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I have been working with 2 others creating this site, www.RonPaulTribune.com It has been up for less then a week, and already has over 800 hits. The site combines news articles from RonPaul2012.com, DailyPaul.com, RonPaulForums.com, CampaignForLiberty.com and a couple other sites, It updates every 5 minutes searching for the newest articles. Each article links the source as well. There is also a social network, with video and voice chat all combined into the site. I hope you guys like it, and if there is any suggestions please let me know.


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Great post and thanks

Always great to come to the site to check articles and see that my job was already done. Great work and for all of you who do not know about the site take the moment to check us out. The site will not disappoint and the social networking with video chat is absolutely amazing. Join the hottest new Ron Paul site online, see you in the voice chat.