had already gave her my piece of mind in cd1 before we won our cd1 slate. It was not video taped but trust me i layed into her. This video is after day 2 and she confronts me so i layed into her again. I have not seen this video yet because at work they do not stream well. I was told i represented well but honestly i was so mad i really do not remember everything i said in this video. I was just made aware this video was online yesterday. enjoy i hope! She tries to blame the daily caller and she only had a few minutes to do her story but she is full of crap! not sure you can notice but ron paul supporters re enacted gitmo outside and this is how they caught this on video

I have had enough of these LIARS and deceitful people! Here is the 2nd video and the original video that got me so pissed off is below this video.

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It opens OK in FF & IE

Good stuff there Speciallyblend !

"Yeah that is me and yes i am part of the Pony Tail Wing of the Colorado GOP. If log cabins can have a wing so can we and we have plenty of Pony Tail Republicans in Colorado "

There are plenty of skyclad conservatives too.
But we are not legal in public, ;)

Love your avatar there.


i guess it must be on my end

i guess it must be on my end then because i cannot see my whole original post unless i am in edit mode.

Ron Paul 2016


Dude. Firstly I respect you and applaud you, and I understand you were pretty frustrated. You work hard and deserve respect.

Right there she is using her position as a female to manipulate the argument as the victim. As a female victim. And frankly you helped facilitate that. i.e. it's a trap.

Next time do let her speak. Women in general hate it when a man talks over them. They are used to men being polite because the last thing the like is an overbearing male. It's aggressive. And she used that to play the victim.

My point is don't behave that way even if you are frustrated. Listening and responding is far more effective because it it doesn't allow her to control the flow of the argument. It just makes you look like the aggressor. If non-Paul supporters see this - what are they going to think?

Remember the saying - when you argue with an idiot - you have 2 idiots.

Ask yourself. Even if she's a crook - were you being a gentleman?

Dont get frustrated. Just win.

Ask yourself. Even if she's a crook - were you being a gentleman

so right on

I remember more than once seeing Dr. Paul being verbally steam rolled by 'heads' and women among them
when his words were stomped on before he finished a sentence and he
blinked but NEVER lost his composure

Had to give him huge respect as on the trail he had to be tired and stressed but he stayed a gentleman even so
and waited to get his words in again

often AGAIN and AGAIN with those who know nothing of interview procedures but only forcing their handed views into the camera
no matter who their "guest" victim is

Seeing him do a slow blink as if he was taking a deep breath and calling on a deeper level of patience made my hear go right out to him and want to stop the "head' and say 'why dont you let him speak..?'

but he is an expert and knows how he has to APPEAR

the way the masses see him is vital to what they embed of who he is and what the R3volution is all about

perceptions are all that matters in this age of soundbites and fashion fads

he knows how to show up on camera
but I am in awe of his PATIENCE


I hear ya as i admitted i was

I hear ya as i admitted i was pissed. I know i could of handled it better. Having 500,000 in medical bills over private corrupt insurance and losing my house etc she is lucky i didn't drop kick her. I am to the point of tarring and feathering these folks but that would be illegal. I am who i am! I will try to be nicer in the future! She is not a woman. She just pretends to be.

Ron Paul 2016

As she was lying

about having spoken with Florence, I think I detected a cross on a chain around her neck. I guess the cross is only for decoration.

I know it's mean to say that, but I couldn't resist.

Thanks speciallyblend for your work for Ron Paul.


in edit mode it shows i have 2 videos and more written but when i look at it after i save it only shows a lil of what i wrote and one video and no more button to click hmmmm anyway here is another link that has both videos ,

Ron Paul 2016

Link not done correctly

Try putting a space between the comma and http, should make it a hot link

it is not even showing an

it is not even showing an edit button on that reply to adjust the comma, but i did a test on a reply and still nothing. not to mention that original op in edit has more info but after posting most is not even in the original op! dp has some serious issues in coding.

Ron Paul 2016

Ron Paul 2016


ok that should be a link ,yet nothing, just copy and paste. there has to be coding issues because everywhere i can post other then this site makes it a link but here at dp

Ron Paul 2016

if a mod can go into edit

if a mod can go into edit mode in my original op? you will see much more info but it does not show in the op after saving.

Ron Paul 2016