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ACTUAL delegate count at Mises Wiki

Graham Wright (whom you may know from his youtube videos http://www.youtube.com/user/grahampwright) has put together a really nice delegate table at the Mises Wiki.

Everyone is encouraged to create an account and add any (cited) updates they can...


The Mises Wiki platform is undergoing some updates at the moment, so you'll find it's without a skin and maybe a few other things, but it's fully functional, and getting outfitted with the latest wiki installations.

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Looks like there's something like this already going

might want to check this one out as well for reference


No one can find a safe way out if society is sweeping towards destruction. Everyone,in his own interests, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle. None can stand aside with unconcern; the interests of everyone hang on the result. - LvM

Nice source

Thanks for that Heathie. That site has different numbers to me in some states so I sent an email asking for clarification.

Do your best

Do your best to make sure this is as accurate as it can be but to be honest we won't know the real delegate count for a quite a few weeks yet. There is no "actual" count until the season is over.

Did you even look at it?

There IS an actual count. Just because all the delegates haven't been allocated doesn't mean SOME of them haven't. That's the whole point of the page...to show what the count is so far...without guessing and allocating all the delegates when only some of them have been decided, like the media does.

Folks, it's a wiki..If you see an error, feel free to correct it

You guys understand the concept of a Wiki, right? You're familiar with Wikipedia?

ANYONE can edit it. If it says your IP is blocked from editing due to spam, you can create an account and it should then allow you.

Not a very accurate picture

Just a few points. No Florida on the board. In PA, RP has 5, but nothing about the other 67.

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.
John Adams

Then help make it better...

Do you have any information about Florida?

Do you have any information about where the other 67 in PA went?

Minnesota State Convention Moved to May 18-19

Someone who has the capacity to edit the page mentioned above may wish to correct the date for this. There will be NO Minnesota Republican Convention the weekend of May 4-5.

You do

You have the capacity to edit the page - it's a wiki. Be bold!

A link that verifies the info would be nice, but in this case I'll take your word for it and I made the change. It's the delegate numbers that need to be sourced, the convention dates are just handy to have there.

Verify this.

Verify this.

ALL delegates

It would be nice if they showed ALL the delegates from ALL of the primaries/caucuses held so far.

Also, i hear conficting reports on Washingtons delegates... Any real proof that we got at least 21 other that the IBT??

Great idea and like it!! Just wish it would show ALL of the states.

I wish it did too

The information is scattered and needs to be brought together. Help us!

None have been decided in Washington!

Romney forces have CHEATED their way into controlling by not allowing speeches in conventions and simply counting noses! Romney is on track to take all from Washington! They will see in a few weeks. As in 2008, treachery has been perpetrated within the ranks!

The potential was there last Saturday to change the course of events in Washington but it is rumored that someone told the national campaign to cancel the phone calls to Washington's King County delegates, urging them to show up for the convention! RP went from a very possible super-majority to slightly less than a majority on the floor. With that went the chance, however remote and fraught with battle, of changing the rules and throwing out cheated LD caucus results, then replacing the delegates with RP delegates in the biggest county in the state.. larger than several states with a thousand to two thousand precincts!

It is time to focus ever more intensely on phone calling and helping our next President, Dr. Ron Paul... getting folks out to vote... and vote again... (to plagiarize the words of Acorn)!

How many RP delegates come from out there in Washington is entirely up in the air... don't count on it... unless you can change the minds of Santorum and Gingrich delegates to understand the un-electbility of Romney, and the, 'oh so electable Ron Paul'!

That is still a possibility as the GOP self destructs! Time for mailing to delegates to the state convention which takes place at the end of May.

i dont think it helps to know...

We should be wearing GOTV blinders. This will maximize victory. Some people will see this and be discouraged because they dont undertand how it works. Those who do see that we are winning might become relaxed.

It helps me to know...

I'm more concerned about people who give up or who are soon to give up because they think victory is impossible. Seeing this might persuade them that this is far from the case. Now is the time to highlight the fact that the delegate strategy is working.

may just be me but

I dont think paul people are giving up... The many enemies of this movement want us to think that so we redirect our efforts.

Yo, some edits for you... (I couldn't get the Edit link to work)

1) Add Gary Johnson in to the top paragraph about contenders. He was in it, was on one nationally televised debate ONLY to trash Ron Paul, and was never invited back when he said he agreed w/ pretty much everything RP had to say.

2) Pretty sure the "RP got at least 20 out of 40" delegates blurb and links should go w/ Minnesota, not MO.

Thanks for making this!!! :)

I'm a delegate from MN

The "RP got at least 20 out of 40 delegates" quote apparently came from Jesse Benton, and was referenced in this article:


In MN, we have 21 out of 25 so far (1 of our RNC delegates is a confirmed Dr. Paul supporter).

Also, one correction that can be made is the MN state convention date. It is May 18-19, not May 4th.


I changed the date and added your info about the 1 RNC delegate in MN, sourced to this page. Do you know about the other 2 RNC delegates, or have any insight about who the 13 other delegates will go to?

That quote from Benton is strange because MO has 52 delegates, not 40. But I included it anyway because that's what the source says... 20 out of 40 in MO.

No Problem!

I heard about the 1 RNC delegate from one of the guys who run the Ron Paul Campaign in my district. From what he told me it sounded like the other 2 were likely to vote Romney, but hadn't publicly disclosed their preferences at that time.

As far as the other 13 go, the way our state works is that during the county conventions, delegates and alternates are elected to attend BOTH the CD conventions as well as the state convention. This means that the exact same group of delegates who secured 20/24 during the CD conventions will also attend the state convention, where the last 13 will be decided. I believe it is entirely possible that all 13 could go to Dr. Paul!


I want to set the record straight about Gary Johnson: He did not "trash" Ron Paul. In fact, what you say in the second sentence belies what you say in the first.

Gary Johnson is one of the good guys. Let's not forget that, or try to spin it.

Gary Johnson and Ron Paul are heroes for liberty. We should be giving credit where it's due, and not spreading misinformation about Johnson.

See clarifying post below...

sorry for the confusion!

I think the OP was unclear

I believe LA, above, meant to say that the MSM only allowed Johnson in a debate to further marginalize Paul but when he agreed with Paul, they never asked him back.

Just my take!

Woah, yeah sorry guys... clearly I did not major in English...

I meant what Ben said above. I.E. Gary is awesome and I love him, and he was f*cked over like Ron was in 2008. The MSM blacked him out and only brought him in for that one debate because Ron was rising (against their best attempts to ignore him) and the one question to Gary was something like "Why are you better then Ron and why is he totally wrong?" and his answer was something like "Hell no, hommie don't play that game. Ron is awesome and right about everything, I agree with him pretty much 100%, and I'm here to provide stereo to his libertarian views. I would be perfectly happy w/ either of us as President" ... or something to that effect. To which the MSM promptly never invited him to another debate.

THAT is what I was trying to say above... sorry!!

Thank You!!!

We got this!!!Ron Paul will win!

Do not let the media pick your President!
Go and gbet them DELEGATES!!!!!!

Thank you!!


bumppp it up

Front Page!

No one can find a safe way out if society is sweeping towards destruction. Everyone,in his own interests, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle. None can stand aside with unconcern; the interests of everyone hang on the result. - LvM

How many bound?

Are these all delegates so far?